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Pro-Wrestling NOAH с нови собственици


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Японската кеч федерация Pro-Wrestling NOAH е била закупена от японска IT компания на име Estbee. Новият президент на NOAH ще бъде бившият AJPW президент Masayuki Uchida.

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NOAH отново с нови собственици:



NOAH's parent company has been taken over by a company named LIDET Entertainment that took over 75% of the shares of NOAH Global Entertainment. All office members of the parent company, except for president Yusuke Fuwa, will retire from their position come February. Masayuki Uchida, chairman of Pro Wrestling NOAH, will also leave the company and take an advisor role with LIDET. NOAH's offices also moved to the business district of Yurakucho in Tokyo and currently they are looking for new office staff. As part of the transition, the company will debut a new logo and will no longer be using its traditional green motif.


LIDET has a division that has been producing pro-wrestling events in the past. That includes DDT's DNA brand, AAA's shows in Japan, the revival of the Differ Cup and Riki Choshu's POWER HALL.


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И отново нови собственици.



Earlier today Tokyo Sports broke news that Pro Wrestling NOAH has been sold to CyberAgent.

CyberAgent becomes the third ownership group of NOAH since 2016 when the group was purchased by Estbee, Co, Ltd. In February 2019, 75% of the company was sold to LIDET Entertainment, before CyberAgent’s full purchase of the company this week.

The CyberAgent group also owns DDT Pro Wrestling, the AmebaTV streaming platform as well as various advertising and game companies.


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