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Marvel Lucha Libre Edition: El origen de la mascara (ново шоу по Disney+)


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Преди две години Marvel Entertainment и Lucha Libre AAA обявиха партньорствo, което доведе до Marvel Lucha Libre дивизия/вселена в AAA. В AAA се появиха нови образи, които са директно взаимствани от Marvel образи (например Aracno от Spiderman, Leyenda Americana от Captain America и т.н.). Междувременно на Triplemania беше излъчен трейлър, който обяви ново шоу, което ще се излъчва по Disney+. Шоуто ще се казва "Marvel Lucha Libre Edition: El origen de la mascara", ще бъде пет епизода и всичките ще бъдат пуснати на 21-ви декември. Засега изглежда, че шоуто ще е само по латиноамериканската версия на Disney+ и само на испански. И от долния press release става явно, че ще е в стил mockumentary.


Трейлър за шоуто:

Медийно изявление (google translate-нато от испански):





The new series features Mexican comedian Franco Escamilla as the main narrator for the episodes and continues ahead and behind the league featuring wrestling inspired by Marvel heroes and villains.


The production trailer that was shared exclusively with those attending the Triplemanía XXX Chapter 3 event of AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide on October 15 is now available, generating applause, laughter, surprise and intrigue.


MEXICO CITY, October 19, 2022.-   Disney+ announced the premiere of  Marvel Lucha Libre Edition, The Origin of the Mask, a new mockumental  series from the Disney+ Original Productions label that will hit the  streaming service on December 21 with all its episodes. and follow the step by step of the Mexican wrestling tournament with wrestlers inspired by Marvel characters. With Mexican comedian  Franco Escamilla  as the main narrator, the new production presents the story behind the  Marvel Lucha Libre Edition championship., combining the best of wrestling culture with the stories, secrets and rivalries between heels and technicians inspired by heroes and villains and all the action of Marvel.


During the Triplemanía XXX Chapter 3 event of AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide that took place at Arena CDMX on October 15, in addition to seeing the first exclusive preview of the mockumental, presented through a special appearance by its narrator Franco Escamilla. Also, the characters that can be seen in this new premiere and that are part of Marvel Lucha Libre Edition were officially announced: Aracno, Estrella Cósmica and Leyenda Americana as part of Los Tecnicos; and Picadura Letal, Venenoide and Terror Púrpura integrating the group of Los Rudos.


With a mockumental narration in Marvel Lucha Libre Edition, The origin of the mask, the cameras record the front and back of the "masks" of a tournament that pits Los Tecnicos and Los Rudos, two groups of fighters inspired by Super Heroes and Marvel's most iconic villains. Throughout five episodes, it records each instance of the league from the personal perspective of the fighters, culminating in the great event that will award one of them with the coveted belt, crowning him as the new champion. And with the inspiration of Marvel as a base, the plot follows, in turn, the latent danger of The Symbiote, a clandestine high-performance substance that seems to be consumed by some of the fighters.


In a documentary tone, with humor and irony, Escamilla will be the voiceover in the epic tour of  Marvel Lucha Libre Edition , The Origin of the Mask . providing data and anecdotes about the characters and historical information about the culture of wrestling in Mexico. The production also features on-camera testimonials from true legends of the ring, as well as judges, fans, renowned fight announcers, organizers and experts in the discipline.

Additionally, fans can also continue to enjoy a wide variety of products inspired by the memorable Marvel Lucha Libre characters in the most diverse categories and for all ages, available in physical and  digital stores.


Marvel Lucha Libre Edition, The Origin of the Mask , is one more example of The Walt Disney Company's commitment to creating locally relevant content entirely developed in Latin America, hand in hand with production houses in the region and with the participation of recognized Latin talent.


Marvel Lucha Libre Edition is part of a strategic alliance between Marvel and AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide that seeks to expand the sports experience and celebrate the culture of Mexican wrestling. The actions included in the framework of this collaboration include family events that will offer the perfect combination of sports, culture and entertainment, and the launch of a collection of consumer products inspired by Mexican wrestling together with different partners.


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