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Послучай, новата TEW 2020, която излезе на 15.05. Някой да разполага с информация или линк, от къде може да бъде изтеглена? 

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Привет народе!

Версия 1.09 е кракната и работи без проблем (симнах 6 месеца преди да крашне 1 път с дефолтната база данни) след reload съм вече в септември.

- Теглите фул версията от сайта на играта

- Теглите пач 1.09

- Подменяте файла в папката на играта с този който добавям.


Приятна игра :))



Алтернативно ето един линк към крака:




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Само на мен ли ми изписва на първия линк, че файла е изтрит. А на втория след като изтегля Rar файла, ми дава грешка като се опитам да го отворя?




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При мен и двата работят, но ето ти го разархивиран щом имаш проблем с архива.



Edit: На този линк пък са модовете за реални федерации и снимки.


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The Pain

Тия игри са толкова детайлни, че това да си Винс Макмеън и да управляваш WWE е по-лесно, отколкото това да развиваш компания в играта...Това винаги ме е спирало да я разцъкам стабилно, TEW 2005 е най-добре в това отношение, там съм бууквал околко година :D 

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Не съм съгласен след 2016-2020, имаш въображението да си правиш собствени сегменти, които да бъдат много импактни, например ако буукваш ECW, може да правиш всеки сегмент с injury risk- High. Може да си измисляш собствени мачове подобно на Stadium Stampede match-а от AEW. Наистина е по-детайлна, но това е по-добре, защото можеш да развихриш твоето въображение. 


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Нещо пак са омазали нещата и сега излезе версия 1.10 (extra), оправяща 3 нови проблема от 1.10.

Ето ви и линк към пълното щастие: https://yadi.sk/d/iXdKMHETGdD5Bw

- играта

- пач 1.10 екстра

- фикса за 1.10 екстра


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Пач 1.11 излезе. Прикачвам фикса.


1.11 (June 07 2020)
- Did some work on better having tag teams together in stables
- Made the gap between pregnancy announcement and maternity leave shorter by request
- Allowed graduations to be disabled for facilities other than performance centres
- Added blocks to stop people causing game-breaking financial values by maxing out money through the editor and then buying out multiple other companies
- Did some tinkering with AI tour booking to incorporate some user suggestions
- Altered it so that if the AI was hiring someone specifically for a non-wrestler role they won't use them as a wrestler if they can also play that role, as otherwise they can bypass hiring rules and end up with odd behaviour
- AI predatory / counter signings could bypass hiring rules
- Made it so that the autobooker won't assign the Storytelling aim to the main event match, by request
- Altered the filtering of deceased workers to be clearer
- Improved the e-mail notification system to better inform parent companies of things happening to workers they'd sent elsewhere
- The Set Venue To event mass edit wasn't functioning properly
- Fixed a glitch where generated workers who weren't colour commentators were getting a starting skill in it
- Reworked the AI title creation code to try and stop an issue which was affecting some users where unnecessary titles were being created
- Added an extra step to the data check to flag up any broadcasters who have unachievable requirements
- Added a limit to how much popularity a company could gain per month, based on size, to limit the exploiting of constant schedules
- Altered the rules so that when a company uses a constant / heavy frequency schedule of events then the fans recognise that and attendances for those events use the figures for weekly events, not annual
- Added attendance penalties for over-saturation of shows in a single region for companies of Medium size or above to stop the tactic of sitting in one place and running many shows in a row
- Fixed an issue with mass editing handshake contracts not working correctly
- Tweaked the AI booking to make it less likely for a very low popularity worker to rarely get used


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Да няма още някакъв ъпдейпт и лиценза да не работи, защото при мен дава някаква грешка "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)"?

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On 6/11/2020 at 11:20 PM, JBLenin said:

Да няма още някакъв ъпдейпт и лиценза да не работи, защото при мен дава някаква грешка "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)"?


Не съм видял да има проблем, но ако искаш на линка по-долу са качени играта+пач 1.11+крака.

https://yadi.sk/d/j3skmM8F7a4HGA (парола cs.rin.ru)



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20 hours ago, PlayItLoud said:


Не съм видял да има проблем, но ако искаш на линка по-долу са качени играта+пач 1.11+крака.

https://yadi.sk/d/j3skmM8F7a4HGA (парола cs.rin.ru)



Абсолютно същата грешка като на Ленин излиза и при мен, въпреки че свалих точно тези файлове . Някаква идея?

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Нов пач и фикс за него.

Колкото до грешката, нямам идея, не ми се е случвало :[

1.12 (June 14 2020)
- Fixed RTE13 that could occur in some cases when an owner stepped in to personally re-sign a worker
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur in rare circumstances when processing angles during AI shows or when auto-booking them for the player
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur if importing contracts from a database created via a save game into a database that had been created normally
- Fixed RTE3256 that could sometimes occur when the player was about to move into PM mode
- Added 17 new products
- The user could still be penalised for not delivering prebooked content even if they'd turned mandatory prebooking off
- Adjusted the calendar and diary sections to take into account taped shows
- Fixed an issue with area battle penalties being avoided
- Fixed an issue with being incorrectly blocked from negotiating with developmental workers under ongoing deals
- Fixed an issue where title lineages could show out of order in certain situations when viewing via a company
- When viewing a contract's details, sometimes the original length could show as "-28 days" when it should be Ongoing
- Made the harshest possible worker popularity cap a little less severe by request
- Added new code that capped how high a company's popularity can reach in a region by the number of viewers there to stop companies getting to high levels whilst on small broadcasters
- Made it so that the AI will not make someone a figurehead while they're temporarily not available
- Modified the unmasking code to better take into account that being on TV isn't necessarily as powerful as it used to be


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@PlayItLoud, ти си моят кандидат за Нов потребител на годината 2020. :wub:

Колко детайлна е тази версия спрямо, да речем, TEW 2016? Играл съм малко и всичко ми вървеше прекалено бавно заради нуждата от това да цъкам по 100 неща за едно шоу. EWR ми е далеч по-приятна, точно заради липсата на детайли.

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7 hours ago, itzo1994 said:

@PlayItLoud, ти си моят кандидат за Нов потребител на годината 2020. :wub:

Колко детайлна е тази версия спрямо, да речем, TEW 2016? Играл съм малко и всичко ми вървеше прекалено бавно заради нуждата от това да цъкам по 100 неща за едно шоу. EWR ми е далеч по-приятна, точно заради липсата на детайли.


Хаха, благодаря ти, но само споделям каквото съм намерил с шепата хора, които биха го играли. 😁

Иначе като fellow ЕWR ветеран мога да ти кажа, че тази е като 2016 и дори повече. Като му хванеш цаката веднъж по-бързо минават шоутата, но пак си е голяма занимавка.

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Нов пач, нов фикс.


1.13 (June 17 2020)
- Fixed 3021 when bringing someone back from a performance centre via the training facilities main screen
- Fixed an issue where road agents and personalities could sometimes end up not being offered contract extensions by the AI when they should have been
- When using block tapings the last seen value was not being updaed when each taped show was later broadcast
- Updated "to hire" search to not include employees under developmental deals or loaned out
- The text search wasn't working properly on the shortlist / blacklist screen
- The three products that required eye candy matches would not tur it on if the entire company was dedicated to women
- Fixed a minor issue with attendances getting incorrectly penalised that could occur if an AI had an A and B show on the same night in a specific order
- The autobooker was not able to book tag team variations when asked to book individual matches only using women's division talent
- Added a news story when an AI company is forced to cancel a show due to lack of wrestlers to help people keep track
- Workers wouldn't ask for pay rises below $250 which would mean workers in some low level companies would never demand raises
- Added extra error checking to try and prevent the RTE3265 that could occur very infrequently when accessing PM mode to run a show
- Fixed an issue where searching by skill could not take into account decimal places
- Fixed an issue with area-specific alter egos not correctly applying
- Fixed an issue where sometimes a graduate could end up being signed to a monthly deal but with a per show amount
- Added a Natural Growth Limits option for people who want a more fantasy-based experience with regard to company popularity growth


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1.14 (June 21 2020)
- Fixed an RTE3020 / RTE3021 that could occur during the loading phase
- Reworked the natural growth system in response to feedback
- Altered it by request so that a worker won't mail you about needing time to heal if you only booked him or her in angles on that show
- Made it so that borrowing an alliance tag team title will automatically add that team to your company's tag team list if applicable, to save time, and also that loaning a tag team will automatically reactivate them as a tag team if they had been with the company before, again to save time
- Addressed a issue where very minor pay rise requests could be withdrawn by the worker before the user had a chance to deal with them
- Fixed a glitch where the "booked to wrestle" line of text when booking tag teams could show incorrect information
- Adjusted the contract rating system in how it deals with exclusivity vs non-exclusivity
- Altered the AI region selection code to better handle situations where the user has both given a specific area and a specific venue but not an exact region
- When fixing an area and venue for a card, selecting India would not give the correct set of venue options
- Added blocks to prevent errors that could occur if the user recalled another avatar from a child company of which they were acting as booker


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За 1.15 нямаше крак, но за 1.16 излезе току що :)


1.16 (July 05 2020)
- Fixed RTE91 that would happen when trying to purchase a classic title belt of a company that closed during gameplay
- Fixed RTE6 that could happen if the user booked enormous cards where the combined angle scores would be several hundreds in size
- Adjusted it so that talking a worker into a new role does not update their contract if the terms do not allow for that role to be valid
- Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the game was creating a brand new company during processing
- Made it so that workers who become announcers, colour, or road agents during gameplay can gain appropriate attributes
- Non-performance centres would automatically turn on graduations during initialisation which could overwrite settings the database maker had given in the editor
- Adjusted the potential gains and losses from big wins to be less extreme, by request
- When a broadcaster change was applied the minimum popularity would only be ten percent of what is should be
- Upgraded the auto booker to take into account potential repetitive booking penalties
- Adjusted announcer penalties so that skills over 80 protect the individual members as well as the commentary team as a whole from penalties
- Mildly increased skill learning levels from matches to make some stat gains quicker
- Fixed an issue whereby workers not contracted to wrestle on TV could get used when auto-booking an individual matches
- Fixed an issue with the auto booker struggling to do 4vs4 and 5vs5 matches when asked to book just one match
- Added extra code to try and address a rare issue where a company could get a new owner and take a hostile approach to their own child companies
- Reduced the chances of amazing-powered rookies being generated, by request
- Fixed an issue where an AI one night tag team tournament could see the same pairing create more than one new tag team name for themselves

1.15 (June 28 2020)
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur if using the autobooker in a company that had a women's division with a trios title attached to it
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur when AI booking / auto booking an annually scheduled 4-way tag team match
- Fixed RTE3021 that could occur during loading when there was a specific set up of a touring company being owned by a media group
- Added a couple of exceptions to the way that the alter ego system works, by request, as explained in the handbook under Workers > Alter Egos
- Upgraded the Natural Trainer attribute's effects to better ensure the worker opens their own school
- Added new attributes: Golden Mane, Control Freak, Faithful, Desireless, Life Long Underdog, Talent Spotter, That Doesn't Work for Me, Brother, Voice Of... (x5), Agent Of... (x7)
- Did some work on improving the degradation of physical conditions over time, by request
- Fixed a show grade calculation error that could occur in AI shows where angles were rated on Highlights
- Upgraded the Silver Tongue user talent to also affect the chances of being able to talk a worker out of retirement
- Altered the user booking screens to automatically remove announcers, refs and agents from possible selection if they are not available to be booked
- Made being able to turn / gimmick change a worker who has been called up without receiving a 'too soon' penalty a little easier by request
- Fixed an issue where an excursion would return to the wrong region if an area rather than a region had been specified


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On 7/20/2020 at 9:08 AM, tomkane said:

update for patch 1.17? 


Isn't cracked yet 🙃

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