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Colt Cabana Interview


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Наскоро имаше доста спорове във форума около него и появяванията му в WWE. Ето мнението на самия Cabana по въпроса, както и още други интересни неща ;)

Ring of Honor star and “America’s Number One Freelance Wrestler,” Colt Cabana, began his appearance on Wrestling Weekly on April 20 by reminiscing with co-host Les Thatcher about when Colt and the Second City Saints worked for a time with Les and the Heartland Wrestling Association. Host Doc Young asked him about his early football career with Division 1A Football on the Western Michigan Broncos that included “Tough Enough” winner Matt Cappotelli on the team. Although Colt soon quit football to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler, Matt always expressed interest in his progress. That’s why it didn’t surprise Colt to see Matt on “Tough Enough.” He said Matt had always had a tremendous work ethic and he just knew he would win.

Before he had become Colt Cabana, he made a promise to his parents that he would pursue wrestling after his finished college. Since Colt did not want to “waste” the next three years on football, he went ahead and began training with Ace Steel and Danny Dominion at the Steel Domain Wrestling School while finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing.

Asked whether he studied wrestling, he said even though he wasn’t an avid tape trader, he said, “I watched everything I could get my hand on.” He remembers the early feud on WWF with Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper as well as catching WCW, USWA, Memphis, and of course, Windy City Wrestling on television while growing up in the Chicago area. Colt said he never had any wrestling heroes. He said, “Just because they were in the ring they were a lot cooler than me.”

Les asked him about his trademark humor he often puts into his matches and he said, “I’m not Doink the Clown” but enjoys himself while at the same time takes his matches extremely seriously. He particularly enjoyed the feud he had with Nigel McGuinness because they have very different senses of humor but still got to throw in some comedy into their matches. He said his feud with Homicide, however, was so “hot and heavy” that he didn’t use much humor in the ring during that feud.

Doc asked Colt about some of his recent appearances on WWE as Colt Cabana and as Chris Guy. He said when WWE comes to town they ask him to show up and give him a “handsome sum” to do it. He had recent matches with Matt Hardy and Vito and since he knew Matt Hardy already from Ring of Honor, he had only good things to say about him.

Colt talked about marking out to Sean Waltman by asking him wrestling-related questions, a story about going to a strip club in Tijuana and experiencing first hand one of Referee Rick Knox’s major assets, and playing one of the Undertaker’s Druids at WWE’s WrestleMania XXII. He says he enjoys going to WWE and is relaxed in that environment but if anyone asks him questions through MySpace page about it, he won’t respond. He says it’s Ring of Honor he works for.

Since his recent appearances on WWE programs, Colt has been inundated with questions about his future through MySpace. He did say that he began using the name ‘Chris Guy’ because “Cabana” resembled Carlito’s Cabana. When asked who came up with the name he said, “That’d be Ace Steel’s mom, wouldn’t it?” Colt’s former trainer had previously “used national TV to take a poke at me” when he used Colt’s given name, Scott Colton, as his gimmick name. Since he needed a name other than Colt Cabana, Chris Guy was born.

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Интересна статия! Само едно не можах да разбера. Кой е играл един от друидите на Гробаря - Кабана или Уолтман? Нещо му губя смисъла на това изречение :)

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