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Other: бившият UFC боец Dave Herman подложен на полицейско насилие


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Following his arrest, raw footage of former UFC Heavyweight Dave Herman being tased by police was caught on camera by the fighter’s girlfriend, Madeleine.

Herman’s girlfriend released the footage, which you can see above. The footage features Herman being tased and arrested, where he was later charged with three felonies including resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, as well as battery against law enforcement and neglect of a dependent.

Additionally, “Pee-Wee” Herman was hit with a Class-A misdemeanor for resisting law enforcement.

In the initial police report claims were made that Herman “exited his vehicle and approached police officers in an aggressive manner.” You can watch the raw footage of his arrest above and judge for yourself whether or not that is an accurate description of what actually happened.

Herman’s girlfriend included the following with the video that she released on YouTube.


Якото ушево насиране. Дана да им уреди един хендикеп в Октагона.

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