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ROH vs CZW - The War Is On!!! - резултати от последното шоу


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1) Homicide and Ricky Reyes d. Blade & Mikaze, Dunn & Marcos, and The Briscoes in a Tag Team Scramble Match to earn a shot at the ROH Tag Team Titles.

BJ Whitmer called out Necro Butcher. Nothing happened. Then he called out Super Dragon. Nothing happened.

2) Roderick Strong d. Jimmy Yang via submission.

3) BJ Whitmer vs. Necro Butcher never started, as they just began fighting. Super Dragon join in on the fight, then the ring was rushed by ROH Students and The Briscoes (I think this is how it went down.)

4) Austin Aries d. Matt Sydal via the 450. Match was 'really good.'

Post-Match, The Briscoes ran in and attacked both Aries and Sydal. Roderick runs in to make the save, but he gets beat down as well. Sydal gets the upper hand, and Gen Next is left in the ring. Sydal takes the mic and issues a challenge to The Briscoes to wrestle him and AJ Styles at the 100th show.

5) The Dempsey Brothers d. Pelle Primeau and Shane Hagadorn after Derek Dempsey reversed a Pelle Primeau Triangle Choke into a HUGE powerbomb for the pin.

6) "Irish Airborne" Jake and David Crist (aka Crazy J and Lotus) d. Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke. Mamaluke was pinned.

7) Bryan Danielson d. Alex Shelley via Cattle Mutilation Cradle Pin to retain the ROH World Title.

8.) "Classic" Colt Cabana d. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels with a rollup pin.

Samoa Joe's music hit and IT IS ON. Will update once I get more details.

8 1/2) Samoa Joe wins the Three Way Dance against "Classic" Colt Cabana and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Cabana eliminated Daniels with a rollup pin in a singles match. Samoa Joe's music hit and IT IS ON. Joe pins Cabana after two Musclebusters.

BJ Whitmer comes out and calls out CZW. Both locker rooms are clearing out and it is PANDEMONIUM IN PHILADELPHIA! Weapons involved in this brawl include a barbed wire baseball bat and a WEED WHACKER. Someone stapled BJ Whitmer. CZW got the upper hand in the brawl. They took control of the video screen and their music played to end the show.


-Crowd is VERY hot

-Crows is also pretty split, with people chanting for CZW.

-Samoa Joe did not make it on time, as his plane just landed as the main event was about to begin and he was en route to the Arena, which is why the main event started out as a singles match.

Colt Cabana pinned Christopher Daniels after reversing a pinfall combination. Samoa Joe's music hit and he came to the ring in street clothes to wrestle Cabana. Joe looked really tired. They went back and forth until Joe scored the pin with a musclebuster.

BJ Whitmer came out. A fan threw something at Joe. Joe hit the crowd, grabbed him and handed him off to security. Joe and Whitmer challenged the CZW locker room and they hit the ring. ROH and CZW had a great brawl. Zandig, with a barbed wire bat, and Wifebeater, with a weedwhacker, ran ROH out. CZW trapped Whitmer in the ring and taped him to the ropes. They stapled dollars to his face and ran the bat over his face. Zandig spraypainted CZW over the ROH logo on the ring apron. CZW celebrated as their theme music played. Zandig went off on ROH on the mic. CZW's wrestlers hopped in the crowd challenging fans. Most heated and best part of the show was the ending sequence.

What happened next was a brawl I will never forget and the most insane atmosphere I have ever been involved with in my life. Some fan hit Joe with some toilet paper and Joe ran in the crowd to get him. Then ROH security carried him out and the fan got spit right in the face by this one guy. After that BJ Whitmer came out and he and Joe challenged CZW to come out to the ring.

Out came Necro, Dragon and some other CZW guys who started to brawl with Joe and Whitmer. Then the ROH students and Generation Next made the save which brought out the entire CZW roster who proceeded to kick the **** out of the ROH guys until only Whitmer was left alone in the ring.

Picture an extreme nWo style beat down. Zandig had spray paint, a staple gun and a barbwire bat. Joe was driven out to the entrance ramp by the Wifebeater who had his weed-wacker.

They tied Whitmer to the ropes and Zandig stapled his head and stomach and then spray painted CZW on his back. The CZW guys started to rip down the ROH signs covering the guard rails, Butcher kept ringing the bell with a hammer, Super Dragon almost got in a fight with the Green Lantern. They spray painted CZW over the ROH logo in the ring. It was total chaos. Two CZW guys (I think Justice Pain and Nick Gage) challenged anyone in the crowd to a fight and ran out in the stands. It was in-****ing-sane!


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