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DDT Ryogoku Peter Pan - 23 август 2015


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August 23rd, 2015

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
6,670 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House

0. King Of Dark Title: “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa defeated Gota Ihashi (c) with a School Boy (5:15). [8th defense]
1. Mao Inoue & Mizuki Watase Debut Match: Yasu Urano, Akito & Ryota Nakatsu defeated Kota Umeda, Mao Inoue & Mizuki Watase defeated when Akito submitted Watase with the Scorpion Lock (10:07).
2. Time Difference Tag Battle Royal: Aja Kong & Makoto Oishi defeated LiLiCo & Suguru Miyatake when Kong pinned LiLiCo with the Vertical Drop Brainbuster (16:41). Order Of Elimination: MIKAMI & Shunma Katsumata, Gorgeous Matsuno & Great Kojika, Hoshitango & Mio Shirai, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Kouki Iwasaki, Hiroshi Fukuda & Yoshihiko and Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata.
3. DDT Extreme Title – Uchikami! Presents Blindfold Bra Stripping Tiger Trap Death Match: Antonio Honda (c) defeated Masa Takanashi when Honda stripped Takanashi of his bra (15:10). [1st defense]
4. Tetsuya Endo Comeback Match: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Tetsuya Endo with the German Suplex (13:32).
5. Genichiro Tenryu Retirement Road Round 15: Genichiro Tenryu, Sanshiro Takagi & Saki Akai defeated Shuji Ishikawa, Kazusada Higuchi & Meiko Satomura when Takagi pinned Higuchi with the Sit Down Himawaro Bomb (13:10).
6. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao (c) defeated Danshoku Dino, Super Sasadango Machine & Ken Ohka when Takao pinned Ohka with the Gin And Tonic (12:35). [4th defense]
7. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki defeated Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi (c) when Ibushi pinned Sekimoto with the Phoenix Splash (21:33). Strong BJ fail in their 5th defense. The Golden☆Storm Riders become the 52nd KO-D Tag Team Champions!
8. Dramatic Dream Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated HARASHIMA with the High Fly Flow (17:00).
9. KO-D Openweight Title – Good Com Asset Presents: Yukio Sakaguchi defeated KUDO (c) with the Right Knee Of God (21:20). KUDO fails in his first defense. Yukio Sakaguchi becomes the 54th KO-D Openweight Champion!

Yukio Sakaguchi is your new KO-D Openweight Champion! In his victory speech Sakaguchi said tomorrow is the beginning of his second chapter.

Team Drift beat Gunma Wrestle Dream Factory to keep the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles. The Gunma trio asked for a rematch at the 27th September Korakuen Hall show but Shigehiro Irie refused to give it to them.

“Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa didn’t understand the rules of the King Of Dark Championship and said he will win the title. Gota Ihashi convinced the ref to do fast counts but it backfired when Ichikawa pinned him and got a fast three count. Afterwards Ichikawa was confused because he wasn’t given the title for winning the match.

Kota Ibushi will release his autobiography on 28th October. There will be two versions available: “The Strongest Edition” and “The Most Mad Edition”.

Two guest names were announced for “OSAKA OCTOPUS 2015” on 28th November. Comedians RG and Ryota Yamasato will both wrestle at the show. Yamasato was sitting by the commentary table when the announcement was made and he was surprised. According to Yamasato DDT never told him was going to be wrestling.

Muscle Sakai will film DDT’s second movie “DDT Liberal Arts Pro Wrestling” later this year. The first movie “DDT Wrestling Cannonball 2014” was released on DVD today and available at the show.

This was already announced back in February but as a reminder DDT will hold two shows in Sumo Hall next year. The dates are 21st March and 28th August. A Falls Count Anywhere Street Wrestling Treasure Hunt match was confirmed for the 21st March show.


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