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Доста интересно интервю и това за ТНА ми хареса,дан ода подпише някой ден.

Sumo wrestler, pro-wrestler, K-1 fighter and pie-eater, Akebono joins Dr. Keith. Keith asks Akebono how he got into pro-wrestling. Akebono talks about his love for the sport, and says he is having fun. He talks about the transition from MMA to puroresu. Keith asks if he is willing to work for any other promotion other than AJPW, NJPW, NOAH & WWE. Akebono name-checks TNA. He also name-checks The Dudleyz, A-Train and Jamal for helping him hone his style for professional wrestling.

The interview takes place just before Akebono's IWGP title match (he lost) with Brock Lesnar. Keith asks the difference between working with Brock and working with NOAH. Akebono confirms the rumour that he is 'not a very technical wrestler,' but is confident he can 'hang with anybody,' but struggles with 'technical' moves

such as arm-bars.

Keith asks for Akebono's dream opponents in the future. Akebono lists Brock, Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan. When asked, Akebono wouldn't mind a sumo match with the Hulkster. He puts over Big Show for respecting sumo during their WWE match. Keith asks about the status of sumo in Japan right now. Akebono knocks the lack of public relations in sumo as the reason for it's decline, but hopes K-1 will one day sanction sumo matches.

The Doc asks for Akebono's thoughts on the late Rodney 'Yokozuna' Anoia. Akebono talks about his relationship with Yoko, and being mistaken, or not, for the wrestler Yokozuna and making a little girl sad. Growing up, Akebono watched the likes of Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka, Ricky Steamboat and Bruiser Brody growing up. He got started in sumo in high school because he was a good size.

Akebono feels he has made more progress in pro-wrestling then in K-1/MMA but would like to continue losing in K-1. An average day in the life is talked about including breakfast from 11-1! Akebono confirms his next K-1 fight will be on May 3rd in Japan. Keith asks about Akebono's won-loss record. Akebono likens it to Michael Jordan playing in baseball.


Akebono's favourite two matches have been with Big Show and A-Train. He also talks about working with Great Muta and as the Great Bono. The chops he received from Kenta Kobashi were 'very painful,' and he thinks he'll have a great singles match someday with Kenta Kobashi. On thoughts for Hustle; 'they do what they do.'

As well as wanting a rematch with Bob Sapp, Akebono feels he has another 7 or 8 years left in wrestling, and is 'waiting for the phonecall from the States. Keith's final question is what is the average of an average Akebono meal costs? 'You just eat until you become fat.'

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Всъщност имам чувството че Akebono изобщо не разбира професионална борба за каквос става дума....

Номер 1 в сумо спорта....

Атракция в развлекателния бизнес.

Вие кое бихте предпочели ?

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