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IFA - International Fighting Association


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Това е моята версия на MMA федерация, ще поствам шоута веднъж седмично и турнири веднъж месечно. Има само 5 дивизии, защото нямам време да развивам повече. Резултатите и full roleplay от първият турнир ще кача на 30-ти вечерта, а мач карда и пресконференциите преди шоуто ще напиша още днес. 



Предстоящо събитие: 


IFA 1: Rampage PPV (Velasquez vs Lesnar)


Las Vegas,NV 


Match card: 

1. Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar [iFA Heavyweight title match] 

2. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs Jon "Bones" Jones [iFA Light Heavyweight title match]

3. Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida [iFA Middleweight title match]

4. Georges St Pierre vs Ruthless Robbie Lawler [iFA Welterweight title match]

5. Anthony Pettis vs Benson Henderson [iFA Lightweight title match]

6. Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon 

7. Chris Weidman vs Phill "CM Punk" Brooks 




IFA Roster: 


IFA President  = Donald Trump 

Color commentators = Joe Rogan & Jim Ross 



Lightweight - vacant

Welterweight - vacant 

Middleweight - vacant 

Lightheavyweight - vacant 

Heavyweight - vacant


Lightweight division: 

1. Anthony "Showtime" Pettis [0-0-0]

2. Donald "Cowboy" Cerone [0-0-0]

3. Nate Diaz [0-0-0]

4. Evan Dunham [0-0-0]

5. Yyves Edwards [0-0-0]

6. Joe Ellenberger [0-0-0]

7. Spencer Fisher "The King" [0-0-0]

8. TJ Grant [0-0-0]

9. Bobby Green [0-0-0]

10. Benson Henderson [0-0-0]

11. Rustam Khabilov [0-0-0]

12. Joe Lauzon [0-0-0]

13. Myles Jury [0-0-0]

14. Yancy Medeiros [0-0-0]

15. Rashid Magomedov [0-0-0]

16. Jim Miller [0-0-0]

17. Abel Trujillo [0-0-0]

18. Gilbert Melendez [0-0-0]


Welterweight division: 

1. Ricardo "Big Dog" Almeida [0-0-0]

2. Thiago "Pitbull" Alves [0-0-0]

3. Matt "The Immortal" Brown [0-0-0]

4. Carlos "Natural Born Killer" Condit [0-0-0]

5. Nick Diaz [0-0-0]

6. Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy [0-0-0]

7. Jake Ellenberger [0-0-0]

8. Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks [0-0-0]

9. Josh Koscheck [0-0-0]

10. Matt Hughes - part time contract [0-0-0]

11. "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler [0-0-0]

12. Georges St - Pierre [0-0-0]

13. Matt Serra [0-0-0]

14. Claudio Silva [0-0-0]

15. Court McGee [0-0-0]

16. Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson [0-0-0]

17. Alexander Yakovlev [0-0-0]


Middleweight division:

1. Anderson Silva [0-0-0]

2. Chris Weidman [0-0-0]

3. Luke Barnett [0-0-0]

4. Vitor Belfort [0-0-0]

5. Michael Bisping [0-0-0]

6. Tim Boetsch [0-0-0]

7. Phill "CM Punk" Brooks [0-0-0]

8. CB Dollaway [0-0-0]

9. Rich Franklin [0-0-0]

10. Uriah "Prime Time" Hall [0-0-0]

11. Gerard Mousasi [0-0-0]

12. Tim Kennedy [0-0-0]

13. Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida [0-0-0] 

14. Mark Munoz [0-0-0]

15. Stanislav Nedkov "Stucky" [0-0-0]

16. Costas Philippou [0-0-0]

17. Daniel Sarafian [0-0-0]

18. Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza [0-0-0]

19. Bradley Scott [0-0-0]

20. Sean Strickland [0-0-0] 


Light Heavyweight division: 

1. Jon "Bones" Jones [0-0-0]

2. Ryan Bader [0-0-0]

3. Daniel Cormier [0-0-0]

4. Phil Davies [0-0-0]

5. Cyrille Diabate [0-0-0]

6. Rashad "Suga" Evans [0-0-0] 

7. Dan Henderson "Hendo [0-0-0]

8. Forrest Griffin - part time contract [0-0-0]

9. Alexander Gustafsson [0-0-0]

10. Chuck Liddell - part time contract [0-0-0]

11. Jimi "Poster Boy" Manuwa [0-0-0]

12. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira [0-0-0]

13. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua [0-0-0]

14. Chael Sonnen - part time contract [0-0-0]

15. Glover Teixeira [0-0-0]

16. Tito Ortiz [0-0-0]


Heavyweight division: 

1. Brock Lesnar [0-0-0]

2. Cain Velasquez [0-0-0]

3. Travis Browne [0-0-0]

4. Josh Barnett [0-0-0]

5. Shane Carwin - part time contract [0-0-0]

6. Mark Hunt [0-0-0]

7. Junior Dos Santos [0-0-0] 

8. Shawn Jordan [0-0-0]

9. Ruslan Magomedov [0-0-0]

10. Frank Mir [0-0-0]

11. Roy Nelson [0-0-0]

12. Minotauro Nogueira [0-0-0]

13. Alistair Overeem [0-0-0]

14. Brendan Schaub [0-0-0]

15. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva [0-0-0] 

16. Stefan Struve [0-0-0]

17. Ben Rothwell [0-0-0]

18. Fabricio Werdum [0-0-0]

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IFA 1: Rampage пресконференция - 


(13:30) Cain Velasquez: 


I will come at this pay per view with the sole purpose to take the title, I'm more focused than I've ever been and I believe that I will overcome Brock, because I know Brock very well and as much as I respect him, and he is one of the toughest to face, but I already have prepared to take him down and I will do just that. This match is very important to me as I set my goal to dominate the heavyweight division from the start, I hope that everything goes right for me and I also wanna wish Lesnar luck because he might just need it this time. 


(15:00) Brock Lesnar: 


I'm definitely not afraid of Cain, by the stuff he said, by his newly found confidence, you know, I could talk for few hours how I'm gonna beat him down and toss him around like a ragdoll but I prefer to show my intentions in the ring, I don't care if Cain thinks that he has found a way of countering me, I can assure you that I am at the peak of my career right now and I'm in the best shape I've been in like 5-6 years, I feel refreshed and ready, you know, I don't think Velasquez really knows what is gonna hit him, I can feel that he is bluffing, you'll see who talks the truth in a few days. 


(16:00) Jon Jones: 


I'm very excited for this show because I can't wait to fight Shogun and to beat him in what might be the easiest challenge in my career as a fighter. I have trained a lot for this moment, I've watched Mauricio in action enough to know where his limits stand and I figured out how to strategize against him, its gonna be a game of many counter strikes, but I am gonna implement some new stuff that Shogun is not expecting and hasn't seen yet. 


(17:30) Anderson Silva: 


I am very happy that my opponent is Lyoto Machida because I respect him a lot, he is a great fighter, however the only thing on my mind right now is winning the title and I will put friendships aside, I will not underrate Lyoto in any aspect like I've done with other fighters in the past because it can prove to be a costly mistake as the match goes on, but even if I let him step forward to approach me, I will just try to do what I'm best at and get the knockout done, sooner or later. 


(19:00) CM Punk: 


I'm gonna be honest as always about my opponent Chris Weidman - the guy is a pseudo patriot, he thinks that sucking up to the crowd is gonna give him some sort of advantage while thats bullshit, you either bust your ass in the ring or they bust you up in the ring, and thats gonna cost him, because he can relly on his fans all he wants but I'm just focused on beating the crap out of him and proving that he is just a one hit wonder but he is not a better fighter than CM Punk and he is definitely not a bigger man than CM Punk. If he thinks he's gonna underestimate me for being a "rookie" and intimidate me with his lame tactics and his overflowing big boy courage, he better think again, because I'm here to fight anyone, anytime, anywhere, to get to what I want, and thats the top of this company, Weidman is just the first stepping stone on my way. 


(20:00) Chris Weidman


I just heard what CM Punk just said about me and I won't lie that I'm surprised because I actually expected such a low life analysis of me from this guy, but the thing is, he sometimes forgets that he is an absolute rookie in this business, and as such he does rookie mistakes and amateur attempts at getting under my skin, but I promise you that when we get to the octagon and its all about the real stuff, I will either knock him out or I will make him submit faster than he can spread bullshit about me, I give him 2-3 rounds best against me. 

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