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WWC Summer Madness - 27 юни 2015


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World Wrestling Council (WWC)
"Summer Madness"
June 27th, 2015
Caguas, Puerto Rico

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWC Universal Title
"The Illegal One" Chicano (c) vs. Mr. 450

Ray Gonzalez returns to the ring: Ambulance Match
"Mr. Raytings" Ray Gonzalez vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool

Hair vs. Mask Match
Mike Mendoza vs. a member of the Revolution

"The Lion" Apolo and Habana return to WWC

Pelayito Vazquez & El Hijo del Ray Gonzalez vs. The Revolution

"The King of Wrestling" Chicky Starr & "The Lost Soul" Xix Xavant vs. "The Prince of Darkness" El Diabolico & Angel Fashion (w/ Vanilla Vargas)

WWC World Jr. Heavyweight Title Match
"The Urban Boy" Jay Velez vs. Peter the Bad Romance (c)

and more!

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1. WWC World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Peter the Bad Romance (c) beat Jay Velez to retain his title. Afterwards Mr. Revolution Morgan attacked Peter.

2. Angel Fashion & El Diabolico beat Chicky Starr & Xix Xavant.

3. Noriega beat Mighty Ursus. Afterwards Ursus attacked Noriega and made him bleed.

4. Hair vs. Mask Match: a member of the Revolution beat Mike Mendoza.

5. Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the Universal Title: Chicano (c) beat Mr. 450 to retain his title. Afterwards 450 asked for a rematch. Carlito came out and said Chicano never gave him his rematch so he should get the next title match. This all ended in a brawl that saw Carlito standing tall in the end.

6. Open Challenge: Apolo beat Lord William de la Vega. Apolo answered Vega's challenge and beat him quickly.

7. The Revolution beat Pelayito Vazquez & El Hijo de Rey Gonzalez.

8. Ambulance Match: Ray Gonzalez beat Carlito Caribbean Cool.

= 1,500 fans in attendance.

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