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Lucha Libre World Cup - 3 & 5 юни 2016


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Team Mexico AAA


Pentagon Jr., Texano Jr. & Psycho Clown


Team Mexico International


Dragon Azteca Jr., Rey Mysterio Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr.


Team Mexico Legends


La Parka,  Canek & Blue Demon Jr.



Tyrus, Ethan Carter III & Eli Drake


Team USA Lucha Underground 

Brian Cage, Johnny Mundo & Chavo Guerrero Jr.


Team Japan NOAH


Taiji Ishimori, Naomichi Marufuji & Maybach Taniguchi


Team Japan Oudou & ZERO1


Masato Tanaka, Akebono & Ikuto Hidaka


Team Rest of the World

Apolo, Mil Muertes & Rockstar Spud



Team Mexico

Faby Apache, Lady Apache & Mary Apache


Team USA


Santana Garrett, Cheerleader Melissa & Sienna


Team Japan


Yuki Miyazaki, Aja Kong & Natsu Sumire


Team Canada


Allie, Taya & KC Spinelli


Журито: Villano V, Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000, Cien Caras, Satanico, Black Terry и Solar.


Други участници в шоутата: Dario Cueto & Melissa Santos.

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Тази година отборът-победител ще получи следната титла:



Участнците във вчерашната пресконференция:



И двете шоута ще бъдат излъчени като iPPV. Ще имат и англоезична версия (Josh Mathews & Hugo Savinovich).

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Lucha Libre AAA

"Lucha Libre World Cup"

June 3rd, 2016

Puebla, Mexico


Each match has about 15 minutes on the clock. If any team fails to score a victory in that time, it then goes into sudden death where each team picks one member to face each other in a singles match to score a pinfall or submission after the clock is reset to five minutes on each sudden death until there is a winner.


1. Team Mexico Lady Apache, Faby Apache, and Mary Apache defeated Team USA of Santana Garrett, Sienna, and Cheerleader Melissa. Lady Apache performed a hip toss to Cheerleader Melissa off the top rope for the pinfall.


2. Team Japan of Aja Kong, Yuki Miyazaki, and Sumire Natsu defeated Team Canada of Taya Valkyrie, Allie, and KC Spinelli. Aja Kong delivered a brainbuster to KC Spinelli for the win.


3. Team Mexico AAA of Pentagon Jr, Texano Jr, and Psycho Clown defeated Team Japan Oudou/Zero One of Akebono, Masato Tanaka, and Ikuto Hidaka after entering sudden death twice. Team AAA-Mexico chose Pentagon Jr while Team Japan chose Masato Tanaka to face each other. Neither competitor won in time so now onto sudden death for a second time. This time it’s Ikuto Hidaka vs Texano Jr with the clock reset back to five minutes. Texano Jr pinned Hidaka after doing the Mexican Dream, which is a spinning side slam.


4. Team Japan NOAH of Taiji Ishimori, Naomichi Marufuji, and Maybach Taniguchi defeated Team Rest of the World of Mil Muertes, Rockstar Spud, and Apolo. Marufuji performed sliced bread to Rockstar Spud for the pinfall.


5. Team USA Lucha Underground of Chavo Guerrero Jr, Brian Cage, and Johnny Mundo (w/ Dario Cueto) defeated Team Mexico Legends of Blue Demon Jr, La Parka, and Canek. Chavo Guerrero performed the frog splash on Blue Demon Jr to score the pinfall.


6. Team Mexico International of Rey Mysterio Jr, Dragon Azteca Jr, and Dr. Wagner defeated Team USA TNA of Tyrus, EC3, and Eli Drake after heading into sudden death three times. Entering sudden death number one was Eli Drake vs Dr. Wagner. Time expired and the entrants for sudden death number two was Rey Mysterio Jr. vs EC3. After a 619 to EC3 followed by a splash off the top rope, Mysterio failed to make the pinfall in time when Tyrus pulled Rey Mysterio out of the ring avoiding the three count. Sudden death number three was Tyrus vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. After a ref bump, Tyrus grabbed a steel chair only to have it taken away by Dr. Wagner, who stepped inside the ring and nailed Tyrus in the stomach with the chair followed by a chairshot to the back. Mysterio entered the ring after nailing Drake off the apron, then performed a dropkick to Tyrus in the back which caused him to be setup for the 619. Afterward, Dragon Azteca Jr did a 450 splash to Tyrus when the referee automatically recovered and counted the pinfall with two minutes to spare in the third sudden death bout for Team Mexico Internacional.

th_096830206_01_122_912lo.jpg th_096835289_02_122_5lo.jpg th_096841842_03_122_186lo.jpg

th_096845859_04_122_399lo.jpg th_509684857_05_122_475lo.jpg th_096853236_06_122_400lo.jpg
th_096858249_07_122_359lo.jpg th_509686373_08_122_596lo.jpg th_096867288_09_122_92lo.jpg


Мачовете за днес:


Women's 3rd place: Team USA vs. Team Canada

Women's 1st place: Team Mexico vs. Team Japan

Team Battle Royal: Team USA TNA vs. Team Mexico Legends vs. Team Oudou/ZERO1 vs. Team Rest of the World

Semifinal: Team Mexico International vs. Team USA Lucha Underground

Semifinal: Team Mexico AAA vs. Team Japan NOAH

3rd place: ? vs. ?

Final: ? vs. ?


П.С. Целият USA контингент:




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Lucha Libre AAA

"Lucha Libre World Cup"

June 5th, 2016

Mexico City, Mexico


1. Team Canada (Taya, Allie, and KC Spinelli) defeated Team USA (Cheerleader Melissa, Sienna, and Santana Garrett) in the Lucha World Cup Third-Place match in the Women’s Division.

2. Team World (Mil Muertes, Rockstar Spud, and Apolo) beat Team Japan Freelance (Akebono, Masato Tanaka, and Ikuto Hidaka), Team USA TNA (Ethan Carter III, Tyrus, and Eli Drake), and Team Mexico Legends (Blue Demon Jr., Canek, and La Parka) in a special battle royal.

3. Team Mexico AAA (Pentgon Jr., Psycho Clown, and Texano Jr.) over Team Japan Noah (Naomichi Marufuji, Taiji Ishimori, and Maybach Taniguchi) in a Lucha World Cup Semi-Final match. T

4. Team USA LU (Cage, Johnny Mundo, and Chavo Guerrero) beat Team Mexico LU (Rey Mysterio, Dr. Wagner, and Dragon Azteca Jr.) in a Lucha World Cup Semi-Final match.

5. Team Mexico (Mary Apache, Faby Apache, and Lady Apache) beat Team Japan (Aja Kong, Sumire Natsu, Yuki Miyazaki) to win the Lucha World Cup in the Women’s Division. T

6. Team Mexico LU (Rey Mysterio, Dr. Wagner, and Dragon Azteca Jr.) beat Team Japan Noah (Naomichi Marufuji, Taiji Ishimori, and Maybach Taniguchi) in a Lucha World Cup Third-Place match.

7. Team USA LU (Cage, Johnny Mundo, and Chavo Guerrero) defeated Team Mexico AAA (Pentgon Jr., Psycho Clown, and Texano Jr.) to win the Lucha World Cup!


th_265597230_01_122_455lo.jpg th_265604432_02_122_1089lo.jpg th_265608229_03_122_575lo.jpg
th_265617216_04_122_142lo.jpg th_526562056_05_122_539lo.jpg th_265625932_06_122_98lo.jpg
th_265633939_07_122_124lo.jpg th_265638350_08_122_542lo.jpg th_265642943_09_122_354lo.jpg
th_265645665_10_122_522lo.jpg th_265651828_11_122_363lo.jpg th_265655944_12_122_182lo.jpg



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