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Резултати от ROH/CZW double header-a


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Inman Sports Club

May 13, 2005- 8:00 pm belltime (?)

990 Inman Avenue

Edison, NJ 08820

Pretty full attendance - Greg doesn't know how many... He thought it seemed like a little less than 4YA, but wasn't really sure. It looked like they had more seats set up and there were fewer people standing.

Pre-Show Matches

(i) Bobby Dempsey d. Rhett Titus with a death valley driver.

(ii) Top of the Class Trophy: Derrick Dempsey d. Shane Hagadorn with a spinebuster.


(1) Colt Cabana d. Kikitaro via powerbomb

(2) Homicide & Ricky Reyes d. Dunn & Marcos in 7 minutes when Reyes made Marcos tap to the Dragon Sleeper

- Adam Pearce is out, appealing to Homicide to join Team ROH. He says CZW has been kicking their ass and 'Cide has been a part of ROH since day one. Pearce says 'Cide needs to make a decision tonight and what he wants his legacy in ROH to be. 'Cide threw down the mic and left.

(3) Jimmy Rave d. Jimmy Yang via Greetings from Ghana in about 12 minutes. Yang went up for Yang Time, but Daizee got on the apron and knocked him down, allowing Rave to hit Greetings from Ghana... Daizee also interfered earlier in the match and apparently hit a sweet inverted DDT out of a tilt-a-whirl set-up. HUGE TP shower for Rave - way more than last night, apparently. Good match.

Post-match, Yang got on the mic and said some stuff (not sure what - probably the usual thanks) and then called out Bruce Leroy, who came out of the crowd to join him in the ring. Yang then challenged Rave & Nana to a tag match with he and Leroy on 6/17 in NYC. Leroy got on the mic and challenged Nana. No response from the Embassy.

Nigel's out for a promo. Shelley's not wrestling, so Nigel issues an open challenge to any champion, past or present. Enter: JAY LETHAL. I could hear the crowd going nuts for that.

(4) ROH Pure Title: Nigel McGuinness © d. Jay Lethal in about 15 minutes after two Towers of London. Really good match, Greg said. Crowd was way behind Lethal.

They announced a return on 8/5 with KENTA.

Dragon/Delirious starts with Danielson cutting a promo where he calls Delirious stupid and says he doesn't deserve a title shot. Says Nigel doesn't deserve a title shot, either. Then he slammed the fans for wanting to see christian and called everyone in the locker room retards - singling out Samoa Joe, Daniels, and Delirious. He offers Delirious one last change to chance to leave and go home. Delirious wasn't moving through this whole spiel; Dragon mocks the crowd some more. Then Delirious got up and took the mic - he cuts his usual charmingly incomprehensible promo, the gist of which is that he's gonna win the title and kick Dragon's ass. Crowd was WAY behind Delirious.

(5) ROH World Title: Bryan Danielson © d. Delirious in 25 minutes with a small package. Delirious got out of the crossface chickenwing and out of cattle mutilation twice. He almost got Danielson to tap with his crossface cobra clutch. He was making a big comeback at the end when Danielson got the small package out of nowhere. Awesome match.


(6) Christopher Daniels d. Matt Sydal in 16 minutes with a roll-up counter when Sydal went for the Angel's Wings. Really good match. Post-match, Daniels got on the mic and put Sydal over, wished him luck in Japan, and asked him if he'd please stop challenging Daniels to matches. Sydal said maybe one more after he got back from Japan.

(7) ROH Tag Titles: Austin Aries & Roderick Strong © d. Jay & Mark Briscoe in 20 minutes. Finish was a little complicated - Jay hit Roderick with the spike Jay-driller and went for the cover; at the same time, Aries rolled up Mark for the cover. So it was a double-pin situation, but since Aries and Mark were the legal men, that was the pin that counted. Definitely looks like they're setting up a rematch. Great match - all action and the crowd was really hot for the finish.

(8) Samoa Joe NC (?) Necro Butcher

The whole thing went around 25-30 minutes, Necro came out through the crowd and knocked out Cruse... Then Joe came out. Necro KO'd the ROH ref (Kehner) and Joe KO'd the CZW ref (Remsberg). They fought around the ring for like five minutes and then Hero came out and they beat on Joe two on one. Claudio came out with a chair and nailed Joe. Then Pearce and Whitmer came out and they brawled all over the arena for like 15 minutes. The students carried out Joe. It was Hero/Necro/Claudio vs. Pearce/Whitmer and they teased a bunch of table spots (like powerbombing Hero from the apron through a table on the outside) The CZW guys went to superplex Whitmer through a table with Pearce on it and everything went dark and Homicide's music hit. Place went NUTS. 'Cide teased siding with CZW, then started beating the crap out of Hero. The students & co. drove out Hero and Claudio, which led to:

(9)Homicide d. Necro Butcher in a crazy brawl. Sinclair came out and rang the bell, so this was an official match. They brawled around the ringside area for a while, then 'Cide told the fans to help him out. The threw a TON of chairs into the ring - Greg estimated at least 50% of the chairs were in there. Necro was laying on the mat, BURIED under chairs. 'Cide went back in and gave Necro a piledriver - kickout. Necro gave 'Cide a tiger driver - kickout. Then 'Cide suplexed necro off apron onto a bunch of chairs on the floor. He rolled him back in ring - Necro kicks out. He gave him a splash (I think) - kickout. Then 'Cide nailed him with a lariat for the win... Post-match, 'Cide said Necro can come back to Ring of Homicide anytime he wants.

CZW Best Of The Best 6: CZW vs. ROH

Last Updated: 6:11 PM

1. Best Of The Best Tournament First Round Match: B-Boy and Austin Aries eliminated Jigsaw following a double pin.

2. Best Of The Best Tournament First Round Match: Claudio Castagnoli and Roderick Strong eliminated Jay Lethal when Strong pinned Lethal.

3. Best Of The Best Tournament First Round Match: Sabian and Matt Sydal eliminated Sonjay Dutt when Sabian pinned Dutt.

*Niles Young took himself out of the tournament and Ruckus is replacing him. The CZW World Heavyweight Title will be on the line.*

4. Best Of The Best Tournament First Round, CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Ruckus and Christopher Daniels eliminated Derek Frazier when Daniels pinned Frazier. Christopher Daniels returned the CZW World Heavyweight Title to Ruckus because he did not pin the champion.

5. Team AnDrew, Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak defeated Pelle Primeau and Rhett Titus.

6. Winner Of Fall Is #1 Contender To CZW Junior Heavyweight Title: Cheech and Cloudy defeated Heretic and Ravage when Cloudy scored the pin.

7. Best Of The Best Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Austin Aries defeated B-Boy.

8. Best Of The Best Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Claudio Castagnoli defeated Roderick Strong.

9. Best Of The Best Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Sabian defeated Matt Sydal.

10. Best Of The Best Tournament Quarter-Final, CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Ruckus defeated Christopher Daniels to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Title.

11. CZW Tag Team Title Match: Eddie Kingston and Joker defeated Necro Butcher and Super Dragon to retian the CZW Tag Team Titles.

*Intermission: Most ROH fans are leaving.*

12. CZW Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Niles Young defeated Cloudy to retain the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title. Following the match, Cheech attacked Cloudy.

13. Justice Pain and Nick Gage defeated Christopher Bishop and Lionel Knight

14. Best Of The Best Tournament Final, CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Ruckus defeated Austin Aries, Claudio Castagnoli and Sabian, pinning Aries to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Title and become Best Of The Best 2006.

15. CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Hero defeated Ruckus to become the NEW CZW World Heavyweight Champion. Following the match, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels destroyed Ruckus. Daniels gave Ruckus the Angel's Wings onto the trophy and all the ROH guys grab a piece and continue the beatdown until BLK OUT make the save.

Не знам за CZW BOTB обаче шоуто на ROH звучи много интересно. Homicide, Homicide, Homicide!

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Всъщност, току-що четах малко feedback от CZWFans... Болшинството от хората казват, че BOTB е билo много слабо шоу. И между другото, този 3-way формат на BOTB f`n sucks!

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Всъщност' date=' току-що четах малко feedback от CZWFans... Болшинството от хората казват, че BOTB е билo много слабо шоу. И между другото, този 3-way формат на BOTB f`n sucks![/quote']

Ше се дръпне , ше се гледа и ше се оцени... ;)

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