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WWC Aniversario 50 - 24 юни 2023


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50-тата годишина на 5-тата най-стара кеч федерация в света (след CMLL, WWE, NJPW и AJPW).


World Wrestling Council (WWC)
"Aniversario 50"

June 24, 2023

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez


WWC Universal Championship Match

Intelecto Cinco Estrellas (c) vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool


For the position of Director of Operations
With two surprise special referees, no interferences allowed, there has to be a winner


"Mr. Rating" Ray Gonzalez vs. "The Wonder" Eddie Colon



"The Icon" Chicky Starr vs. "The Most Dangerous Influencer" Gallo the Producer



"The Rubber Man" Slash Venom vs. Xavant


For the vacant WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship

"The Precious One" Gilbert vs. "The Dragon" Nihan


WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship Match

"The Showman" Mike Nice (c) vs. "The Dominican Republic's Greatest Export" El Bronco


WWC World Tag Team Championship Match

The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) vs. La Maldita Revoluciоn (c) (w/ "Pretty Boy" Orlando Toledo)


Puertorican Battle Royal for the Abdullah the Butcher Cup

with past and present WWC wrestlers




Triple Threat Match for the WWC World Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Brandon the Skater vs. Diego Luna vs. Jovan



Amazona & Yaide vs. Ashley D’Ambrose & Vanilla Vargas



Los Inmortales vs. Makabro & Androide 787 vs. La Seguridad



Pulli la Bella & JC Jexx vs. El Informante & El Sr. Anthony


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Draw-наха доста добра публика:




Jovan спечели Jr. Heavyweight титлата.


Gilbert стана Caribbean шампион.


Chicano спечели Abdullah the Butcher купата.


Xavant победи Slash Venom и след мача имаше конфронтация с бившия боксьор Juan Manuel Lopez.


Mike Nice запази PR титлата.


Ray Gonzalez победи Eddie Colon.


След отборния им мач Thunder си свали маската и официално се пенсионира от кеча.


Intelecto 5 Estrellas победи Carlito и запази Universal титлата.


Chicky Starr победи Gallo the Producer.


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Tъкмо се изкефих,че WWC отново събраха The Heavy Artillery и Thunder се пенсионира...

Загубата на Carlito не ме изненадва с оглед на това,че той се завръща в WWE!

Надявам се,че турнирът ще бъде качен в някой торент сайт или в watchwrestling.ai ,bollyrulez.pw ...а защо не и в YouTube.

[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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