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Ring Warriors


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Още една кеч федерация с национална тв сделка в САЩ. :) И така федерациите в САЩ с подобни сделки, били те с по-малки или по-големи телевизии, стават десет (WWE, IMPACT, ROH, NJPW, LU, MLW, CMLL, CWFH, WOW, Ring Warriors).


Ring Warriors (компания, която съществува под една или друга форма от началото на 90-те насам, но конкретно като кеч федерация съществуват от 2011 насам) обявиха, че са подписали сделка с WGN America. От всички телевизии в САЩ, които излъчват non-WWE кеч шоута WGN America може да бъде гледана в най-много домове, което прави Ring Warriors федерация номер 2 в САЩ по телевизионно покритие. Обаче, шоуто ще се излъчва в 08:00 ч. в събота... Ще бъде един час. Дебютира на 15-ти септември.


Първите тв записи ще бъдат на 8-ми и 9-ти август в Sam's Town в Las Vegas. Ще има турнир за коронясването на нов Ring Warriors Grand champion. В турнира: Austin Aries, Eli Drake, Jeff Cobb, Alexander Hammerstone, Wes Brisco, Alex Chamberlain, Luke Hawx & Marty the Moth. В roster-a на федерация също са и: Michael Tarver, Willie Mack, Shigehiro Irie, Kahagas, Chaz Warrington, Chance Prophet, Funny Bone, Chris Bey, The Hotshots (Chase Stevens & Cassidy Riley), The Slambinos (Francisco Ciatso & AJ Janazzo w/ Glenn Gilbertti), The One Percent (Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs), Cheerleader Melissa, Santana Garrett, Desi Derata, Nicole Savoy, Allison Danger и др.





Ring Warriors announces major U.S. cable outlet; names broadcast team


Las Vegas, NV – Founded by the late Hiro Matsuda, a legendary wrestler and the trainer of such international superstars as Hulk Hogan and the Great Muta, Ring Warriors today announced it has secured a U.S. cable broadcast outlet.


Starting on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 8 a.m. ET/PT, Ring Warriors will debut on WGN America, a nationally distributed television network that reaches more than 80 million households via cable, satellite and telcos.

The series, a joint venture between Florida based Ring Warriors and Nevada based Goin’ Mobile Video Productions (GMVP), was acquired for worldwide distribution, marketing and licensing by California based Global Genesis Group (GGG).


“We are thrilled to be on such a high-profile network,” said GMVP’s Howard Lipkint, the show’s Executive Producer. “Working with Global Genesis Group to take Ring Warriors to the next level, we look forward to bringing our passion for wrestling to fans around the world.”


“Ring Warriors combines the most electric elements of high-impact sports with explosive characters and storylines that make each match feel larger than life,” added GGG President Rick Romano. “We are so excited to bring a series with such legendary roots to wrestling fans all over the world.”


Play-by-play and color analysis


Calling the action for Ring Warriors will be the team of Blake Chadwick and Larry Brannon. Chadwick, a veteran play-by-play announcer for Ring Warriors during its during previous productions (2012-2015), is joined by Brannon, a former NWA world tag team champion who performed under the name Vito DeNucci. Brannon is also the Chief Executive Officer of Ring Warriors, LLC.


“This is a big move for us,” said Brannon. “We know we have a challenge before us and we are ready, willing and able to meet that challenge. We’ve assembled an amazing array of talent to kick things off. Our goal today is the same as it has always been – to deliver an episodic wrestling product for the fans.”


Also joining the broadcast team is veteran wrestling announcer Ken Resnick, who brings more than 30 years of experience to Ring Warriors. “Killer Ken” as he is affectionately known, will be handling backstage and in-ring interview duties.


“I think Hiro would be very proud of what we are doing today with Ring Warriors,” said Howard Brody, Matsuda’s former partner and current Ring Warriors, LLC Chief Operations Officer. “Hiro had a vision that one day Ring Warriors would be on TV in the U.S. but he passed away before that was realized. After almost 20 years that vision is now a reality.”


To learn more about Ring Warriors and to get all the latest updates, visit them on Facebook at http://www.fb.com/ringwarriors/


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И победителят в турнира за коронясване на нов Ring Warriors Grand шампион е:

Jeff Cobb с победа над Eli Drake на финала. Кечист с ROH договор срещу кечист с IMPACT договор в националното тв шоу на трета федерация.


Отделно, Austin Aries е защитавал IMPACT титлата в шоуто. Интересно е да се отбележи, че освен като главна звезда в шоуто, Aries работи и зад кулисите в компанията като агент и също в creative екипа.

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Шоуто дебютира тази събота. Preview:



Следващите им тв записи ще бъдат на 10 и 11-ти октомври в Las Vegas.

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Следващите им тв записи са утре и другиден. Добавиха няколко нови имена към roster-а.




"The Belt Collector" Austin Aries
Jeff Cobb
"The Undeniable Kavorka" Eli Drake
Wes Brisco
"The Business" Alexander Hammerstone

"Killer" Kevin Kross

"The American Psycho" Lance Archer
Alex Chamberlain
Martin Casaus
"The Southern Stomper" Luke Hawx

The One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson)
The Slambinos (Francisco Ciatso & AJ Jannazzo with Glenn Gilbertti)
Reverend Nelson's Prophecy ("The Dark Child" Chance Prophet & "The Demigod of Death" Funny Bone)
"The Ultimate Finesser" Chris Bey
"The New Age Daredevil" Damian Drake
Danger Incorporated's Allison Danger and Desi Derata
"The VIP" Cassidy Riley

Jaden Spade

Matt Lancie

Heather Monroe

Douglas James

Shogun Jones

Owen Travers

Tito Escondido

Che Cabrera

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Като клипове от шоуто почти нищо не изтича в интернет, но шоуто си го дават по WGN America вече няколко седмици. Ето, например, preview-то на последния епизод:


Новият Ring Warriors Grand шампион Jeff Cobb:



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Ring Warriors вече ще се излъчва и по Amazon Prime:



Ring Warriors to be available on Amazon Prime

Winter Season finale available December 22nd


Ring Warriors Productions announced today that the Ring Warriors professional wrestling series will be available on Amazon Prime starting on Saturday, December 22nd.


Amazon Prime, which has 95 million U.S. based subscribers according to Statista.com, produces such original hit programs as “Bosch,” “The Man in the High Castle” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” among many others. All Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to watch Ring Warriors for free.


“Having ‘Ring Warriors’ available on Amazon Prime is a great opportunity for our fans and organization,” said Executive Producer Howard Lipkint. “Along with our current broadcast partner WGN America, this will certainly broaden our fan base and provide wrestling fans with an alternative means of viewing our exciting, industry leading program.”


Lipkint said the success Ring Warriors has achieved in its initial season on WGN America has been overwhelming. “Wrestling fans have been looking for an alternative to the current direction within the wrestling industry and now they have found it,” he said. “In the coming weeks and leading into the new year, we will be announcing new alliances, venues, talent and many more exciting elements that will be targeted to the professional wrestling fan base and beyond.”


As Ring Warriors heads into a brief end-of-the-year hiatus, a special holiday bonus is being made available exclusively for Amazon Prime members – the Ring Warriors winter season finale will be available on Amazon Prime starting on Saturday, December 22nd. In the weeks that follow, previously aired episodes will also be made available.


About the Winter Season Finale


After weeks of mounting tension, the season finale culminates with a Fatal Four-way Match in which the current Grand Champion Jeff Cobb defends his title against “The Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx, “The Undeniable Kavorka” Eli Drake and the man who has been handpicked by Austin Aries to be the heir apparent, Killer Kross.


Additional matches include: “The Wildcard” J Spade versus Wes Brisco; one half of Allison Danger’s Danger Incorporated tag team, Desi Derata, against Heather Monroe in a ladies rematch; and the 6-foot 4-inch 240-pound “Outlaw” Matt Lancie facing the 6-foot 8-inch 265-pound “American Psycho” Lance Archer. “The Business” Alexander Hammerstone joins play-by-play announcer Blake Chadwick to call the action.


Global Genesis Group is Executive Producing the series and is the worldwide distributor for Ring Warriors. They are also the aggregators that are placing Ring Warriors on Amazon Prime.


At Ring Warriors, the Legacy Continues.


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В последния епизод ("the winter season finale") Killer Kross стана шампиона на Ring Warriors:




Епизодът може да се гледа в Amazon Prime. Шоуто вече не се излъчва по WGN America. От федерацията твърдят, че това е "hiatus" между сезоните на шоуто, но предстои да видим дали това наистина ще е така или като цяло приключиха с WGN. Засега няма обявени записи на нови епизоди.

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