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WWE RAW 14 Юни 2021

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- What's next for the WWE Champion?
Even though nothing's advertised for Bobby Lashley, do not expect him to spend RAW distracted by wine and women. No, the WWE Champion will look to score the advantage before the upcoming Hell in a Cell match.

Will he interfere in Drew McIntyre's big match on RAW? Or could he and MVP orchestrate a backstage attack to take the former Champ out?

- Drew McIntyre faces one of RAW's most talented Champions in AJ Styles
Drew McIntyre will battle Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell. AJ Styles and Omos know they have the Viking Raiders chomping at the bit to capture the RAW Tag Team Championships. That said, both the Scottish Warrior and the Phenomenal One have to keep their immediate feuds aside to take each other on during RAW.

- What's become of Shayna Baszler after last week's RAW main event segment?
Many wrestling fans who watched RAW last week expressed several wild theories on social media. The fact that so much was made of the haunting of Shayna Baszler indicates that Lilly could have possessed her body and taken over the Queen of Spades.

If that is the case, then Nia Jax better watch out since things aren't rosy between the two. It will be very interesting to see how RAW handles a possession angle if this is the route that WWE wants to take.

- R-K-Bro will take on a truly experienced team
Randy Orton and Riddle have gone from being the most unlikely allies to arguably the most entertaining tag team unit on RAW. But do they have what it takes to defeat The New Day?

While Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are always on the same page, Randy Orton clearly thinks that Riddle talks too much. Which of these teams will persevere in this massive contest?

- No pleasantries on RAW this week
Right before she was the RAW Women's Champion, Rhea Ripley caught up with Sportskeeda for an exclusive interview. Do check it out here and subscribe to the channel for more exciting content of this nature.

Although Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley teamed up on last week's show, it was clear throughout the match that the honeymoon period would soon pass. By the end of the match, it was Charlotte Flair's interference that allowed Nikki Cross to pin the RAW Women's Champion.

Don't expect the two Hell in A Cell combatants to be civil to one another on RAW. Expect fists to fly.


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Absolute madlad

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Тази седмица вложиха малко повече старание копелетата и епизода поне беше гледаем. Малоумните сегменти бяха сведени до минимум, най-вече продължава да дразни Алекса Криндж, дори след като май ритуално убиха куклата Лили, или поне този епизод не я видяхме.:D


Но определено това е най-добрия Raw от доста време насам, без да мога да кажа че се случило кой знае какво. Толкова ниско беше вдигната летвата.

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