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WWE SmackDown - 16 октомври 2020

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Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman set for Universal Title clash

on SmackDown season premiere




Daniel Bryan enters the WWE ThunderDome

Will Daniel Bryan be back on the blue brand this week?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Grand Slam Champion will make his WWE ThunderDome debut on the SmackDown season premiere Friday night. What will Bryan have to say in his return to the bright lights on FOX?



Jeff Hardy looks to slow down Lars Sullivan’s destruction in SmackDown showdown

Lars Sullivan has bulldozed his way back into the WWE Universe, but Jeff Hardy is ready to step into his path. The Charismatic Enigma will take on the larger-than-life Superstar in his final SmackDown appearance before heading to Raw.

The Freak brought mayhem in his return last Friday night, as he attacked Matt Riddle, Hardy and The Miz. Then Sullivan came calling for John Morrison on the red brand, as he broke up “Miz TV” and demolished The Guru of Greatness. Hardy will head to Raw, and Sullivan will land on SmackDown after the WWE Draft, but Hardy will have one last opportunity for payback before the move.

Can the high-flying Hardy slow Sullivan’s path of destruction? Or will The Freak create more havoc in his return to in-ring action?



The Street Profits look to defend SmackDown Tag Team Title against Ziggler & Roode

The Street Profits are bringing ALL THE SMOKE to Friday nights and wasting no time in defending their title.

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins will take on Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match on the FOX season premiere. The challengers fell short in their bid to take the Raw Tag Team Titles from The New Day in their red-brand finale. The Street Profits put together an impressive run as the Raw Tag Team Champions and swapped titles with The New Day before heading to SmackDown.

Will Ford & Dawkins be raising red solo cups to toast their blue-brand debut? Or will Ziggler & Roode spoil the party with a victory?



The New Day bid farewell with match against Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro & Sheamus

The separation of The New Day sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe as questions swirled around the beloved group’s future. Before Raw Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods head to the red brand, they’ll team with Big E one more time on SmackDown to battle Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro & Sheamus.

Night One of the WWE Draft couldn’t have started better for The New Day, as Big E prevailed in a grueling Falls Count Anywhere Match over The Celtic Warrior, and Kingston & Woods reunited to defeat Nakamura & Cesaro. The night came crashing down when the trio were sent headed in different directions following the selections by USA and FOX. The group has been adamant in assuring they’ll remain as strong as ever apart, but Friday will provide the first real test to their future partnership.

Can The New Day put together a fond farewell on the blue brand? Or will Nakamura, Cesaro & Sheamus spoil their going away party?



 Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman set for gigantic Universal Title clash on SmackDown season premiere

The Universal Title will be on the line for the SmackDown season premiere when Roman Reigns gets a colossal challenge from Braun Strowman.

After being chosen by Raw, The Monster will make one final stop on the blue brand and hope to take the Universal Championship with him. The Tribal Chief has asserted his dominance over the blue brand since his return and will look to earn even more respect by defeating an old rival. Strowman will have payback on the mind after Reigns pinned the monstrous Superstar at WWE Payback in a No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match to win the title.

Can Reigns slay the giant? Or will Strowman leave SmackDown with the ultimate parting gift?

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Слабички са последните шоута. Да се надяваме, че е заради драфта и това, че в момента формират новите вражди след разместванията и постепенно да избухнат. Но си има плява шоуто. Като през 2011 е в момента, и от МЕ надолу е пълно с малоумни cartoonish простотии и джобери за които няма как да те ебе. И в този епизод единствените яки неща бяха около Роман/ Хейман срещу Джей, Сашка вс. Бейли и донякъде Рей, синчето, Ролинс и Мърфи. Всичко останало е под всякаква критика.

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Синчето ще търне на Фамилията и ще се джойне с Ролинс. ;) От Топордяка сте го чули. 

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slammy.gif slammy.gifslammy.gif

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Сезонната премиера? Тия се ебават. :D Каква сезонна премиера, като това шоу върви постоянно? И поне да бяха барнали малко шоуто. Нови декори, нова музика, нови коментатори. Абсолютен хуй.


Въобще да откриват шоуто със Stephanie и HHH е толкова изтъркано. И кечистите изглеждат като пълни путки по рампата. Изненадвам се, че продължават да бутат Lars, след серията издънки, но явно не ги ебе особено. Щом са решили, че ще push-ват някого, просто го push-ват.

Никога не съм бил чак такъв фен на The New Day, но мисля, че им се получи и докараха някаква емоция. Искам да видя Big E в ново амплоа, особено ако ще го пробутват за ME-ър.


Daniel Bryan е добре дошъл, защото все пак е човек, който е закрил WM и вкара някакъв star power. Вражда между него и Rollins не е лошо решение. Пък и е време Rollins малко да го разграничат от фамилия Mysterio. Явно Buddy Murphy ще бъде водещото лице в тази сага занапред.


Bayley срещу Sasha се получава засега, но нещо този face turn на Sasha не мисля, че се получи както го искаха. Много е трудно да си набавят симпатията на хората, след като Sasha допреди няколко месеца беше стабилна кучка и с Bayley чукаха наред. Като по чудо нямаше женски мач на шоуто. Продължават да пускат клипове за Bianca. Според мен тя може да се превърне във фактор, защото е всичко, което искат от жена-кечист. Яко нацепена, спортен background и има интересна визия. 


ME беше приличен мач. Roman вкара нов submission и се получи ефектно. Кефи ме, че вкарва нови неща и на ринга, тъй че smark-овете няма какво да мрънкат вече за ПЕТТЕ ДВИЖЕНИЯ. :D Ясно е, че Braun тук беше жертвен агнец и надали скоро ще го видим в ME роля. След мача беше якото. Jey Uso и Roman нямат две еднакви интеракции, винаги надграждат, винаги вкарват нови елементи. Тази вражда е злато. Единственото нещо, което изпъква в момента.

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      Will Banks end Bayley’s historic title reign and get her desired payback? Or will Bayley reach a new level of brutality in taking down The Boss?
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      Universal Champion Roman Reigns to be officially crowned as Tribal Chief


      Sami Zayn to face Jeff Hardy in Intercontinental Championship showdown
      Sami Zayn finally has what he wants, but Jeff Hardy is set on righting the wrongs from WWE Clash of Champions. The Great Liberator and The Charismatic Enigma will meet in an Intercontinental Championship clash on Friday Night SmackDown.
      Zayn captured the Intercontinental Title in a grueling Triple Threat Winner Take All Ladder Match with Hardy and AJ Styles. As Hardy and The Phenomenal One searched for one last gasp, Zayn searched for the handcuffs he had stashed away. The outspoken Superstar locked Hardy and Styles to ladders and scaled to grab the titles as his competitors could only watch.
      Will Zayn resort to more schemes to keep both Intercontinental Titles in his possession? Or will Hardy recapture the gold?

      Kevin Owens to bring “The KO Show” to SmackDown as Alexa Bliss joins
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      In recent weeks, Bliss has snapped into Sister Abigail attacks on Nikki Cross and Lacey Evans after the utterance of The Fiend’s name. Then, the chilling emergence of The Fiend’s image last week caused Bliss to manically attack The Sassy Southern Belle.
      Will Owens be able to help free Bliss from The Fiend’s grasp? Or will the demonic figure use the opportunity to pull Bliss further into the darkness?

      Universal Champion Roman Reigns to be officially crowned as Tribal Chief
      It was about more than just the title at WWE Clash of Champions. It was about asserting his place at the head of the table for Roman Reigns.
      After successfully defending his Universal Championship, Reigns will now be officially crowned the Tribal Chief in a ceremony presided over by Paul Heyman on SmackDown this Friday. The recognition comes on the heels of The Big Dog’s brutal victory over his cousin Jey Uso at WWE Clash of Champions.
      What will Reigns have to say about his vicious actions? And will the rest of the legendary Anoa’i family simply accept the champion’s crowning?
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      Roman Reigns set for in-ring interview ahead of WWE Clash of Champions

      Alexa Bliss to take on Lacey Evans after last week’s Sister Abigail attack
      Alexa Bliss will battle Lacey Evans on Friday Night SmackDown following Bliss’ shocking Sister Abigail attack on The Sassy Southern Belle last week.
      The Fiend continues to have some sort of hold over Bliss, as the energetic Superstar has snapped into a trance multiple times in recent weeks. After falling to Nikki Cross, Evans uttered The Fiend’s name, and Bliss once again fell into a hypnosis-like state before dishing out the Sister Abigail.
      Will Bliss be able to stay focused on the match? Or will a stronger force pull her in another direction?

      Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn to go head-to-head before WWE Clash of Champions
      Before they share the ring with AJ Styles at WWE Clash of Champions, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn will face off in a non-title match on Friday Night SmackDown.
      Controversy continued to find Zayn last week on the blue brand, as The Great Liberator’s pin was called off due to him grasping Styles’ tights during the maneuver. The Phenomenal One capitalized on the distracted Zayn and secured a roll-up win of his own. The chaotic situation surrounding the Intercontinental Title continued, as The Charismatic Enigma then entered to attack both competitors and lay down a challenge for the pay-per-view event.
      Who will leave the blue brand with the upper hand before the Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Winner Take All Ladder Match on Sunday?

      Roman Reigns set for in-ring interview ahead of WWE Clash of Champions
      Two nights before The Bloodline goes to battle, Roman Reigns will share his side of the story on his relationship with Jey Uso before their Universal Title Match.
      The cousins have teamed up for a pair of wins over Sheamus & King Corbin in recent weeks on the blue brand, but the possible rifts in the relationship have bubbled up. After last week’s Samoan Street Fight win, an icy staredown from The Big Dog followed what originally appeared to be a heartfelt celebration between Reigns and Uso.
      With WWE Clash of Champions on the horizon, what will Reigns have to say before stepping into the ring with family?
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      Roman Reigns & Jey Uso to face Sheamus & King Corbin in Samoan Street Fight

      Sasha Banks to respond to Bayley for first time since devastating attack

      Alexa Bliss welcomes Nikki Cross as special guest on “A Moment of Bliss”

      AJ Styles to battle Sami Zayn as Intercontinental Title argument heats up
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