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ICW Fear & Loathing X - 19 ноември 2017


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Най-голямото европейско кеч шоу за годината.





Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW)

"Fear & Loathing X"

November 19th, 2017

Glasgow, Scotland

The SSE Hydro


Title vs. Title: ICW World Heavyweight champion vs. ICW Zero-G champion
Joe Coffey (c) vs. BT Gunn (c)

Kenny Williams vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Lionheart vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Zack Gibson

ICW Tag Team Title Match
The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (c) vs. Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)

Steel Cage Match for the ICW Women's Title
Kasey vs. Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Viper

King of Insanity Deathmatch
Chris Renfrew vs. Mikey Whiplash vs. Stevie Boy vs. Jimmy Havoc

The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) vs. The Filthy Generation (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
Number 1 Contenders Ladder Match: winner gets a shot at the ICW Undisputed Title at The Square Go
Aaron Echo vs. DCT vs. Bram vs. Joe Hendry vs. Kid Fite vs. Jodie Fleisch

Guest Commissioner
Kevin Nash


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ICW: Fear & Loathing X, in front of 4,000 fans in Glasgow, Scotland.


7-Man Scramble, Winner Challenges ICW Champion At Square Go Match: Bram defeated Aaron Echo, DCT, 'The Phoenix' Jody Fleisch, Kid Fite, Joe Hendry & Ravie Davie (w/ Martina 'The Session Moth').


ICW Tag Team Championship Match: Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) defeated The Marauders (Mike Bird & The Wild Boar) to become the new champions.


'The Bollocks' Kenny Williams defeated Rey Mysterio by pinfall.


Fatal-4-Way (King Of Insanity) Match: Stevie Boy defeated Chris Renfrew, Jimmy Havoc & Mikey Whiplash.


ICW Women’s Championship (Steel Cage, Special Enforcer: Carmel Jacob) Match: Kasey Owens defeated Kay Lee Ray & Viper (Champion) by Escaping the Cage to become the new ICW Women's champion.


Triple Threat (Elimination) Match: Lionheart defeated 'The Whole Fn' Show' Rob Van Dam & Zack Gibson by Pinfall, pinning Van Dam.


The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) defeated The Kings Of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan),


ICW World Heavyweight Championship/ ICW Zero-G Championship Match: 'The Oddity' BT Gunn (ICW Zero-G Champion) defeated 'The Iron King' Joe Coffey (ICW World Heavyweight Champion) by Submission to become the undisputed new ICW World Heavyweight Champion.




The show was opened by ICW founder and owner Mark Dallas, accompanied by Chris Toal, Scott Reid and Sweeney, who introduced special commissioner Kevin Nash.


During the Ladder Match, Krieger and Lou King Sharp came out to assist Kid Fite but were stopped by Stevie James and Krobar. Leyton Buzzard then tried to help Joe Hendry, but Coach Trip ripped his trousers off and sent him backstage – in his underwear. Finally, as Bram and Ravie Davie seemed to be both close to grabbing the briefcase, Davie’s cousin Zander and his wife Session Moth Martina came out – but Martina attacked Zander and then Davie, allowing Bram to grab the contract.


Before the tag team title match, Iestyn Rees of The Marauders was banned from ringside. When he came out after the match to attack the new champions, he was stopped by Kevin Nash. 


Rey Mysterio hit his 619 on Kenny Williams, followed by a frog splash, but Williams was able to  reverse his pin attempt and defeated the legend, who congratulated him.


The King of Insanity Deathmatch was, as could be expected, a really hard-fought contest that saw the use of thumbtacks, barbed wire, tables, chairs, concrete blocks, carpet tack strips and staple guns. Mikey Whiplash’s “Queen of Legion” Jokey tried to intervene and stop Chris Renfrew, who however fought back.


The Women’s Championship Cage Match had former Champion Carmel as a special Enforcer. She was immediately assaulted by her old foe Kay Lee Ray before having to face the flurry of Kay Lee’s “admirer” Jamie Winters, with whom she brawled to the back. Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan entered the cage to assist the champion, but couldn’t stop Kasey from climbing the cage and winning the title for the second time.


In the elimination match, Zack Gibson was pinned first, then Lionheart bested Rob Van Dam.


Before the Kings of Catch vs Kinky Party match, The Wee Man came out announcing that he, the (self proclaimed) most successful pro wrestling manager in the UK, will offer his services to the winning team. The winners, Kinky Party, didn’t say or do anything about the Wee Man’s proposal, but left the ring surfing the crowd.


The main event was fought under the “Save Pro Wrestling” rules – that is, DQ and countouts did count, differently from what normally happens in ICW. After a long brawl, BT Gunn accidentally knocked out referee Sean McLaughlin. He was replaced by Thomas Kearins, who was himself KOd by Joe Coffey (this time not accidentally). When Coffey’s manager Red Lightning offered a chair to his client, special commissioner Kevin Nash came out to stop him. As Red Lightning was on the ring trying to help Coffey, the lights went out; when they came back on, two men dressed exactly like BT Gunn’s two past personas appeared and superkicked Coffey. When the match restarted with McLaughlin groggily back in control, it finally was BT Gunn who forced Joe Coffey to submit to his crossface.


ICW founder and owner Mark Dallas came out to congratulate Gunn, followed by all the crowd favourites who celebrated the new champion on the ring.


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ICW просто дават на феновете това, което те искат. :) Лично на мен турнирът доста ми хареса, а залата бе доста красива.

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