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Yoshihiro Takayama will make his long awaited return to professional wrestling on July 16th in the green ring, as NOAH will host his return. Takayama's opponent is currently undecided, but a date has finally been set for the return of the massively popular big man. This will be Takayama's first match since August 8th, 2004.

NOAH, 7/16/06 (NTV/G+)

Tokyo Nippon Budokan

1. Yoshihiro Takayama Return Match: Yoshihiro Takayama vs. X

Определено най-доброто събитие от последните няколко седмици. Fuck you all, Takayama`s BAAACK! MARK OUT!~

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Holy f`n shit!

Yoshihiro Takayama Return Match: Jun Akiyama & Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi & Yoshihiro Takayama

Това изобщо, ама изобщо не го очаквах. Този мач е наблъскан със star power отвсякъде! Takayama не се е бил от две години, а това тук никак няма да е лесен мач и този факт малко ме притеснява. И все пак, holy shit! Takayama (aka един от най-добрите кечисти в СВЕТА за периода 2002-2004) is BAAAACK!

P.S. Искам си Takayama отново и в New Japan ;)

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Toзи мач звучи невероятно!

И въпреки, че вече участниците са далеч от рззцвета на силите си пак очаквам някой MOTYC.

А иначе Takayama съм го чувал само като име за съжаление не съм гледал нищо негово.

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Kensuke Sasaki will replace Kenta Kobashi in the "dream" tag match main event of the 7/16 Nippon Budokan show. It's now Yoshihiro Takayama & Kensuke Sasaki vs. Jun Akiyama & Mitsuharu Misawa.

The Takayama/Sasaki vs. Misawa/Akiyama match has many storylines to play off of. First, Sasaki was the guy Takayama fought on 8/8/04 in Osaka in the G-1 and ended up causing Takayama's stroke (with this match taking place a week after Sano and Takayama had a slugfest in the NOAH ring in Nagoya). Second, Sasaki can now be set up (with a win) for a GHC title match against Akiyama to buy time if Kobashi cannot return. As a fill-in, Sasaki was the man who had the epic chop battle last year with Kobashi at the Tokyo Dome. Third, Misawa was the man who sent Takayama to the hospital after a GHC title match (September 23, 2002 at Nippon Budokan).

Also added to the 7/16 Budokan card is Takeshi Rikio & Takeshi Morishima vs. Naomichi Marufuji & KENTA.

Много добре се измъкнаха от тази кофти ситуация.

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Наистина много добре го измислиха.Браво на NOAH.Иначе пак казвам,че искам Kobashi да се възстанови и да успее да се върне на ринга отново. :(

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