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Card for ROH Show 06.17.06 + RESULTS


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One-Fall Non-Title Three-Way

ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA vs. Samoa Joe

Tag Team Title Match

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defend vs. ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness & Colt Cabana

Grudge Match

BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs with Lacey

Special Challenge Match

Jimmy Rave with Prince Nana & Daizee Haze vs. Davey Richards

Grudge Match

Adam Pearce vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Brooklyn's own Homicide has an open contract for any match he wants Put Homicide vs Mystery Opponent

Jay & Mark Briscoe will be in action Put The Briscoes vs Mystery Opponent

Top Of The Class Trophy Match

Shane Hagadorn defends vs. Mitch Franklin

Очертава се поредното умопомрачаващо шоу.Некой ако ми каже,чe ROH в момента не е една от най-добрите федерации в света ще му тегля бахти майната ;)

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Cabana & McGuinness партньори? WTF?! Явно тук има някаква история, за която все още не знам ;). Иначе както обикновено се очертава страхотно шоу.

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Cabana & McGuinness в отбор? Това ми звучи повече от обещаващо. И двамата са ми сред любимите кечисти, така че бих убил за да гледам Tag Team Title Match-а... Мейн ивента също не е за пренебрегване, а и много искам да видя с кого ще се бие Homicide. Като цяло се очертава страхотно шоу! :)



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Ами Cabana и Nigel са партньори тъй като на Best In The World Nigel turn-а face и сега явно заради това. :) Иначе ще бъде страхотно шоу,особено Main Envent-а. :)

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Е ми какво да кажа-просто това ще е шоу,което просто не знам как истински wrestling fan,не би гледал.Скивайте само dream main event-a,ебаси лудницата,просто няма слаб мач.Как искам да идва 17 не е истина ;)

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*The Briscoe Brothers defeated Jason Blade and Sterling James Keenan in a fun opener with lots of hot moves. Jay Briscoe pinned Keenan after a spike Jay Driller.

*Jake Crist pinned Marcos of the Ring Crew Express after coming off the top rope and pulling Marcos down with him, drilling Marcos' jaw into Crist's knees. OK match.

Julius Smokes and Ricky Reyes came out and ripped on ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette for not booking Reyes. Reyes challenged Dave Crist, who slapped him. They rang the bell and had a short match with Reyes forcing him to tap out. Reyes refused to release the hold. Chris Hero ran in from the crowd and nailed Smokes with a title belt.

That brought out Homicide who called Hero a "Barry Windham f****t" and said that if Hero came to "Ring of Homicide in NYC", he was going to get his ass kicked. Homicide got a monster pop when he came out.

*Davey Richards defeated Jimmy Rave, submission. This was Richards' debut in NYC. The crowd pelted and showered the ring with toilet paper when Rave entered the ring. Rave attacked Richards before the bell and they brawled around ringside. Richards suplexed Rave over the top to the floor, holding onto the move with both going backwards to the floor in a crazy move. Rave was bleeding from the back as the match went on. Richards hit some stiff kicks and knees. Rave almost got the pin with a fisherman's buster. Richards finally forced a tap out with a leg submission to Rave's shoulder. Really good bout. Richards had a swollen eye afterwards.

*ROH Tag Team champions Roderick Strong & Austin Aries defeated Colt Cabana & ROH Pure champion Nigel McGuiness - McGuiness and Strong started off. McGuiness tagged out to Cabana. After a good back and forth exchange on the mat with Aries, Cabana tried to tag out but was just given a thumbs up by his partner. McGuiness did his handstand on the top rope but Aries grabbed and held him upside down as Strong worked him over with chops. They continued to tease subtly that McGuiness wasn't 100% on board with Cabana. Lots of unique matwork with a European flair. Cabana missed a missile dropkick and Strong locked on a Boston Crab. McGuiness broke it up. After several more fast exchanges, Strong forced McGuiness to tap out with a Boston Crab.

*BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs went to a no contest after one of the most insane spots I've ever seen. They brawled around ringside before the bell. Whitmer busted open a cut above his eye from a previous match. Jacobs went off the top with a big senton splash but Whitmer got his knees up. Whitmer hit an Owen Hart sitout tombstone but Jacobs kicked up. Lacey got involved so Whitmer kissed her. Lacey freaked out and spit all over well known front row ROH regular Paul "Green Lantern Fan" Sowsnoski.  An irate Jacobs went insane and attacked Whitmer. Jacobs tossed Whitmer into the crowd and dove onto him. Jacobs went to the top but BJ crotched him. Whitmer then, I kid you not, powerbombed Jacobs off the top into the crowd on the floor with both men falling into the audience as if it was their own personal mosh pit. The place went absolutely insane and from my vantage point, it was one of the most insane sights I've ever seen at wrestling.  They were lucky they weren't dead.  Ref Mike Kehner ruled a no contest. Whitmer got a standing ovation and a chant. Jacobs sold it like he was decimated and dead in the crowd. The fans chanted for five more minutes.  


ROH Lt. Commissioner Adam Pearce raised Whitmer's arm after the match. Jacobs was carried out by ROH's staff.  As Whitmer celebrated in the ring, a fan threw something at, which sent Pearce into the crowd after him. The fan and a friend protested security removing them which brought out Samoa Joe who took the mic and put over NYC and promised the fans they were going to see some asses kicked tonight. He put over Jacobs and Whitmer and told the crowd, "Welcome to Ring of Honor!" The place popped and chanted ROH. Joe quickly got the focus back on the show as opposed to the fan being tossed.

*After intemission, Shane Hagadorn used a neck crank to make Rich Franklin tap out and retain the ROH school's top of class trophy. Hagadorn was trying hard to get crowd reaction by being a smart aleck heel.  


*Adam Pearce came out and said he knows CZW's Claudio Castagnoli was hiding in the building and told him to come out and get his ass kicked. Castagnoli came out through the crowd with music, although Pearce told ROH to play it. They brawled around ringside and then up the aisle. They went back and forth. Chris Hero came out and was hiding in the crowd waiting to run in. The crowd chanted at him to give it away. Hero hit Pearce with a title belt as he was on the top rope, causing a DQ.  


Hero took the mic as Castagnoli kept beating Pearce. He said that he's caused a ton of havoc tonight and will do so at the Cage of Death. He said Homicide won't so a damn thing about it, which brought out Homicide. He attacked both Castagnoli and Hero. He and Pearce had words and then Homicide hit a flip dive onto Hero.  Referee Paul Turner rang the bell and Hero vs Homicide was officially a match...  


*Hero and Homicide brawled.  A fan held a chair out and Homicide threw Hero into it like Tommy Dreamer used to do to Raven. They brawled up the aisle and Homicide suplexed Hero on the entrance ramp. They went back and forth in the ring until Homicide hit a big bulldog. Hero hit a running big boot on Homicide, knocking him to the floor. Hero worked him over with a cravate and went for a moonsault but missed. Homicide hit a twisting DDT off the ropes. He locked on a STF, but Hero made it to the ropes. The crowd chanted "F*** John Cena." Hero came back and did the Cena "You Can't See Me" hand wave to mock the fans.  Now, that was funny.  Hero hit a running powerbomb through a table propped in the corner for a near fall. The place exploded when Homicide kicked out. Hero teased an Ace Crusher off the ropes but Homicide nailed him and hit a frog splash for the pin. Hero kicked up at two. The crowd crapped on the ref for a slow count. Hero nailed Homicide with the title belt but he kicked out. Hero measured Homicide for a running charge but Homicide kicked him. Homicide went for a lariat, missed but then hit a second lariat for the pin.


Homicide grabbed the mic and said, "Take this piece of sh** and carry him out of the greatest city in the f***ing world." Hero fought security off and ran off on his own, out through the crowd. Homicide said he's been in ROH since day one but in the last year he's lost friends and been screwed over by the politics in wrestling. Homicide said he's the MVP for 2006 and by the end of the year he'll be World champion. He named the ROH executives and said if he doesn't get a title shot, he will quit and be gone for a bigger company for more money. Fans yelled ECW and chanted TNA.  He said he didn't mean any of those groups and then demanded a title shot at the company's Final Battle event in December and said it had better be in NYC. It was a great promo.  


KENTA vs. Samoa Joe vs ROH champ Bryan Danielson - Non-title: They started off on fire with tons of chops and stiff rapid fire shots. KENTA looked to have had his bell rung as he was out on his feet for quite awhile. Joe did a dive through the ropes on both of his opponents. Joe tossed KENTA over the rail and brawled with him in the first row. Danielson hit a springboard dive into the crowd on both. KENTA superplexed Joe and that's not a typo. Danielson locked on the Cattle Mutilation but Joe hit a senton bomb. Joe went for the muscle buster on KENTA but Danielson took out his bad knee. KENTA and Danielson battled back and forth. Danielson hit a top rope belly to back suplex for a near fall. Joe returned to the fray and KENTA locked on a sharpshooter. Danielson broke it up. KENTA scored the pin on Danielson with a knee to the face. Great match although it wasn't at the level it could have been due to the KENTA situation.  


After the match, KENTA said that he wanted an ROH title shot.  Joe said that he wanted one first, then slapped Danielson "for taking a cheap shot" at Joe's knee.  Joe slapped him with the microphone and walked out.  KENTA and Danielson shook hands to end the show.

Дам наистина поредното страхотно шоу, въпреки че няма някой MOTYC.

Иначе тая политика на японците непременно да печелят мачовете от турнетата си е леко дразнеща.

Историята около титлата става безкрайно интересна, Джо, KENTA, Homicide ако Даниелсон се измъкне тогава вече става моментално най-добрия шампион в ROH.

А и бтв

ROH returns to NYC on 9/16 at the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center with Pro Wrestling NOAH's KENTA and Naomichi Marafuji  allready booked

ИСКАМ KENTA & Marufuji vs. Roderick Strong & Austin Aries!!!


[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Шоуто трябва да е било феноменално.Нямам търпение да го гледам.Мислех си,че мача ще бъде за титлата,определено нещата околко World Title стават много интересни.Аз също искам Strong/Aries vs Kenta/Marufuji. :)

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