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NWE: Интервю с Christian Cage

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Интервюто е взето от официялния сайт на NWE (nwewrestling.com):

D: First of all welcome, this is your first interview for the NWE website isn't it?

R: Yes it's the first, but I'm sure it's just the beginning of a new career in Italy.

D: Tell us straight away how you felt about performing for the first time in front of the Italian fans.

R: To be honest, I really didn¹t expect the welcome I received in Bologna and Desio. I was really surprised and I now realize how well-known my Peeps are all over the world.

D: Your first experience in the NWE went off with a bang, as soon as you arrived you were already a contender for the Championship Belt. What do you have to say about this?

R: I'm used to pursuing goals and the Nwe Title is one of them. I thought about this target as soon as I received the call from the NWE. I would like to thank the commissioner Kishi who granted my request; the NWE Belt is important for Captain Charisma.

D: Your match against Black Pearl didn't have the outcome that you expected, right?

R: To tell the truth no. I did win but only because of a disqualification, so I coudn't capture the Title. Vampire Warrior's interuption was decisive. That¹s why a three-way match was announced for the following evening eventhough there was no title at stake; otherwise there was no way I would of let it slip out of my grasp.I'm sure that I won't have long to wait until my date with the NWE title.

D: What's your opinion of the current NWE Champion, Black Pearl?

R: He's definately got potential given his age and has proved it by becoming champion of the NWE. He caused me problems both in Bologna and Desio but as long as I'm part of the NWE Black Pearl won't be seeing much of his Title.

D: What are your aims in the NWE.

R: I¹m definately going for the title and I'm sure that I deserve another chance for it given that Vampire Warrior butted into my match with The Champion Black Pearl. I just can¹t wait to get back amongst my Italian ³Peeps² and find out what Vampire Warriors real intentions are.

D: Finally, what do you want to say to all your Italian friends who cheered you on in the January tour?

R:I want to thank them for the warmth that they showed me and tell them

I'll soon be back to give them a little Charisma!

[size=7][color="#FF0000"][font="Lucida Console"][b]HARSH NOISE <3[/b][/font][/color][/size]

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