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Нова lucha федерация/тв шоу в САЩ, която ще се опитва да пробива на пазара. Собственост на Aroluxe - маркетинг компания, които миналата година заедно с Anthem & Billy Corgan бяха сред кандидатите да поемат контрола над TNA. The Harris Brothers са двама от шефовете в Aroluxe. От известно време насам се готвят да записват пилотен епизод и явно се надяват, че впоследствие ще успеят да подпишат тв сделка.


Днес AroLucha обявиха, че Konnan ще им бъде главния сценарист.

ARO LUCHA Announces Carlos “Konnan” Ashenoff as Head Writer



Arolucha, Inc. announced today that Carlos “Konnan” Ashenoff will lead the writing team for its upcoming Lucha Libre project. Effective November 1st, 2017, Konnan will lead the writing team to produce character-driven, authentic, and original storylines for the Aro Lucha world of Lucha Libre.


Konnan is regarded as one of the brightest and most creative minds in the wrestling and sports entertainment industry. Spanning over 3 decades, Konnan’s career has ranged from professional wrestler and on-screen talent, to color commentator, booker and creative consultant. He has worked for nearly all major professional wrestling organizations including AAA, CMLL, WCW, Impact, and WWE.


“When you’re creating an authentic Lucha Libre product in the United States, I’m not sure if there is any other person you want at the core of your company than Carlos, (Konnan)” said Jason Brown, CEO or AroLucha, Inc, “He brings an authenticity and a knowledgebase to the project that is unmatched.”


Konnan is best known to his legion of fans as one of the biggest box office draws in the history of Mexico. Breaking attendance records as the main event in virtually every major city, including Mexico City and Los Angeles. Although his success as a professional wrestler launched Konnan’s career, his lasting impact on the industry continues through his own Mexico-based promotion, The Crash Lucha Libre, where he is co-owner, lead writer, and executive producer. Konnan has a keen eye for talent, bringing to light the likes of Rey Mysterio and Psychosis, and more recently Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix. He continues to influence and foster young talent through his perpetual support of Hispanic performers within the professional wrestling industry.


“Carlos loves this industry. He has given his life to professional wrestling and there is no one else that we could see as a better partner within the US,” said Ron Harris of Aro Lucha.


For more information visit arolucha.com.


Press Contacts:

For AroLucha, Inc
Luis Quintanta


About AroLucha, Inc.

Aro Lucha is a high energy, family-friendly Lucha Libre promotion based in the United States. Its principals have produced over 200 hours of network television, specifically in the professional wrestling arena. They are focused on bringing authentic Stars, Characters, and Storylines to their fans through live events, social media, and digital content. Aro Lucha is a company that fans can be proud to support.


Наскоро имаха кастинг. Обявата изглеждаше така:



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Дебютното шоу ще бъде на 10-ти декември в the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena (a.k.a. the TNA Asylum).




Обявени участници:


Jack Evans

La Mascara

Mr. 450

Vanilla Vargas

Lacey Lane

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Card-ът за дебютното шоу:


Rey Mysterio Jr. & Pentagon Jr. vs. Rush & John Morrison
Jack Evans, Hurricane Helms & Maximo vs. Garza Jr., La Mascara & Daga
MVP vs. Sammy Guevara
Keira & Lacey Lane vs. Vanilla Vargas & Taya Valkyrie
Willie Mack vs. Mr. 450

Demus vs. Mascarita Dorada





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Vince Russo (представете си) ще е консултант на проекта:

Russo + Lucha... :lol:


"I'm an American. If I'm watching wrestling here in America, I don't give a sh!t about a Japanese guy. I don't give a sh!t about a Mexican guy. That's just the truth." -


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37 minutes ago, neshev said:

Vince Russo (представете си) ще е консултант на проекта:
Russo + Lucha... :lol:


Всичко е със задника нагоре. Навремето Конан го обвиняваше в расизъН, сега ще работят заедно...



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Всъщност последните години само говори как Lucha Underground му е любимото шоло. Което е разбираемо, LU все едно е правено като по поръчка за него. :D



Вражда на годината за 2018 година: baikiro срещу koleda321 (9-6-5-5-1)   🏆🏆🏆

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Освен предварително рекламираните имена във вчерашното дебютно шоу участваха и:


James Storm

Taya Valkyrie

Reby Hardy

Trey Miguel

Denise Salcedo



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Според реакциите е било добро шоу, без технически проблеми. Четейки резултатите, изглежда абсолютно стандартно шоу, без някакви изгъзици. Единствените "Russo" моменти са били 2v2 женски мач, където победителката се изправя срещу кечистката от другия отбор, която не е туширала, за титлата им. Както и култовия прякор "The Fresh Prince of MID Air". Изглежда добър attendance, но вероятно са раздавали билети.

Трудно ми е да повярвам, че някоя телевизия би купила проекта, но и по-налудничави неща са се случвали. Самата концепция (ние сме "Lucha Underground" за цялото семейство) издиша доста. 

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Vince Russo, Bro, с blog, в който разказва за впечатленията си от AroLucha. Колко е щастлив човек, когато отново получи чек:


I stopped enjoying my job in January 2000.


That’s when it stopped for me. The same time WCW politics took me down hard, and I took my ball and went home. It was never fun after that. As a matter of fact it got far worse. Yeah, there was a glimmer of hope when TNA first started under Jeff Jarrett, but once Dixie became involved and I was put smack in the middle of their on-going war . . . it SUCKED again. Add the arrogance of Eric Bischoff—sucked harder. Add Bruce Prichard and his political, back handed, self-serving ways—I took my ball and went home for the last time. It’s been six years since I’ve been employed full-time by a wrestling company.


Since February 2012, I’ve been on my own. I’ve done a show, here, or there, but basically, I’ve done everything in my power to stay away from the Devil’s Playground which is called Professional Wrestling. The truth is–when I have to leave my house to do something wrestling related in order to put food on my table—I get violently ill from the time I leave my house . . . until I arrive back home. Yes—I grew to hate the business I once loved.


It’s been five years since Ron and Don began talking to me about their vision of a Lucha company here in the United States. I love Ron and Don Harris. Admired them the very first time I met them back in the mid-90’s. Two giant-sized identical twins—with hearts that are even bigger. When I went to WCW, they sent me a pair of cowboy boots to make me feel at home . . . I still have those boots, and there may be holes in the soles—but, they live on forever. And, to just make you clearly understand who Ron and Don Harris are . . . they are the guys who still call you even though you can’t do nothing for them career wise. 


For 5 years, that phone rang on, and off, but I’d notice that the calls started coming closer and closer together. Finally—when the screws were put to them—also by TNA—Ronnie and Donnie made the decision to follow their dream . . . and they wanted to take me along with them. God, I am just so grateful.


What I experienced this past Sunday night, was far and away, the single, most enjoyable, most memorable night I ever had working in the wrestling business. It was wrestling the way it was MEANT TO BE. No egos, no power, no back stabbing, no positioning, NO BULLSHIT. Just a bunch of hard, blue collar workers, that Ron and Don had become friends with over the years. Guys that never got caught up in the political cesspool of professional wrestling. Guys that JUST WANTED TO DO THEIR JOBS. Man, so many names to mention, Keith Mitchell, Rocket, Greg Horn, Greg, Bob, Rafael . . . just too many to mention. Yes—here we were—all those misfits with all those labels—Konnan “who gets fired everywhere he goes” the Harris Brothers “who don’t have a clue to what they’re talking about” and Vince Russo “the guy who killed the wrestling business—and the one that NOBODY can work with”. Yup—all those absolute schlepps, together in one arena, for one night—which equated to—-THE GREATEST DAY I EVER SPENT IN THE WRESTLING BUSINESS!!!


It’s just so hard for me to put into words because–quite frankly–I didn’t think it was possible. Not for even one second, did any of the two days on the job feel like WORK. We all gathered, and we gathered as a FAMILY. There were no personal agendas—-NOT ONE. We were all there to make Ronnie and Donnie’s dream come true—-period . . . end of story. By night’s end, the entire SOLD-OUT crowd was up on their feet cheering ARO-LUCHA, ARO-LUCHA . . .before the start of the show many didn’t even know the promotions name. 


And, oh, by the way—the talent I witnessed in the ring . . . far and away better than anything I’ve seen on the USA Network in the last decade.


This is for all of you. Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever think that there isn’t a shinning, blinding, spectacular light at the end of that dark, hopeless tunnel. It’s there. You just have to believe it’s there. You just have to believe that in the very end . . . GOD controls it all!


Thank you Ron, Don, Jason and everybody who rekindled my fading hope.


I love you all.


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On 11/15/2017 at 7:28 PM, nWoHulkster said:

Нова lucha федерация/тв шоу в САЩ, която ще се опитва да пробива на пазара

What the fuck?


Иначе не е зле да има такива федерации, то и GFW след време ще си е истинска луча федерация. То в Америка единствено NXT впечатлява, ако гледаш МЕ ростера на WWE сигурно на вторият ден ш'е искаш да забравиш какво си гледал.

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Aro Lucha обявиха, че по-късно тази година в Nashville ще запишат първия сезон на кеч шоуто им + комедиен сериал на lucha тематика. Коментаторите в кеч шоуто ще бъдат Konnan & Ricardo Rodriguez.


И в този ред на мисли, Aro Lucha preview (цял мач) - Mr. 450 vs. Willie Mack от дебютното шоу :



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Nashville-based Aro Lucha signs Rey Mysterio; offers fans a chance to own company

Legendary professional wrestler Rey Mysterio has joined Nashville-based Aro Lucha as a performer and co-owner of the company and will appear on the first season of the upstart promotion’s television show.

And Aro Lucha is just getting started adding owners to the company. Beginning Saturday, Aro Lucha will embark on a unique crowdfunding campaign where fans will be able to turn their investments into a minority stake in the company.

The first season will begin taping in Nashville in the coming months, co-founder and CEO Jason Brown said.

Aro Lucha is seeking to carve out a unique niche in the professional wrestling landscape by focusing on lucha libre-style wrestling and a family-friendly approach. Co-founded by Brown, professional wrestling veterans Ron Harris and Don Harris, the company has already produced a handful of successful test run shows in Nashville and Texas.

With Mysterio, who was rumored to be considering a return to the WWE, on board, Aro Lucha is hoping to position itself as the go-to promotion in the United States for fans of the high-flying, acrobatic style of wrestling that emanates from Mexico.

"I think what we are doing with Aro Lucha being fan-owned is revolutionary," Mysterio said. "We are giving the fans something they have never had before, a voice and a chance to get in on the action."

During President Barack Obama's final years in office, the federal government relaxed investor regulations, allowing companies to sell shares of stock to non-credited investors. The practice is relatively new, just taking effect in 2016.

But the opportunity allows companies like Aro Lucha to raise up to $1 million by selling a minority stake in the company to fans. According to a report by the Securities and Exchange Commission from 2017, the median amount raised by companies utilizing the new tool was $171,000.

Brown said raising some additional capital is just a small part of the strategy. The goal is to attract wrestling fans who will have a vested interest in supporting the product. Professional wrestling breeds rabid fans who follow the ins and outs of story lines and character development.

But Aro Lucha is believed to be the first fan-owned promotion, Brown said.

"This gives fans a chance to get in on the action, but more so than that it really gives them a voice," Brown said. "Especially at a company like ours, fans are so passionate. They critique every storyline, every character. Well we're able now to actually listen to them."


Brown said the company is still working through how fans will be able to provide feedback. But Aro Lucha is getting off the ground with some added momentum because of the addition of Mysterio.

The former WWE champion is a professional wrestling icon with a massive social media following. Mysterio exemplifies the lucha libre style that Aro Lucha is embracing.

Brown said the company believes Hispanic fans in the U.S. are craving a promotion that features the style that Mysterio mastered on his way to the top of the industry.

Aro Lucha sold out its debut event at the Nashville fairgrounds, where its pilot episode was filmed. Then, the company took the promotion on the road where it held house shows in Texas.

After bringing in 600 total fans for two shows its first weekend in Texas, Aro Lucha brought in about 1,500 per night for sold-out shows the second weekend. Brown said fans were mostly Hispanic, but there was diversity in the audience.

And the show especially appealed to families, since Aro Lucha aims to produce clean content that parents approve of their children watching. That's a departure from the more mature storylines that mainstream promotions feature on their television shows.

Wrestling veteran Konnan will lead the company's creative department, overseeing which wrestlers are featured storylines for the television productions.

Brown said the company is deciding between a few different options for where to produce the television show in Nashville, with filming expected to begin in May or June. Other live events for the Nashville area are also in the works.

And though Aro Lucha hasn't found a television partner yet, Brown said the company was committed to distributing its content as widely as possible, even it meant taking on the risk and selling the television advertising itself.

"We believe we have a product that fans will want to embrace, to really invest themselves in and something the whole family can enjoy," he said.




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Интересно развитие. Не е изненадващо, но определено е интересно. Още като IMPACT обявиха, че са наели Kings Highway Media стана ясно, че планират да преговарят с други телевизии и ще се мъчат да ходят другаде. В същото време Pop TV очевидно имат интерес към излъчването на кеч (първо даваха PPW и после ги замениха с IMPACT) и беше логично някой друг да се опита да подпише с Pop. От NWA (които привидно не показват интерес към телевизионни сделки), Jerry Jarrett (който се мъчи да подкара ново "American Idol" тип кеч шоу), някаква нова кеч схема на Jeff Jarrett (GFE...LOL!) и новата евентуална федерация на милиардера, Aro Lucha беше може би основния и на хартия най-сигурния вариант на хоризонта. Да видим. Загубиха Mysterio, който им беше топ името, и това е голям минус за тях. Pentagon, Morrison, Rush, Storm и MVP е окей основа, но трябва повече. Дано да сглобят свеж roster, че в момента с толкова много седмични кеч шоута, които могат да се гледат, леко взима да писва да гледаш едни и същи пичове във всичките.

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Ха! Според PWinsider рекламите за Aro Lucha по Pop TV са били излъчени от самите IMPACT и явно Aro Lucha няма да се излъчва по Pop TV. Хвани този swerve. :D 




With Impact Wrestling being moved to Pursuit HD as of next month, one question PWInsider.com has been asked quite a bit is whether AroLucha, which had commercials airing during Impact Wrestling broadcasts on Pop, teasing the promotion would be "coming soon", would now be replacing Impact on Pop.


It would appear the answer is no, not at this time.


PWInsider.com inquired with a source at Pop TV about AroLucha's potential on the cable network due to the aforementioned commercials.  After checking, the source confirmed that none of the Aro Lucha commercials were slotted on the broadcasts by Pop itself, but were instead placed there by Impact Wrestling as Impact included the commercials in the master copy Impact Wrestling provided to the network.   While it's certainly possible AroLucha (or other promotions) could try to strike a deal with Pop down the line, since the commercials aired as part of a deal made between Aro Lucha and Impact Wrestling  they are not an indication that something is forthcoming.


As previously reported by PWInsider.com, Aroluxe  had been funding Impact tapings in exchange for a percentage of ownership in the company.  As we broke back in 2016, Aroluxe was in a position to claim ownership over Impact Wrestling had Dixie Carter not maintained regular payments reimbursing Aroluxe.  As it turned out, Anthem would come in as an investor and eventually take control of Impact when they decided to calling in the debt Carter's company Impact Ventures LLC had garnered from Anthem's loans.  That move left Aroluxe out in the cold as they were not retained as Impact's production company. 


It is believed by several sources that Anthem makes regular payments to Aroluxe, buying out their ownership percentage.  It is possible that a deal was made to air the commercials as part of that payment process, in order to help Aroluxe try and get AroLucha off the ground.


AroLucha had announced that it would tape "season one" of their TV series this year, but obviously, that did not happen.  The company has hired former Impact Wrestling Chief Strategy Officer Eric Sherman to head their distribution efforts.  Sherman and AroLucha partner Ron Harris were in Los Angeles in October, meeting with potential television network partners for the series.


Since Aro Lucha's pilot TV taping in Nashville, the company has run several live events in Texas, utilizing a number of talents, including John Hennigan, Low Ki, LAX, Shane "Hurricane" Helms, Juventud Guerrera, Sammy Guevara,  Chavo Guerrero Jr., Blue Demon Jr., James Storm, Demius,  Taya, Lady Apache, Maximo, Laredo Kid, Keyra, Xtra Talented, Steve Pain, Mascarita Dorada.  Konnan is in charge of the creative end of the company while Helms works as a producer behind the scenes as well. Mysterio had been announced as a minority owner of the promotion prior to his official return to World Wrestling Entertainment.


The Twitter account for Aro Lucha promises, "High-energy Lucha Libre for the entire Authentic family.  Authentic stars, characters & stories. Live events & digital content. Lucha for the fans by the fans."


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