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Lariat, Lariat, Lariat!


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Вижтe каква пакост се е случила в Япония:

Taxi driver collared for injuring woman with wrestling move

A man who knocked a woman to the ground with a wrestling move on a street in Yokohama, leaving her with a broken bone, was arrested Monday, police said.

Arrested for inflicting injuries on the woman was Ryoichi Takashi, 55, a taxi driver from Yokohama's Naka-ku. He was reportedly drunk at the time, and told police he didn't remember having attacked the woman.

"I don't know why my arm is so sore," Takashi was quoted as telling police when he had become sober.

Investigators said Takashi attacked the 36-year-old woman with a lariat wrestling move as she passed him on a street in Yokohama at about 2:05 a.m. on Monday, wrapping his left arm around her neck and knocking her to the ground. The woman was left with serious injuries that included a broken bone in her lower back.

Takashi had been walking home at the time of the attack. A resident who witnessed the incident and alerted police said the assault had come without warning.

"It was sudden," the resident was quoted as saying. Police said the female victim had not met Takashi before.



P.S. На това престъпление му давам *****. This is awesome!

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