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July 17th: There is a lot of news coming out of last Saturday's event. First and foremost, the ROH vs. CZW war is now over after the insane, violent and bloody Cage Of Death last Saturday that saw many twists and turns. Homicide once again saved the day for ROH only to get into an altercation with ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette that saw Cornette, Adam Pearce and JJ Dillon attack Homicide. We will have a blow for blow account including everyone's motivations in tomorrow's ROHwrestling.com Newswire. Now lets get to a plethora of huge announcements.

July 17th: Things are beginning to take shape for ROH's huge debut at the Manhattan Center on 9/16. We now know that Jim Cornette will make a rare appearance in NYC. What will happen when Homicide returns home to NYC and is in the same building as Jim Cornette? The other huge announcement last Saturday about 9/16 is that KENTA will challenge for the ROH World Title that night. KENTA is on a huge wave of momentum that will lead him to this title shot. This leads us to our next big announcement.

July 17th: "Glory By Honor V Weekend" on 9/15 in East Windsor, CT and 9/16 in Manhattan will see some very special guest. We already know that KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji will be in action. NOAH's Takeshi Morishima, Takeshi Rikio, Mohammed Yone and GHC Jr. Champion Takashi Sugiura will all be in attendence as special guests and available for autographs. They will not be competing, but will be there to support KENTA and Marufuji as well as to be introduced to the ROH crowd. Both these shows are sure to be huge international events.

July 17th: NOAH officials have already agreed to have KENTA on more ROH shows after 9/16. KENTA will compete on ROH's 11/4 return to Philadelphia. We will announce another date for KENTA soon. If KENTA wins the World Title on 9/16 he will defend it on 11/4.

July 17th: We have a new match for 8/25 in St. Paul, MN. ROH was in St. Paul over two years ago for "Reborn: Stage One." The historic show featured two unknowns making their ROH debuts as they tried to earn a job in a match against each other. Now over two years later both are firmly established on the ROH roster. 8/25 will see the rematch from "Reborn: Stage One" as Matt Sydal takes on Delirious!!!

July 17th: ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson pulled what could only be described as a desperation move last Saturday. Danielson volunteered to be in Cage Of Death. However, he proved this was only for selfish reasons as he clipped Samoa Joe's knee in the match and attacked Joe's leg. Anyone who has followed ROH over the past couple of months know that Joe has been having knee problems. Danielson was trying to take Joe out before their World Title Match on 8/5 in Edison, NJ. However, Joe called ROH officials today and said that he will be ready to go on 8/5 and he is coming to take his belt back. What will happen when the two best wrestlers in the world collide on 8/5 after the events of Cage Of Death? This is sure to be one of the biggest and most important matches of the year.

July 17th: Sal Rinauro is the newest member of The Embassy. It doesn't look like Rinauro will be treated as Jimmy Rave's equal as he was used as Rave's footstool last Saturday. Rinauro will be on many upcoming shows as Rave's tag team partner.

July 17th: We will have new matches for 7/28 in Dayton, 7/29 in Cleveland, 8/4 in Long Island and 8/5 in Edison this week right here in the ROHwrestling.com Newswire.

July 18th: We said this was going to be the most violent month in ROH history with two beyond extreme match types. Cage Of Death delivered last Saturday with barbed wire, thumbtacks, tables, ladders, trash cans, boards, forks and much, much more. The CZW feud is over, but now there is still one personal issue left. It will be settled on 7/28 in Dayton when BJ Whitmer takes on Necro Butcher in a No Rope Barbed Wire Match. This show will be called "War Of The Wire II" as the only other No Rope Barbed Wire Match in ROH history was a brutal contest at "War Of The Wire" on 11/29/03 between Homicide and Steve Corino.

July 18th: A huge Four Corner Survival has been added for 7/28 in Dayton. It will be a non-title match featuring ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson vs. ROH World Tag Team Champion Austin Aries vs. Homicide vs. Delirious!!! This could be the biggest Four Corner Survival ever.

We have three big matches to announce for 7/29 in Cleveland today and the stipulation of the main event.7/28 Dayton (Whitmer vs. Necro No Rope Barbed Wire Match), 7/29 Cleveland (Christian vs. Daniels, Nigel vs. Danielson), 8/4 Long Island (AJ vs. Joe), 8/5 Edison (Danielson vs. Joe), 8/25 St. Paul (Daniels vs. Castagnoli), 8/26 Chicago (Danielson vs. Cabana 2/3 Falls), 9/16 Manhattan (Danielson vs. KENTA), 10/7 Detroit (Danielson, Briscoes, Homicide & more) and 11/4 Philadelphia (KENTA in action).

July 19th: The main event of Cleveland will see Bryan Danielson defend the World Title against Nigel McGuinness. Last time in Cleveland, McGuinness defeated Danielson by countout in a World vs. Pure Title Match. Since McGuinness won that match he will now get a World Title shot and he will not have to worry about defending his Pure Title. This match will be contested under regular rules since the Pure Title is not on the line. If Danielson retains the belt here his next defense will be 8/5 against Samoa Joe in Edison, NJ. "Weekend Of Champions: Night 2" in Cleveland saw a match of the year candidate between Danielson and McGuinness, now July 29th will see the rematch.

July 19th: Jay & Mark Briscoe will be coming to Cleveland for singles action. It will be Mark Briscoe vs. Homicide and Jay Briscoe vs. Jimmy Jacobs. This gives the Cleveland event two potential show stealers!!! We'll have much more on both these matches next week.

July 19th: ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette will be at the 8/26 Chicago event.

July 19th: Things are really taking shape for ROH's UK invasion. The 8/12 Liverpool main event has been announced and it will be ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson vs. ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness. The stipulation will be announced after the 7/29 Danielson vs. McGuinness match. Make sure to see "Weekend Of Champions: Night 2" to see why Danielson vs. McGuinness is becoming ROH's hottest rivalry.

We already know that 8/5 in Edison, NJ will already feature arguably the two best wrestlers on the planet fighting it out for the ROH World Title when Bryan Danielson clashes with Samoa Joe. Now a huge grudge match has been added to this event. Adam Pearce did Jim Cornette's bidding last Saturday in Philadelphia and now Homicide will try to make him pay the price. It will be Homicide vs. Adam Pearce one-on-one in Edison, NJ!!!

A new match has been signed for 8/4 in Long Island. Last time in Long Island, Delirious won a three-way that included ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness. That has not been sitting well with McGuinness. On 8/4 it will be McGuinness vs. Delirious and if Delirious is still Pure Champion the belt will be on the line.

Някой ми се виждат изключително интересни.Ще има нашествие на puro,което може само да ме радва.Просто нещата за в бъдеще са толкова интересни в ROH,че не може да бъде.Вижте само какви мачове ни чакат,дано само по-бързо качват DVD-та,за да можем и ние да се насладим.Просто ROH избива рибата

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July 17th: NOAH officials have already agreed to have KENTA on more ROH shows after 9/16. KENTA will compete on ROH's 11/4 return to Philadelphia. We will announce another date for KENTA soon. If KENTA wins the World Title on 9/16 he will defend it on 11/4

Дано по често тогава да наблюдаваме KENTA в ROH.. А и ако спечели титлата ще е супер, само времето ще покаже..

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Титлата няма как да я спечели, а тази тема е безмислена ROH Newswire излиза всеки ден и не съдържа кой знае какви вести.. ;)

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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