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Резултати от записите на MTV


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Така, сценаристи на шоуто са били Kevin Kleinrock (бивш главен сценарист на XPW), Vampiro и още двама неизвестни, единият от които по принцип работи с Antonio Inoki. Terry Taylor от TNA е искал да бъде agent на шоуто, но TNA не са му позволили. Това е пилотен епизод, което значи че не е сигурно дали в крайна сметка MTV ще почнат да излъчват федерацията, която btw ще се казва Wrestling Society X. При условие, че МТВ започне да излъчва федерацията, кечистите от нея ще трябва да подпишат ексклузивни договори и няма да могат да се бият другаде докато траят записите на първия сезон. Коментатор на шоуто е бил бившият коментатор на XPW - Kris Kloss. Един епизод е с времетраене 30-минути.


Just back from the tapings. It was pretty good, not sure it was worth the 3+ hour wait, but still good.

The show was held in an abandoned brewery, purposely made to look run down, with a lot of attention given to make it look like a "fight club" underground kind of atmosphere. The turnbuckles were covered with towels and duct-tape, there was no ring apron exposing dirt and debris and some lights and a fog machine under the ring. No chairs, which kinda sucked, but the show wasn't that long so it wasn't too big a deal I guess.

The dark match was Human Torando vs Alter Boy Luke vs Puma. Human Toranado picked up the victory after getting probably the biggest pop of the night which keep going all the way to the end of the match.

After the dark match we had to wait about half an hour for the band to play because of a noise ordiance which made them wait until 6pm. The band turned out to be Black Label Society, I was surprised that it was actually a good rock band. They had to replay there songs a couple times for recording purposes.

The opening match was Matt Sydal vs Jack Evans. Evans picked up the victory after a sick 630 off the top rope.

The next match was the Main Event. It was a combonation of a Royal Rumble match and a Death Match. Every couple minutes a new guy would enter, and the only way to get eliminated was to be thrown over the top rope either threw a table, or on to a tricked out electric box, or onto a chain-link fence rigged to explode. When it was down to 4 guys they put ladders in the ring and the remaining participants had to go for 2 contracts above the ring for a title match.

The first two guys in were Justin Credible and Teddy Hart after that I lost track, and I wasn't familar with all the guys, but it also included Alter Boy Luke, Alkatraz, Puma, New Jack, X-pac, and Vampiro. X-Pac and Vampiro ended up winning by getting the contracts. After the match they brawled around a little bit, and Vampiro thanked everybody and said something about this show being 22 years in the making, and it was great to mix hardcore rock with hardcore wrestling. Black Label Society played another song while X-Pac and Vampiro fought some more, and that was about it.

I just read on the boards here about the hipsters getting paid to be there, and it now makes sense to me why there was quite a few good looking girls there, which you don't normally see at a indy show.

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wow :) Звучи ми интересно. Дано да почнат редовни предавания. Единственото което не ми хареса е, че кечистите не трябва да се бият в други федерации, докато са подписали с тази. А този royal rumble death match рулира :D

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Шоуто изглежда интересно на пръв поглед. Замислено е добре, но не знам как са успяли да реализират нещата. Имало е доста големи имена. И аз бих искал шоуто да започне да се излъчва редовно, обаче не ми харесват тези договори. Много е тъпо да не могат да се бият на друго място докато не запишат целия сезон. Мисля, че някои кечисти ще се откажат само заради тези договори. По-добре още от сега да ги отменят.

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Шоуто изглежда интересно на пръв поглед. Замислено е добре' date=' но не знам как са успяли да реализират нещата. Имало е доста големи имена. И аз бих искал шоуто да започне да се излъчва редовно, обаче не ми харесват тези договори. Много е тъпо да не могат да се бият на друго място докато не запишат целия сезон. Мисля, че някои кечисти ще се откажат само заради тези договори. По-добре още от сега да ги отменят.[/quote']

Всички, които са се били в пилотния епизод са се съгласили на ексклузивните договори. Иначе, един сезон може да го заснемат за седмица-две, ако решат. Не е чак толкова много. Сега да видим дали MTV ще вземат шоуто :)

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Втори репортаж от шоуто:

The MTV Pilot taping was interesting. The whole show took 3 and a half hours from the time we arrived at a parking lot and shuttled off to the location till the time the taping was over. The show is only 30 minutes, so you do he math. The opening bout saw Human Tornado (who was MEGA over with the SoCal crowd) pin Puma with a twisting senton splash in a 3-way that included Luke (Alter Boy). The match was decent, although it was apparent that they had to do a lot of calling of the spots during the match because there had been so many cancellations and changes in the line-up up to that day. After we were treated to a half hour performance by….ZACK WYLDE. Yeah, I had no idea who he was either till I realized it was the dude from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Well, not bad actually, the band can really rock. Too bad the audience of around 150 weren't as into it as they might have been had they known who he was.

The crowd was about 110 wrestling fans and 40 people paid to go after answering an ad on craigslist.com. the second match featured Jack Evans beating Matt Sydal who was accompanied by Valentina with the 630 senton splash. This was a great match, too bad it only lasted about 5 minutes. Delirious didn't show up, however these two worked great together. The final match was a hardcore Royal Rumble featuring New Jack, Sean Waltman, Justin Credible (PJ Polaco), Vampiro, and Teddy Hart. There was also Puma, Al Katrazz, Lone Star, Chris Hammrick, and Kaos from XPW fame. This was incredibly too gimmicky as it had pyro, electric boxes, New Jack hitting an elbow drop through a table from a overhang, two ladders, a box of thumb tacks and an exploding chain link fence. Yep, I'm not even exaggerating. Still, I'm sure once it is edited on TV it will look ok. The wrestling was pretty crappy except for a few good Teddy Hart spots an it looks like either X-Pac or Vampiro will be the new Wrestling Society X champion on the next show as they both managed to grab a contract suspended 12 feet over the ring.

I think on TV this will come across as kinda edgy and if its on free TV then SOMEONE will watch it. Of note, Vampiro looked a bit pudgy (but motivated) and Waltman looked his age and then some, but Justin Cre…I mean PJ Polaco and New Jack both looked like they did when you last saw them on TV. Not sure what that means to you, but up close New Jack's forehead looks like a dirt bike course after the X-Games. But you don't come to see the man look pretty or wrestle technical matches, you come to see if he'll "shoot" on someone and maybe even stab a fool with a fork. Alas, neither happened, however he did have his own unscripted "New Jack" moment which basically amounted to a lot of swearing in front of the camera.

Vampiro cut a promo, off camera I believe, about how this was 22 years in the making. Making me think that they REALLY need to hurry up with the production set up, then I realized that he must have had a lot to do with setting this up because he talked about how he had a dream about mixing hardcore music and hardcore wrestling. The show had the feel of a lot of guys wanting to make a new promotion work and the wrestlers really did try their best, no doubt about that. You got the sense that this misfit, rag tag cast of has-beens and unknowns were just looking for a chance at the brass ring. I got to admit though, if this works out it will need a lot more young workers to make up for the decrease in quality you may get from some of these aging "Big Name" wrestlers. Man, I hope they end up doing a WSX "My sweet 16" soon.

Overall it was quite a spectacle and it was actually a lot of fun. I recognized a good dozen PWG regulars and had a good time seeing a lot of guys I would have never seen live if not for the power of MTV. The rumor that these guys all signed exclusive deals was debunked after Teddy Hart mentioned his contract allowed for him to appear in any SoCal promotion. Sad that hardly any PWG guys decided to show up because of the fear that those contracts would in fact be exclusive. I think perhaps those contracts prohibit any WWE or TNA contracts but for most of the guys working the show, that didn't seem like it would be a problem. Also the rumors that only "pretty people" would be allowed in was wrong. Also the rumor that the "pretty MTV" people would be paid $7 an hour was also wrong. There were quite a few ugly mugs who apparently got their $28 for showing up and calling ahead. Which made the beautifully people like myself a bit perplexed. Yeah, that's right, I got PAID to watch wrestling. Is there anything better than that? Oh there is, but unfortunately New Jack didn't ghetto fork anyone. Oh well maybe next time.

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