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CZW: LuFisto прави дебют


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It was last Saturday that, after asking CZW to bring the First Lady of Hardcore into its world, that the CZW fans were serve: LuFisto made her debuts at CZW in Philadelphia!

It all started when Sexxxy Eddy had just about enough of Pandora and her minions that Eddy decided, since he couldn’t make it to the show… That he would send “his girl”. Check out the CZW Xtra featuring Sexxxy Eddy for more details:

Eddy’s girl LuFisto did indeed show up at the last Combat Zone Wrestling Show as she jumped on Pandora with a vicious running forearm and her trademark Emerald Fusion. Then, she got attacked right away by B-Boy and Flash who delivered a solid powerbomb to the newest CZW star followed by a shinning wizard by B-Boy.

Then, the Necro Butcher came out to check on LuFisto. Now people are wondering what will "The SeXXX Express" Sexxxy Eddy think of all this?

In June, a tag team match has already been signed between Sexxxy Eddy and LuFisto against Pandora and Flash. Promo videos of both opponents are to come soon as the challenge was issued by Pandora and Flash right after the show and was accepted right away by LuFisto.

Най-накрая това го чаках във мрежата често се качват шоута на CZW та ще ми стане по-лесно да я гледам пък нищо чудно да очакваме някой Hardcore мач който са запазената и марка.Само дето са смачкали на дебюта и :( но ще видим.Очаквам интересни работи.


[center][size=7][font='comic sans ms']ONE MORE MATCH[/font][/size][/center]

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