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Kenta Kobashi ще се подложи на операция


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A shocking announcement was made today by NOAH President Mitsuharu Misawa, as Misawa announced that Kenta Kobashi would undergo medical treatment to remove a renal tumor (kidney cancer). The tumor was discovered during a medical check-up. Medical consultation is currently taking place. There is some concern that the tumor could be malignant. His participation in the "dream" tag match (he was going to partner with Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Jun Akiyama & Misawa on 7/16 at Nippon Budokan) is now canceled.

Misawa noted that Kobashi was maintaining his strength both physically and mentally. Tamon Honda also commented on the situation, given that he and Kobashi are the GHC tag champions. Will Honda fill-in for Kobashi in the 7/16 Nippon Budokan tag match in honor of his partner?

Misawa made one final footnote to Kobashi's statement, stating that Kobashi's first concern upon learning of his condition was for the effect it would have on his wrestling matches, rather than his own body. Typical words for a man who has given so much for the sport of Professional Wrestling.

The hope is that due to the early detection of the tumor, Kobashi will be able to get it removed and continue his wrestling career. Let's hope for a speedy recovery.


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Много лоша новина. Надявам се всичко да е наред и да се оправи, оставете дрийм мача, здравето на човек е най-важно все пак.

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