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AAA Heroes Inmortales X - 2 октомври 2016


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Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide

"Heroes Inmortales X"

October 2nd, 2016

Monterrey, Mexico


El Patron Alberto & Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano

Mask vs. Hair Match
Australian Suicide vs. Daga

AAA Latin American Title Match
Johnny Mundo (c) vs. Garza Jr.

Texano Jr., La Parka & Hijo del Fantasma vs. El Mesias, ? & ?

Los Apaches (El Apache, Faby Apache, Mary Apache) vs. OGT (Averno, Chessman & Ricky Marvin)

Antonio Pena Cup
El Zorro
El Elegido
Pimpinela Escarlata
Nino Hamburguesa
and 8 other wrestlers

AAA World Tag Team Title Match
Aerostar & Drago © vs. Laredo Kid & Super Fly vs. Damian 666 & Nicho el Millionario vs. Monsther Clown & Murder Clown


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1. AAA World Tag Team Title Match: Aerostar & Drago © beat Laredo Kid & Super Fly, Damian 666 & Nicho el Millionario and Monsther Clown & Murder Clown to retain their titles. First defense.


2. Antonio Pena Cup: Pimpinela Escarlata beat Zorro, El Elegido, Nino Hamburguesa, Bengala, Lady Shani, Dark Scoria, Dark Cuervo, Octagoncito, Big Mami, Hijo de Pirata Morgan and Pirata Morgan to win the cup! Zorro, Elegido, Pimpinela and Nino started. Hijo del Pirata Morgan and Pirata Morgan both returned to AAA as surprises. Hijo del Pirata threw out his father. Pimpinela snuck in a foul on Zorro to win.


3. OGT (Averno, Chessman & Ricky Marvin) beat Los Apaches (El Apache, Faby Apache, Mary Apache) via disqualification. Faby was apparently locked in the dressing room to start the match, ran out to join the math late, and Averno faked a foul from her to draw the DQ.


4. El Mesias, Hernandez & Marty Casaus beat La Parka, Texano Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma. Casaus was the surprise partner of Team Trump. He was introduced as Marty Casaus, and not as Marty "the Moth" Martinez. La Parka was the pinned one.


There was a tribute for Antonio Pena.


5. Dr. Wagner Jr. beat Psycho Clown and Pagano. Alberto el Patron did not appear as advertised so this was changed to a 3-way. Alberto has since went on to claim he missed the show because he was in an accident that saw him being attacked with a knife. Psycho Clown was outnumbered 2 to 1. Murder & Monster ran out to help out, but instead betrayed Psycho Clown and allied with Pagano, apparently ending the Psycho Circus. Wagner beat Psycho Clown.


6. Mask vs. Hair Street Fight: Daga beat Australian Suicide! Argenis & Joe Lider were seconds. Daga defeated Suicide, who was announced as Broderick Shepherd, from Melbourne, Australia.


7. AAA Latin American Title Match: Johnny Mundo (c) beat Garza Jr. to retain his title. Taya seconded Johnny Mundo and TV host Ernesto Chavana seconded Garza. Taya snuck in a foul, which Garza blamed on a Chavana distraction. First defense for Mundo.


th_894131472_01_122_1164lo.jpg th_589413357_02_122_456lo.jpg th_894136302_03_122_579lo.jpg
th_894140156_04_122_708lo.jpg th_894142282_05_122_83lo.jpg th_894143679_06_122_225lo.jpg



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