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ROH - резултати от triple shot-a


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Teзи шоута звучат страхотно, определено по-страхотно от "най-голямото шоу за годината" :lol: . ROH освен това са си строшили рекорда за най-добър attendance (thank you Lance lol). Иначе почти на всички шоута кечистите от Dragon Gate са участвали в най-добрите мачовe. Учудени има ли? Не би трябвало... Неслучайно Dragon Gate (заедно със CMLL, ROH, TNA & NOAH) се считат за най-добрите федерации в света ;). Някой ден при добро желание може да кача нещо от DG :).

31 Март:

Attended my first leg of the tripleshot tonight, and I must say that it was one of the most amazing shows that I have seen live in a while. Attendance is around 400-450

Pre-Show Matches:

Mitch Franklin pins Derek Dempsey in a Four Corner Survival featuring Smash Bradley and Bobby Dempsey.

Lacey & Tiana Ringer defeat Allison Danger & Shantelle Taylor in a Tag Team SHIMMER match.

ROH vs Dragon Gate Challenge Series

Homicide defeats Colt Cabana in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Cabana came out early and demanded that Homicide come out and face hime because the time has come. Homicide came out and after some brawling in the crowd, they came to the ring where Colt grabbed a ladder and brought it into the ring. They did some spots with the lader, and then Homicide crushed Cabana's head in the ladder with a wicked shot that the ref ended the match on. Short match, good intensity, and build toward the rest of the weekend. Slightly below average match, but based on context, it worked well.

Ricky Reyes beat Chad Collyer with the dragon sleeper. Good solid match, Smokes was the most over character in the match, as he worked the crowd well. Slightly below average match. Good finish though.

BJ Whitmer pins Jimmy Jacobs after a lariat. Jacobs worked that he was in love with Lacey the whole match. She was encouraging him to beat BJ, but he wasn't having it. During the match, a worked botch occured while BJ had Jimmy on the top rope, and he powerbombed him to the outside with Jimmy's head hitting the apron. Very sick spot, and the crowd was stunned. They brawled in the middle of the ring afterward, where BJ beat Jacobs. Jacobs refused to shake Whitmer's hand. Whitmer also claimed Hero & The Necro Butcher were in the building. Excellent match, well above expectations. Jacobs wrestled like London in 03' even garnering the "Please Don't Die" chants. I'd say that this match ranks around ***3/4.

Ryo Saito defeats Jimmy Yang. Decent match, impossible spot to be in, as the crowd was drained from the last match. Saito was pretty over though.

ROH & KENTA Return to Detroit on June 23.

Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley defeat Bryan Danielson & Delirious. Delirious was pinned. Comedy match, as Dragon was made at Delirious all match. Solid work by all, but it was about average.

Claudio Castagnoli defeats Shane Hagadorn. Decent action, Claudio was over like crazy. After the match, Chris Hero enters the ring and bashes Claudio for turning his back on CZW. BJ Whitmer rushes to the ring, but is beaten down by Hero & The Necro Butcher. Claudio then proves he is with ROH by attacking Hero.

AJ Styles & Matt Sydal defeat Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi. This match was awesome. Garnering many "This is Awesome" chants. Too many spots to accurately describe them. Styles pins Dragon Kid with the Styles Clash. Match wenr about 15 minutes of non-stop action and I would rank this at about *** 3/4 as well.

Blood Generation (CIMA, Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino) defeats Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans). This match started awesome, and ended with some of the most fast-paced, innovative stuff that you will ever see. Some of the highlights include a Van Terminator where two members of BG hit Evans simultaneously in the corner. CIMA was on his game tonight. Reminds me of the M-Pro match from Barely Legal, these guys stole the show. **** 1/2

Christopher Daniels defeats Samoa Joe in a Grudge Match. Christopher Daniels came to the ring as TNA X-Division Champion. Daniels music stopped and they went into the "Champ is Here" and he showed Joe the X belt. Brawl that went everywhere, and ended with Joe kicking out of the Angel's Wings, and Daniels hitting him with 3 BME's for the finish. *** 1/2

Necro and Hero came out and were escorted away when Whitmer hit them both with chairshots. Joe said that he was now the lead man in the war against CZW. End of show.

Overall Thoughts: Unbelievable show, one of the best ROH shows that I have seen live. Hot crowd throughout, and they were treated with some fantastic state of the art wrestling. Will be at the next two nights as well, should be a great weekend.

31 Март:

The crowd was huge, around 900-1100. Before the show, it was announced that due to a concussion, hometown boy Colt Cabana will be unable to compete.

Opening Segment: Jim Cornette and BJ Whitmer Jim Cornette comes out, holding a baseball bat. BJ Whitmer is also with him, on crutches. Cornette cuts a great, intense anti-CZW, then announces that unfortunately, BJ Whitmer is injured, and unable to compete in the 3 way latertonight. He also announces that he has found two of the most hardcore wrestlers in the world today, introducing 2 scrawny masked men. He insults them a bit, then calls out their opponents...

Match 1: Adam Pearce and Samoa Joe defeat “CZW Superstars” Total squash, Joe hits the face wash on one of them, then the muscle buster on the other, and Pearce finishes him offwith a flying splash. Big ROH Chant from the crowd.

Match 2: Ricky Reyes wins a four corner survival over Delirious (Taps out), Flash Flannigan (Debut), and Shane Hagedorn. Delirious was surprisingly over tonight, as ROH has said that if he didn’t win a match during the triple shot weekend, he would lose his spot in ROH. Flannigan got a decent reaction, as did Reyes. This is an average 4 way, with Ricky Reyes spending the most time in the ring. The match ends when Hagedorn and Flannigan are brawling on the floor, leaving Reyes to lock in his dragon sleeper on Delirious for the tap. After the match, Reyes grabs the microphone and calls Delirious a joke.

Match 3: The Embassy of Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley (with Prince Nana and Daizee Haze) defeated Claudio Castagnoli and Jimmy Yang when Rave pinned Yang. As usual, Jimmy Rave got saluted with rolls upon rolls of toilet paper, which he hurled back into the crowd violently. Claudio played mind games by grabbing Rave’s ass, drawing a “Jimmy Liked It!” chant. He also whipped both Rave and Shelley into the corner and hit a European uppercut, which saw them drop into several…suggestive positions. A real back and forth contest, with The Embassy continuously isolating Jimmy Yang from his corner. At around 7:00, Rave locked on a full nelson, but Yang escaped and went for a kick, but Rave ducked, then hit a polish hammer. Yang finally knocked Rave down and made the hot tag to Claudio, who cleaned house, then tagged back into Yang, who got suddenly and shockingly rolled up and pinned by Rave.

After the match, Chris Hero showed up through the crowd, and grabbed a microphone, threatening his former partner ClaudioCastagnoli, saying “You now have a bullseye on your back”. Hero was dragged off by security.

Match 4: Ace Steel defeated Chad Collyer in a First Blood match. This stems all the way back to August 2005’s Chicago show,“Punk: The Final Chapter”, when Collyer nailed Steel with a chair and busted him open fierce. Although they’ve only met once in the ring since then, this was supposed to be the end to their feud. Steel, the hometown boy, took it to Collyer for a while, until Collyer bulldogged him on the floor on a table that was not set up. Collyer ripped apart a piece of the guardrail, and spent about a minute trying to get into the ring. Steel and Collyer fought for a while, and Steel finally got the win with a Tombstone Piledriver onto the sign. After the match, he hit Collyer with a chair, just cause he could.

Match 5. AJ Styles and Matt Sydal defeated Generation Next of Austin Aries and Jack Evans when Sydal pinned Aries with a Shooting Star Press. This was the first of many matches that looked to steal the show. Evans did his usual pre-game breakdance to a “You Got Served!” chant. The crowd wanted Aries to dance too, but he responded with “I’m a fighter, not a dancer”. The ongoing “conflict” between AJ/Sydal and the rest of Generation Next heated up in this match, which saw tons of innovative tag team wrestling, as well as Sydal suddenly pouring blood from his nose. Evans hit all his usual crazy high flying moves, and at one point was nearly bent in half by a Gory Guerrero Special from AJ Styles. Evans fought back, and went for a Space Flying Tiger Drop (Cartwheel Twisting senton over the top rope), but AJ caught him (!) and hit a Styles Clash on the floor! Meanwhile, in the ring, Sydal climbed to the top rope and hit a Shooting Star Press on Austin Aries, pinning former ROH World Champion clean as a whistle. After the match, the Chicago crowd gave Sydal a standing ovation and a loud chant.

It was announced that ROH will return to Chicago on June the 24th, featuring a special guest……KENTA. (I bought my ticket.)

Match 6: Do Fixer (Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito, and Genki Horiguchi) defeated Blood Generation (CIMA, Naruki Doi, and Masato Yoshino) in a Dragon Gate 6 man tag when Dragon Kid pinned Doi with the Dragonrana. This was the match of the night, next to the main event. The crowd went wild when this match was announced, and both teams got a streamer salute. Everybody got their share of time in the ring, although Blood Generation isolated Genki Horiguchi from his corner. Horiguchi battled back to chants of “H-A-G-E” (The Japanese word for bald), and made the hot tag to his stablemates. From there, the match totally broke down, with every single man hitting their finisher, only to have it broken up, or get a two count. The crowd was going ballistic for the false finishes, as both teams began to bust out their double and triple team moves, including Horiguchi sitting on the top rope, with Yoshino on top of HIM in an electric chair position, and Dragon Kid hurricanrana’d Yoshino off, then countered a twisting fisherman buster by CIMA into one of his signature stunners.

In the very end, Dragon Kid hit his Dragonrana (a thing of beauty to see live) to get the three count on Naruki Doi. Unreal, high flying match that needs to be seen to be believed. After the match, CIMA shockingly shook the hands of all the members of Do Fixer, as the crowd chanted “That was awesome” and “Dragon Gate”.



Match 7: MisChif defeated Daizee Haze, Lacey, Rain, Cheerleader Melissa, and Allison Danger in the first ever 6 Woman Mayhem (Presented by SHIMMER women’s athletes). Did you know that MisChif is from “The Inferno”? That’s right outside of The Bottomless Pit, about a 5 minute drive from The WCW Special Forces. The crowd was surprisingly reactive for Lacey and Allison Danger. This match was actually more focused on Technical, ground based work. The match spilled to the floor, where MisChif hit a plancha, then Daizee hit a moonsault. In the end, it was MisChif spraying the GREEN MIST on Cheerleader Melissa, then rolling her up for the win.

Match 8: Homicide murdered Mitch Franklin with the Cop Killa(Dangerouuuuuus). What was SUPPOSED To be Homicide/Cabana ended up being this one sided squash match, with Homicide playing the crowd’s want for Colt Cabana. After the match, Cabana showed up, claiming he wanted a fight, and Homicide oblidged. They brawled in the ring, then to the floor, where Cabana put ‘Cide through a table. Back in the ring, Homicide gained the advantage with a lariat, then grabbed a ladder. He put the legs around Cabana’s head, then whacked it with a chair until Cabana was basically knocked out. Homicide and Julius Smokes laughed, then walked off.

Necro Butcher and Chris Hero ran in from the crowd and attacked Cabana, who was laying prone in the ring. The crowdcould not turn away from the entryway, hoping for someone to run in and defend ROH. Sure enough, Claudio Castignoli and Adam Pearce run in and brawl with the CZW stars. HUGE brawl right in front of the camera location with Pearce throwing chairs as hard as he can at Necro’s head. They brawl back to the ring, where it appears Pearce is going to suplex Necro over the apron ropes through a table on the outside, but Hero stops him and Necro gives Pearce a Russian legsweep off the apron through the table! Sick. Necro’s head hit the rail hard. Jim Cornette runs in and hits Necro with a bat, and Hero puts him in an armbar. This brings out Joe and Whitmer who beat the CZW guys with the bat and send them running. Crowd chants, “Joe, Joe, Joe.” Followed by “A-dam Pearce”, “B-J-Whit-Mer” and “Jim Corn-ette”. I felt a little dirty chanting that last one.

Cornette says this is team ROH.

Match 9: Samoa Joe defeats “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Jimmy Jacobs in a relatively short three way when Jacobs taps out to the Rear Naked Choke. Fast paced match. At one point Joe dove from the ring into Daniels and Jacobs. Physics be damned. Daniels missed the BME and Joe capitalized with a brutal running kick. Joe stopped Daniels from giving Jacobs the Angel’s Wings. Jacobs went for Sliced Bread #2, but Joe stopped him on the way up and was able to lock on the clutch for the quick tap out. Jacobs looked great and got in lots of offence. After the match, a frustrated Daniels flicked off Joe and stormed

out. Probably went about 12:00.

Match 10: Brian Danielson retains his title against Roderick Strong in a 55 minute classic. Every time these two meet, you are guaranteed an old school, stiff as shit showdown. Lots of unique submissions applied throughout the match by American Dragon, and Strong fights back with chops, causing Danielson’s chest to bleed. At about 15 minutes in, Danielson decided he had had enough and walked to the back. Strong said, “Deflend…er, defend your belt you care about so much, you motherfucker!” Strong delivered a monster superplex around the 30 minute mark. Strong hit a gutbuster and the crowd erupted. By 40 minutes, the crowd was very into the match but noticeably drained since it was about 12:30. Strong suplexed Danielson out of the ring. In a vicious spot, Strong went to chop Danielson, who moved and caused Strong to whack the metal post with all his might. “Holy Shit” chant. Back in the ring, Danielson stood on Strong’s injured hand, then on his head while posing. Not making this up. Strong escaped the Cattle Mutilation countless times, then made it to the ropes during a middle ring chickenwing attempt. (!) It is announced that 55 of the 60 minutes allotted for the match have passed. Strong fired back with chops and hit a gutbuster off the top. He locked in the Stronghold as the crowd went bananas. Just in time, Danielson rolled through and rolled up Strong for a surprise 1-2-3 at what must have been 58 minutes. Crowd loudly chanted “Thank You” and “ROH”.

Another fantastic Ring of Honor show!

1 Април:

1,600 fans (note to ROH, as much as we enjoy the product, if you want to bring 1,600 people to a party, please bring some extra bathrooms).

1. Jack Evans defeated Jake Crist, Matt Sydal, Jimmy Jacobs, Ace Steel, and Dave Crist after pinning Crist after his 630 off the top rope onto Jake Crist at 10:15. Great spot occured when Evans, Sydal, and Jacobs had a three man chicken fight. Sydal and Jacobs went over the top rope and took with them the guys they were sitting on (Jake and Dave Crist). Evans then did a flippity-do off of Ace Steel's shoulders onto the guys on the floor. Evans later did a springboard flip onto Jacobs on the floor while in the ring Steel hit a combo Widow's Peak/Neckbreaker on Sydal and Dave Crist off the top rope. Lacey got onto the apron and it distracted Ace Steel. When Steel approached her, a jealous Jimmy Jacobs jumped on Steel's back and applied a rear naked choke. This gave Evans a chance to hit Crist with a 630 and get the win. Fantastic opener.

***Jim Cornette came to the ring, without his arm in a sling despite being in a wrestling move from Chris Hero the previous night, and put over the big crowd. Cornette then had a spotlight put on Adam Pearce by the gimmick table. Cornette said that Pearce would be the bouncer for tonight and would guard the front door, the back door, and the door that CZW would most likely come from, "the shitter." Colt Cabana came out and cut a good promo, talking about the fans in attendence being his neighbors and he needed to find peace. Peace that would only be found in a CHICAGO STREET FIGHT. Cornette said he like a guy with brains, but like a guy with guts even more and agreed to the street fight. After Cabana left, Cornette called out Delirious. Cornette said he was impressed with Delirious' display of athletisism the previous night and the fact the crowd loves him. BUT, Cornette said Delirious was just not getting one key thing... winning a match. Cornette told Delirious he could challenge any one man on the roster, but if he lost, he would be out of ROH. During this, Cornette actually used a 2006 reference as he mentioned the NBC show Deal or No Deal. Delirious spoke in his lizard speak before yelling out "RICKY REYES!"

2. Delirious made Ricky Reyes (w/Julius Smokes) tap out with his ROH job on the line in 6:37 with an awesome counter submission from Reyes dragon sleeper. Delirious cut out a lot of comedy during the match and took a big beating from Reyes. At one point Delirious was hit with two consecutive Roll of the Dice. Reyes then attempted the dragon sleeper, but Delirious countered the move and made Reyes tap as the crowd exploded. Delirious then jumped in the crowd in celebration, before running around the ring and even stopping to lick Keith Lipinski's head. Solid match that the crowd loved.

3. Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley and Masato Yoshino (w/Prince Nana) defeated Do Fixer (Horiguchi, Dragon Kid, Yoshino) in 16:12 after the greetings from Ghina (pedigree). More great toilet paper spots. It's priceless to see Alex Shelley sell a roll of toilet paper as if he was shot. Jimmy Rave also shows great fire as he whips the toilet paper back into the crowd. Daizee Haze did not accompany the Embassy to the ring despite being on the pre-show. The Dragon's Gate guys were all tremendously over, especially Dragon Kid. Fast paced match with plenty of near falls. Plenty of "Dragon Gate" and "Please Come Back" chants after the match. Shelley and Rave work extremely well together.

4. Four corner survival: Samoa Joe defeated Jimmy Yang, Christopher Daniels, and AJ Styles when Joe pinned Styles with the muscle buster in 18:29. Daniels had the X-Division title on under his robe. Yang and Styles spent a good part of the match working against each other. Crowd was super hot for just about everything in the match. Yang hit Daniels with an awesome backwards hurricanrana off the top rope.

***After the match Samoa Joe called out Bryan Danielson after saying he was going back into the hunt for the ROH Title. "I want my title back!" Danielson came out and played a great cocky heel saying Joe didn't make the belt, the belt made Joe. Danielson called himself the "baddest mother f----er on Earth. Danielson talked about if it wasn't for ROH, Joe would be back in Samoa climbing up trees to get coconuts for his family. Danielson also tried to start a cant of "Lose some weight, Joe." Danielson took a page out of Storm's playbook and said, "If I could be serious for a moment." Danielson took credit for the large crowd and said he would make Lance Storm tap out to the Single Leg Boston Crab. "Lance Storm got nothing on me. I was trained by HBK while he was dyin' up Calgary." Danielson then said he wold give Joe a shot after he beat Storm. When Danielson left the ring, Chris Hero and Necro Butch came from out of the crowd and attacked Joe. Adam Pearce ran down and fought with Hero into the bleachers, both using chairs. Eventually the two men fought back into the ring when Pearce was doubleteamed by Hero and Necro. Claudio Castagnoli ran in for the save, but was instead thrown out of the ring. Jim Cornette came down and was once again put into an armbar by Hero. BJ Whitmer limped to the ring for the save. As Whitmer was battling with Necro, Chris Hero came from behind with a cheap shot to Whitmer's injured ankle. Hero then used Whitmer's crutches to beat down on the ankle until ROH students came down to the clear the ring. Adam Pearce checked on Whitmer and yelled out "Is there a doctor in the house?!" All of a sudden a big "DOCTOR KEITH~!" chant erupted... but Keith Lipinski had gone to the bathroom about five minutes earlier. Seriously. (keith note: this has to be now the greatest wrestling regret of my life, yes, even more then missing Mania XIII)

On Hero's way out he once again tossed chairs into the ring, but one chair ended up hitting a girl in front row. A "she's hardcore" chant erupted after the girl held up the chair. That makes two people in two nights hit by falling chairs from Hero. Two girls no less. Both ROH owner Cary Silkin and booker Gabe Sapolsky came down to talk to the fan. Another red hot angle.

5. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong defeated Blood Generation (CIMA and Doi) in 20:06 after Strong hit the half nelson backbreaker on CIMA then Aries hit the 450. Unbelievable match and most likely match of the night. Aries looked liked he broke his nose early in the match and CIMA was rubbing Aries' blood over his body and the ref's shirt. It looked to happen after a sequence in which both GeNext guys accidentally hit each and were tossed outside the ring. Blood Generation then flew outside with a dual Tope Suicidas. Strong hit an incredible sixty count vertical suplex on CIMA and CIMA was also selling Strong's hard-as-hell chops. In a nice bit of continuity, Strong had his right had heavily taped up after chopping the ring post the previous night. Heels worked over Aries for a lot of the match and its worth nothing how insanely over Aries was with the fans. The impressive Doi hit Aries with an amazing running powerbomb going from one side of the ring to the other. Everyone hit thier finishers. Strong hit several backbreakers. DOI ate a brainbuster from Aries while CIMA took the 450 and got pinned. After the match CIMA got on the microphone and said how much he loved ROH and wanted to win a championship belt. This was the last Dragon's Gate match and they were all spectacular.

6. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson defeated Lance Storm in 26:25 with the cattle mutallation submission. Storm was gretting with a huge ovation and a ton of white and red streamers. Storm came out to his old ECW music. Danielson was announced as being "really too good to wrestle in front of you pricks." Started a little slow with both countering the other. Crowd chanted "You still got it!" to Storm after a 17 second vertical suplex. This was extra impressive as Storm was using one of his hands to encourage the crowd. Storm then applied the single leg crab to a huge pop, but Danielson made the ropes. Back and forth action, European uppercuts and surfboards. Danielson attempted many submission moves, but Storm would always find a way to fight out of them. Danielson missed the diving headbutt, which allowed Storm to get a very close near fall with his cradle piledriver. Danielson tried to hit the Cattle Mutilation, but Storm had a great counter where he rolled through and got a near fall. Danielson then quickly applied the Cattle Mutilation again and Storm tapped out. After the match Danielson shook Storm's hand as the crowd chanted "Please come back!" Storm seemed geniuinely affected by the outpouring of respect.

7. "Classic" Colt Cabana defeated Homicide (w/Julius Smokes) in a Chicago Street Fight in 28:06 with the Colt 45. Excellent match with tons of weapons, tables, ladder spots (using the ladder as a weapon, not off of the ladder). Cabana was wearing ring gear, which isn't your normal Chicago Street Fight attire. Much of the entire months-long angle were brought into play during the match, including a wire hanger, the ghetto fork, and Draino. Homicide hit Cabana with a Tope Con Hilo and ended up in the second row, right in the lap of a 60 year old grandmother. Only in wrestling. Homicide brought a barbed wire covered board into the ring. In an INSANE call, especially what happned earlier in the show, Homicide and Smokes encouraged the fans to throw their chairs into the ring. The following minute was pure chaos as a storm of chairs then started to rain upon the ring. With so many people at the show and so many chairs... it was just a bad call to make. The ladder from the previous night was used and it was still dented and twisted from Cabana's head being smashed in it. One painful-to-watch spot came when Homicide hit Cabana with a tornado DDT onto the ladder which looked like it killed both guys. Homicide then laid Cabana on a table and came down with a top rope splash. Both men teased putting the other's face into the barbed wire. Cabana had Homicide on the mat and searched 187's pants to find the ghetto fork. Cabana then went Abdullah the Butcher as he stabbed Homnicide repeatedly. Cabana even put Homicide's blood on his face. A bleeding Homicide then had rubbing alcohol dumped on him. J-Train interferred throughout the match and finally Cabana tied Smokes to the tope rope with his MAXIMUM STRENGTH athletic tape. Cabana and Homcide fought on the top rope, with Homcide yelling out "Diamond Cutter" (seriously), but Cabana reversed it into a powerbomb off the top rope onto a table (and with the barbed wire board underneath.) Cabana then picked up Homicide and hit a Colt 45 before making the pin.

After the match Ricky Reyes came down and used a pair of scissors to cut J-Train loose. Smokes then grabbed a noose from his pants as Reyes put the boots to Cabana. Smokes and Reyes were setting up Cabana to be hung from the top rope when Homicide told them to back off. Neither man thought Homicide was serious, but Homicide got right in their faces and said, "Let me handle this shit!" Homicide said they had beaten this man for the last six months and he had earned their respect. Homicide stuck out his hand and dropped to his knees saying, "I'll give you peace. I respect you Colt Cabana." Cabana shook Homicide's hand. Reyes and Smokes helped Homicide to the back and it was awesome as Julius looked like he had been crying. Confetti then shot from an air blower, but it was set so far back into the crowd only a little bit of the celebration confetti made it into the ring.

Overall, the best ROH show ever in Chicago and one of the greatest the company has ever run. Really, this weekend between the Dragons Gate guys (who were fucking amazing), Bryan Danielson's matches (the Strong match was incredible), Chris Hero's interferrence, Delirious' Cinderella Story, Samoa Joe's facial expressions, the athelticism of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Rave's heel work, Alex Shelley's toilet paper selling, Julius Smokes/Prince Nana's running around the ring, Jimmy Jacob's touching ballad, Jack Evans' flips, and a five star finish to the Cabana-Homicide feud that was suprisingly touching, these were the best two shows of wrestling in the history of Chicago (Ridge). Thank you ROH.


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