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Sam Adonis и про-Тръмп образа му


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Какво е общото между BBC, CNN, NBC News, Reuters, GQ Magazine, The Washington Post, TMZ, The Daily Mail, NPR и още един куп mainstream източници? През последните седмица-две всички те завъртяха истории за CMLL кечиста Sam Adоnis (брата на Corey Graves) и новия му про-Тръмп образ. Струва си това да се отбележи, тъй като много рядко се случва non-WWE кечист да получи подобно медийно внимание.


GQ Magazine, например:


Mexico’s Biggest Wrestling Villain Is a Bad Hombre Who Loves Trump

Turns out Trump supporters make a good heel.

In the 1980s, pro wrestling was basically an Old Country Buffet of ethnic stereotypes that today reads like a Steve Bannon doodle book: The Iron Sheik (sported twisty handlebar mustache, like everyone in Iran)! Akeem (wore a red-and-green muumuu and will go down as wrestling's most evil 400-pound white African)! Nikolai Volkoff (Cold War holdover cursed with Russian background but blessed with solid singing voice)! The Bushwhackers (apparently you can stereotype New Zealand, who knew)! And the breathtaking manager Slick, whose intro music was entitled, and I cannot stress how much this is real, "Jive Soul Bro."

In 2017, wrestling remains yuge in Mexico, where lucha libre—marked as ever by face masks, ludicrous acrobatics, and deathlessly repeated babyface vs. heel storylines—draws thousands to arenas three nights a week. So if you're an up-and-coming wrestler looking to make your villainous name in Mexico City, you become a Trump-thumping, flag-waving Real American.

Nine months ago, Sam Polinsky was merely Sam Adonis, the 6'4", 204-pound "ladies' bad guy" in the vein of Ravishing Rick Rude or the legendary Adrian Adonis. Today the 27-year-old from Pittsburgh is the baddest hombre in the CMLL, a shit-talking fan of Trump, who, as a gentle reminder, called Mexicans rapists and then demanded they bankroll a wall to keep their hands off our freedom.

We asked Sam Adonis to explain himself.

GQ: What the hell is it like to walk into an arena waving a Trump flag?

Sam Adonis: I always like to buy a new costume, look as good as I can for the big show, right? Ravishing Rick Rude used to wear airbrushed tights, and I thought that was the coolest wrestling gear. So for a pay-per-view—there were 16,000 people in the arena, and tens of thousands more at home—I found this pair of tights with Trump's face airbrushed on them. The whole idea with wrestling, but especially lucha libre, is to be freaks and geeks, unexpected, over-the-top. So I said, "Okay, screw it, I'm doing Trump." The response (from inside the company) was overwhelming. Half the people said, "Jesus Christ, Sam, you're going to get killed," and the other half went, "Wow, that's great slapstick." Rude was one of those great infuriating asshole heels, like, well, Adrian Adonis. Always one of my favorites! I've always had a good body but with a little extra spare tire. I always appreciated the big fat guys who could move around.

So are you a Trump fan? Is this all a troll?

Oh no—I didn't think he was gonna win! I've not been the biggest supporter of American politics, but I thought it would be Hillary [makes "bleh" noise] and the same stuff for the next four years. When he won, I don't think I waited a day. I thought, I'm getting a flag with his face on it. There are 200 other wrestlers out there—you've gotta stand out. It's more fun to root against bad guys—I did that at, ahem, the Super Bowl. But there you're rooting against Brady, or in wrestling you're yelling at Ted DiBiase or André the Giant or whoever. But Trump, this guy is for real. That's part of it. Our fan base isn't really a fan base, it's a lot of the Mexico City general public, so most of these people don't know who I am before the match. When I walk out, it's like a two-part event. They see an American and it's "Okay, here's the bad guy, let's boo." But when they realize what's on my flag, it's a whole different emotion, like, "Fuck this guy," throwing their beers at me, throwing popcorn, yelling, "Chinga tu madre, puto!"

Is there ever a sense of real danger, of people not realizing you're a character?

It's walking a line down here, for sure. Luckily, I have a good security staff at Arena México. And there's enough of a wrestling-fan demographic that people do follow it, watch it weekly, want to get involved and yell, but at the end of the day say, "That new bad guy was fun, let's go again."

Pictures of you suggest a lot of spray tan—is that part of the look, or a Trump joke?

[laughs] I've always spray-tanned, that's just a coincidence.




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