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Classic Wrestling Revolution - нова федерация с по-големи амбиции?


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Ясно е, че подобни нови федерации с големи планове не трябва да се взимат много насериозно докато плановете им не станат реалност (ако въобще станат реалност). И все пак, струва си да се спомене поредната нова федерация с големи амбиции (поне на хартия):

A new wrestling promotion titled the Classic Wrestling Federation has been contacting potential talent, seeking to sign them to letters of intent that the talents would be interested in working for the promotion if and when it launches.

According to material given to the talents, the CWF promotion's plan is to partner with a Las Vegas casino and run wrestling events up to six days a week for the purpose of producing 36-44 hours of original TV episodes.

The promotion would be based out of Las Vegas with an eye on presenting a "non" PG-13 style product with babyfaces vs. heels and an eye towards capturing the male 18-34 demographic that loved pro wrestling during the Monday Night War era.

The letter of intent notes, "The purpose of the CWF project is to return to American culture the classic sport of wrestling as made popular by the likes of Bruno Sammartino, George Steele, Triple H, Andre the Giant, Baron Von Raschke."

Internal memos that have been passed around list Bill Townsend as President of the company. PWInsider.com research indicates that this Bill Townsend is the Internet entrepreneur who helped create a number of online platforms, including Lycos.com, before turning to writing, motivational speaking and philanthropy.

Shane Douglas and Cody Michaels are also heavily involved with the promotion.

The letter of intent also notes that the promotion "may expand" to running live arena events "with an initial focus" on Pennsylvania, and the surrounding region.

The letter of intent also notes that the promotion, "intends to set base pay for our wrestler athletes and on‐air talent higher than current alternatives, to offer health insurance benefits or stipends, a 401k retirement plan and other benefits, and to create a profit‐sharing plan where all athletes share in the success of the company. In addition, CWF intends to make a percentage of television revenue available to retiring wrestlers in the form of a company-operated pension plan."

The letter of intent notes that it is "non-binding" in that the wrestler signing it can choose not to work for the company when it launches and that signing it was not a guarantee of a position within the company.

Wrestlers were not given a timetable for the potential launch of the promotion.

While the promotion has yet to make any public announcements, we are told that may be changing soon as they have been putting together a battle plan regarding live events and TV Tapings for 2016 and are moving closer to contacting talent in regard to putting together a roster for the company.

The 2016 launch is said to be targeted to give the promotion enough time to properly plan a launch and touring schedule. We are told that current battle plans discussed by those working on the company indicate plans to try and launch with 250 live events in the United States and possibly internationally.

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Всяка амбициозна компания заслужава внимание. Много съм впечатлен примерно от интересните шоута на Lucha Underground.

Малко ме обърква обаче тази информация, първо се споменават The Monday Night Wars, а после - Bruno Sammartino. Това са два напълно различни продукта.

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Федерацията вече е с ново име - Classic Wrestling Revolution.

"You want a return to real action? You want to see two athletes battle it out in combat sports. Well, hang on because Classic Wrestling Revolution is coming soon. World class coaches and their teams battle it out 52 weeks a year in dynamic Las Vegas. Come join us for real professional wrestling. We call it Reality Sports." 

Първи промоционални клипове:

Горните клипове явно са записани преди няколко месеца, тъй като Roddy Piper участва в тях. Явно идеята е била той да бъде един от треньорите (заедно със Shane Douglas и Road Warrior Animal). 

Засега не се знае друго относно тази нова федерация.

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Големи амбиции...



Here it is! A sneak peek at what CWR is bringing to the 41 million visitors to Las Vegas and over 2 billion television and digital network viewers worldwide.


The vision of Rowdy Roddy Piper, The Franchise Shane Douglas and internet and media entrepreneur Bill Townsend, along with Emmy award winning executive producers, the co-founder of Telemundo, 8 World Champion coaches, a former US Olympic wrestling coach, a 4-time NCAA champion, and others who want to bring back the realism and competitiveness that professional wrestling has lost, is coming to Las Vegas, Nevada Spring 2016.


7 two-hour shows each week at a leading Las Vegas casino.


346 shows a year!


Over 48 hours of original television programming each week broadcast globally via network and digital partners, accessible from over 168 countries, reaching over 2.6 billion people. Content accessible on over 650 devices from smartphones to tablets to TVs.


Color commentary from Jake “The Snake” Roberts and play-by-play by wrestling veteran Kriss Kloss


Whole new ways to view matches with new formats. Plus, technologies that not only let you see and hear the match, but feel every hit and takedown.


We're bringing wrestling back to the future to give you want you want!


Welcome to the Revolution!


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