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Dragon Gate Dead or Alive - 6 май 2018


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Dragon Gate "DEAD OR ALIVE 2018"

May 6th, 2018
Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
4,500 Fans -
Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Gamma, Shun Skywalker, Mondai Ryu & Kaito Ishida beat BxB Hulk, U-T, Hyou Watanabe & Yuki Yoshioka.
2. Don Fujii & K-ness beat "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa & Syachihoko BOY.
3. Takashi Yoshida beat Kagetora.
4. Open The Brave Gate Title: Dragon Kid (c) beat Yosuke ♡ Santa Maria (1st defense).
5. Open The Twin Gate Unified Tag Team Title: Big R Shimizu & Ben-K beat T-Hawk & Eita (c) - Title change!
6. Open The Triangle Gate Title: Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka & Genki Horiguchi beat Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & Jason Lee (c) - Title change!
7. Cabellera contra Cabellera Cage Survival 7 Way Match: Yasushi Kanda vs. Shingo Takagi vs. El Lindaman vs. Punch Tominaga vs. Ryo Saito vs. YAMATO vs. Masaaki Mochizuki. Order of escape: El Lindaman, Punch Tominaga, Masaaki Mochizuki, Yasushi Kanda, YAMATO.
* Final Settlement: Shingo Takagi beat Ryo Saito.
* Ryo Saito lost his hair.


After the show it was announced Dragon Gate will effectively be splitting into two business entities. Domestic operations will continue under a new company: Dragon Gate Entertainment, Inc. Dragon Gate Senior Management member Toru Kido has been promoted to lead Dragon Gate Entertainment operations.

Nobuhiko Oshima (CIMA) will assume the role of president for Dragon Gate Inc. This branch will focus on Shanghai, China. T-Hawk, El Lindaman, & Takehiro Yamamura will be Dragon Gate Inc. roster members and will also be based out of Shanghai with the OWE promotion as a priority which will decrease their appearances in Japan.



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