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WAW Fightmare 3 - 2 юни 2019


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WAW федерацията на сем. Knight (семейството на WWE звездата Paige) със съдействието на Norwich City F.C. организират голямо кеч шоу на стадиона на канарчетата. Освен редица познати кеч имена в шоуто ще участва и бившия футболист Grant Holt, който миналата година направи кеч дебюта си като спечели battle royal в WAW. Шоуто се очертава като най-голямото шоу в 25-годишната история на федерацията. От WAW твърдят, че досега са били продадени около 3 хиляди билета.



WAW (World Association of Wrestling)

"Fightmare 3"
June 2, 2019

Norwich, England

Carrow Road


On the show:

Grant Holt
Mick Foley (guest commissioner)
Billy Gunn
Bob Holly
Rene Dupree
Nick Aldis
Brody Steele
Cody Hall
Sinn Bodhi
Luke Hawx
Jody Fleisch
Mercedes Martinez
Ricky Knight
Saraya Knight
Roy Knight
Zak Knight
Ricky Knight Jr.
Tony Knight
Brad Slayer
and more
Announced matches:

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match
"The National Treasure" Nick Aldis (c) vs. Brad Slayer
Bellatrix World Title Match
"Sweet" Saraya Knight (c) vs. "The Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez
and more to be announced


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Card-ът за днешното шоу:


Мачът с Ricky Knight отпадна, но другото е така. WAW твърдят, че досега са продали близо 4 хиляди билета, т.е. това сигурно ще бъде едно от най-големите европейски инди шоута за годината, ако не и най-голямото.

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^ Резултати:



International Commissioner Mick Foley welcomed the 4000+ fans in attendance to Fightmare but was interrupted by Tony Knight and Tommy Lee. Lee criticised Foley for being a has-been but was himself interrupted by Zak Knight making a grand entrance, carried towards the ring on a throne.

1. Tony Knight (c) with Tommy Lee defeated Zak Knight by two falls to one the WAW British Heavyweight Championship in a British Rules match.
– Zak submitted to Tony in the third round.
– Tony submitted to Zak in the fourth round.
– Referee Peter Edgar declared Zak unable to continue in the fifth round.

– Zak Knight thanked the fans for coming to cheer him on before apologising that he wasn’t able to return himself to full fitness and complete the match.

2. Brad O’Brien defeated Alexander Young, Villman, Peter Nixon and Jaiden Docwra by pinfall when he pinned Nixon to win the vacant WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship.

3. The UK Pitbulls [Bulk & Big Dave] defeated Senior Citizens [Steve Quintain & Nemesis] (c), The Queen’s World Order [Priscilla & Mitchell Starr] and The Foji [Onkar & Rishpal Singh] by pinfall when Bulk pinned Onkar to win the WAW World Tag Team Championship.

4. Luke Hawx defeated Bob Holly and Cody Hall by pinfall when he pinned Holly.

5. Brody Steele (c) defeated Sinn Bodhi by pinfall to retain the WAW Open International Championship.

6. Ricky Knight Jr defeated Roy Knight (c) by submission to win the WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. Tommy Lee brought Roy a chair to take out referee Rob Butler and replace him with Peter Edgar. Once Butler recovered he threw Edgar out of the ring and struck Roy with the chair in revenge.

– Tommy Lee and Peter Edgar attacked Ricky Knight Jr but were stopped by Roy Knight, who declared that RKJ is the “new sherriff in town”. Roy and RKJ invited Knight family patriarch Ricky Knight into the ring, announcing a new era in WAW with his grandson paving the way as the next big star in the family.


7. Dale Broughton with Tommy Lee defeated Demolition Daves (c) by knockout in a Shoot Fight with Mick Foley as the special guest referee to win the WAW European Heavyweight Championship.

– Mick Foley used the Mandible Claw on Tommy Lee as punishment for his interference.

8. PJ Knight defeated Dean Allmark by pinfall.

9. Mercedes Martinez defeated Saraya Knight (c) by submission to win the Bellatrix World Championship.

10. Nick Aldis (c) defeated Brad Slayer by submission to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

11. Grant Holt, Billy Gunn & Rene Dupree defeated KOSS Industries [Kosta K & Malik] & Charlie Winston by pinfall when Gunn pinned Winston.
– Grant Holt thanked the crowd for supporting him on his journey to becoming a wrestler. The Midas Stable ran out and surrounded the ring but an unfazed Holt challenged them to try something. Tony Knight, Alexander Young, SAS and Big J Johnson slowly advanced on Holt but quickly backed off when Holt was joined by the UK Hooligans. Roy, Zak, and Grant cleared Midas out of the ring before grabbing a table and placing Young on it for Holt to hit the splash. Zak grabbed a microphone and invited Holt to team up with Roy and himself at Fightmare 4 next year.

12. Destiny won a 20 Wrestler Battle Royal by last eliminating Big Joe to win the Dynamite Kid Memorial Trophy. The match also featured Karl Kramer, Little Legs, Paddy Taggart, Marvel Marcus, Opie Jackson, SAS, Ox Mason, Drew Marshall, Keegan, Hot Stuff, Jason Digby, Eddie Taylor, Ruffneck, Leia Elise, Paul Tyrrell, Sam Santari, CW Davies and James Chilvers. Anthony Ogogo prevented Big Joe from hitting Destiny with a steel chair.
– British wrestling legend Johnny Kincaid presented Destiny with the Dynamite Kid Memorial Trophy.


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