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Ben Miller on the Wrestling Observer awards for 2005.....


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Не знам дали е точно за тук,но все пак.Сега докато си разглеждах сайта на Wrestling Observer и попаднах на туй нещо.Би ми било интересно да чуя вашето мнение по въпроса...


The 26th Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards results came in the mail the other day. Yeah, some awards were pretty good. You voters honored a few good wrestlers and some neat matches were singled out. But one thing rang clear above all others: You marks don’t know how to vote.

Let’s take things right off the top. The Lou Thesz/Ric Flair Award (Wrestler of the Year) award when to Kenta Kobashi. Same thing for Best Box Office Draw. Let’s take the most obvious error first. How can a guy be the best box office draw when he’s never even sold out Madison Square Garden? MSG is wrestling’s MECCA. This guy works The New Yorker Hotel when he comes to NYC and he gets best box office draw? Helloooo. Wrestling draws fans at the arena and on pay-per-view. Tape trading does not count. At least I received some consolation when I saw that “Mistico” (must have been a typo for Rey Mysterio) at least made the top five in both awards.

I scarcely recovered from that travesty when I looked to the very next award: The Most Outstanding Wrestler is Samoa Joe. You can’t be serious. I know I said you marks don’t know how to vote, but your voting ability looks world class next to Joe’s working ability.

Last time I checked, the idea behind pro wrestling is to *work*. Chopping another man’s chest until it badly bruises or even bleeds is not *working*. Real work is having a match where faces are cheered, heels are booed and nobody gets seriously injured. A person who knows how to work can hold an Indian Death Lock for five minutes and make the crowd rabid with silent anticipation. Let Samoa Joe try to do that.

As I navigated through the rest of the awards, I noticed several other problems, though none as egregious as the top awards. Jeff Jarrett as Most Overrated? Since when is Jeff Jarrett “rated”? NOAH as Promotion of the Year? Maybe if Iron Chef Sakai is the only voter. Mike Tenay as Best Television Announcer? That guy couldn’t get a table at Il Sole next to Michael Cole if he tried.

All of these voting mistakes only confirm my initial suspicions: wrestling fans are losing touch with reality. WWE offers cutting edge sports-entertainment that nobody else can match, yet they get no respect. They have the best looking wrestlers, the wealthiest owners and their announcers sport the best manicured beards on television. The McMahon family works tirelessly to give you ungrateful voters compelling characters and you crap on them by awarding Worst Gimmick to Jillian Hall Mole Girl (that’s not even her official name, DUH!).

You marks keep on complaining about WWE and taking away their rightfully earned awards. All the while, the great folks in Stamford have slaved away at making their audience appeal more selective to prevent a watering down of the consumer product. Some thanks they get!

If you continue along this path, you know what’s coming? The end of pro wrestling forever. Remember, The McMahon Family *is* wrestling. If they get run out of business by you marks, then what will you do? Without WWE you’ll have to get by on 7 hours of TNA, 7 hours of UFC, 8 hours of CMLL and 3 hours of PWG (before intermission) per month. Not very appalling appealing, is it?

[b] tvoite rimi na bokluka, toten kato pika kliuka
Borko e paraliq, she si namaja s med i maslo az filiq
ViChiX za pari ubiva, Phil e sliva mirizliva[/b]

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Мммм.... Затруднен съм да изразя какво чувствам... Имам едно такова чувство в стомаха... Не знам как да го опиша... Чакайте идва...


Било е пристъп на смях извинете ме.

Определено е написана с чувство за хумор статията. Допада ми как използва думата "marks" и също така коментарите му за това колко много значи WWE за бизнеса... Определено има чувство за хумор тоя тип! :)



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И според мен този човек се базика с нас. Просто не може да каже това сериозно. Отначало си помислих, че говори сериозно, но след като прочетох това за Джо започнах да се чудя дали не се шегува. След като стигнах до самия край на статията, вече съм почти убеден, че това е майтап. Ако не е, това говори много лошо за човека, който е писал статията.

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