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WWL Navidad Corporativa - 13 декември 2014


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WWL (World Wrestling League)

"Navidad Corporativa"

December 13th, 2014

Bayamon, Puerto Rico


WWL vs. TNA, Teacher vs. Student: WWL World Heavyweight Title Match


"Glamour Boy" Shane © vs. "The IT Factor of Professional Wrestling" Bobby Roode

WWL vs. TNA: WWL World Tag Team Title Match


The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning, w/ "His Majesty" El Profe) © vs. The Revolution ("The Monster" Abyss & "The Cowboy" James Storm, w/ "The Maker of Champions" Jose Chaparro)

Rematch of the Match of the Year


"The Sensational" Carlitos vs. "Mr. 450" Hammett

Grudge Match


"The Lion" Apolo (w/ "The Goddess" Habana) vs. "The Rabid Original" Mr. Big

WWL World Trios Title Match


La Rabia (Noel Rodriguez, D-Nniss Rivera & Stefano) vs. The Corporate Team (Monster Pain, Victor Rodriguez & Manuel Rodriguez, w/ Mistress Glenda Lee)

WWL Americas Title Match with "The Golden Latino" Joe Bravo as a special guest referee


"The Phenomenon" BJ vs. Laredo Kid ©


The Gods of the Ring (Aquiles & Atlas) vs. Mistery of Fear (Spectro & Kronya)


Prince Xander vs. Eric Scorpion

Also on the show:


"The Greatest Boricua" Savio Vega

and more!

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WWL (World Wrestling League)

"Navidad Corporativa"

December 13th, 2014

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

4,000 fans

1. 4-Way Match: Niche beat Joseph RPM, Dimes and Barbie Boy. Barbie Boy did a huge dive off the lightning structure.

There was an in-ring confrontation between Carlitos and Mr. 450, with Carlitos confirming that he's indeed medically cleared to wrestle tonight.

2. WWL Americas Title Match with Joe Bravo as a special guest referee: Laredo Kid © beat BJ to retain his title. BJ finally had enough of Bravo's bad refereeing and took him out. A person dressed like a La Rabia member came out and attacked BJ (who is a La Rabia member himself), which cost him the match.

3. Eric Scorpion beat Prince Xander.

4. WWL World Trios Title Match: La Rabia (Noel Rodriguez, D-Nniss Rivera & Stefano) beat The Corporate Team (Victor Rodriguez, Manuel Rodriguez & Gaifan) to become the first WWL World Trios champions!

5. Mistery of Fear (Spectro & Kronya) beat Mr. C & Syler Andrews. The masked duo destroyed their opponents.

6. WWL World Heavyweight Title Match: Shane © beat Gilbert to retain his title. Bobby Roode could not be there in time due to flight issues. WWL's Director of Operations Savio Vega came out and announced a replacement for Roode - none other than Gilbert! Gilbert was working for WWC as recently as last week when he lost the WWC Puerto Rico title to Chicano. Shane defeated Gilbert, but afterwards Savio and Gilbert beat him down with a chair. Savio then played a video message from Alberto Del Rio saying that he's going to be wrestling Shane for the title at WWL's next big event (January 6th). WWL President Richard Negrin came out and announced that he's changing the match to a 3-way. The third opponent? "El Mesias" Ricky Banderas, making his return to Puerto Rico.

7. Apolo (w/ Habana) beat Mr. Big. After the match Mr. Big attacked Apolo. Apolo's wife, Habana, tried to make the save, but Mistress Glenda Lee came out and attacked her. Habana had to be stretchered out.

8. WWL World Tag Team Title Match: The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning, w/ El Profe) © beat The Revolution (Abyss & James Storm, w/ Jose Chaparro) via disqualification. The match ended in a DQ because Spectro and Kronya attacked Thunder & Lightning.

9. Carlitos beat Mr. 450. Carlitos' former tag team partner Hiram Tua made a surprise appearance during the match and attacked both Carlitos and 450. Tua had retired from wrestling a while back, but now it appears his retirement is over. After the match Carlitos and Mr. 450 shook hands, but then 450 attacked Carlitos. Carlitos' mentor, Invader #3, came out and tried to talk some sense into Mr. 450 but 450 eventually attacked him and was beating him down until finally Carlitos covered Invader #3 with his own body so that Mr. 450 would stop kicking Invader #3.

WWL have now announced that they'll be uploading the entire Navidad Corporativa event, free of charge, on YouTube on December 25th.



Live report:


The World Wrestling League (WWL) held their second event of the year here in Puerto Rico as they returned to the “Pepin Cestero Arena” in Bayamon to present “Navidad Corporativa”. The show received some really good feedback from those in attendance, which were very vocal and active during the show. The estimated crowd of over 2,500 rabid fans was hot from the get go and made sure that they enjoyed the show as well as made themselves part of it at times.

The big match announced as the main event of the show, between TNA World champion Bobby Roode and WWL World champion Shane “The Glamour Boy” did not take place as unfortunately Roode had some problems with his flight the day of the show and could not make it to Puerto Rico in time for the match. WWL president, Richard Negrin, took to social media around 12:50PM and delivered the message by posting a video message to the fans regarding Roode’s absence and apologizing for the inconvenience. He also announced that there Shane would defend the WWL title against a mystery opponent and that fans would not be disappointed.

The gates at the “Pepin Cetero Arena” opened right at 6:00PM, but not just for the ring side and red carpet fans as it was announced, but everyone could go in to see the bonus pre-match as a make good for Roode’s absence. Red Carpet and ring side ticket holders still got their meet-&-greet with the talent, and the 8X10 photo that they had been promised. On to the matches and the results:

- Pre-show Bonus Match: “La Rabia’s” Niche defeated Barbie Boy, Joseph RPM and Dimes. This was a really good match to get the crowd going as there were some good sequences and high spots, with Barbie Boy having the first really loud reaction of the night when he climbed the lighting rig and proceeded to jump on what was supposed to be a cross-body splash on all three opponents. This move got everyone off their seats and the first “this is awesome” chant erupted. In the end Niche was able to get the win and the crowd was happy.

The show started with a face to face between “Sensacional” Carlitos and Mr. 450 to set up their rematch later in the evening.

- Laredo Kid retained his WWL Americas title after he defeated “El Fenomeno” BJ. For this match, Joe Bravo was the special referee, but he got physical with the participants and the referees came in and literally ejected him from the ring. Bravo went to the back, not happy at all with the decision. Towards the end of the match, a man dressed like a member of “La Rabia” came in and attacked BJ, costing him the match. After the match was over, the mystery man revealed himself to be Bravo himself. The feud between these three does not seem to be over just yet.

- Erick Scorpion defeated Prince Xander in what was not the best showing on Xander’s part. He looked to be lost at different points in the match and missed some spots. The veteran Scorpion did the best he could do to hold the match together, but wasn’t able to get much out of Xander this time.

- “La Rabia” - Noel Rodríguez, Stefano & D-nnis Rivera became the first ever WWL World ‘Tríos’ champions after they defeated “Team Corporativo” – “Los Hermanos Rodríguez” (Víctor y Manuel) & the bodyguard “Caifas”.

- “Mystery of Fear” – Spectro & Kronya defeated Syler Andrews & Sr. C. (Andrews and Sr. C came in to replace Aquiles and Atlas. I have been told that Aquiles did contact WWL before the show to let them know that he would be unable to make it due to an unforeseen situation at his workplace. On the other hand, Atlas did not call or show up for the show. This was sort of the second opportunity for Atlas, who after “Insurrection” in October had resigned and left the company.

- “El Léon” Apolo with “La Diosa” Habana defeated “El Rabioso Original” Mr. Big after applying his “filomena” sidekick for the pin. This match was brutal, in a really good way. These two gentlemen went all over the arena hitting each other with anything they could find. After the match, Mr. Big attacked Apolo and Habana tried to get him to stop, only to be attacked herself by Mistress Glenda Lee, who came out of the locker rooms to help Big. Habana was stretchered out of the ringside area. Interesting pairing here with Mistress Glenda Lee and Mr. Big. We will see where this leads too.

Shane “The Glamour Boy” came out for his title defense. WWL’s Director of Operations, Savio Vega, came out and told Shane that as he already knew, Roode was not there. However, he had a surprise for him, as the man he would be facing was someone “que no es facil!” (who is not easy to deal with). The music played and none other than “The Precious One” Gilbert came out to a loud crowd reaction.

- Shane “The Glamour Boy” retained his WWL World title after he defeated Gilbert with the “elbow from the heavens”. After the match Gilbert attacked Shane and out came Savio Vega to the ring area. Vega told Shane that he may have overcome the obstacle he placed in front of him this time, but he will have a surprise for him come January 6th at “Guerra de Reyes” in San Juan. A video then played on the two big screens and it showed “El Patron” Alberto (Del Rio) sending a message to Shane letting him know that he will be facing him on January 6th and that he is coming for the title. There was a huge pop from the crowd when he “El Patron” was shown on the screen. However, WWL’s president, Richard Negrin, came out right after that after the video and told Savio that he appreciated his creativity, but the main event for the WWL title at “Guerra de Reyes” would be now be a Triple Threat Match between Shane, “El Patron” Alberto and none other than “El Mesias” Ricky Banderas. At that time Banderas was shown on the screen as he also sent a video message for the fans talking about returning to Puerto Rico and coming to WWL. The crowd just went crazy for this one. It was a truly great moment in the evening and the crowd seemed very happy with both announcements.

- WWL World Tag Team champions Thunder & Lightning and TNA Tag Team champions “The Revolution” James Storm & Abyss went on to have a war that ended up with a double count-out. The two teams went at it and did not disappoint with this match, which made sense to end the way it ended as neither champion lost. During the match, Lightning was taken to the back due to heavy bleeding, but later came back to make a save and brawl with Storm and Abyss. After the match was called, “Mystery of Fear” (Spectro & Kronya) came and to attack “La Artilleria Pesada”, so this could be the start of a program between these two teams going into the next event.

- In what was a phenomenal sequel to their first match, “Sensacional” Carlitos defeated Mr. 450. Like their first encounter, this match had a really good balance of all the elements that make for a great bout and these two gentlemen really left everything they had in that ring. Sequels, in movies or any other realm of entertainment, normally do not deliver as well as the original. However, this match was just as good, if not better, than their first. The crowd was into it from beginning to end and remained on their feet for almost the entire match. “Esto es lucha!” (This is wrestling!) was heard quite a few times throughout the duration of this match. I definitely recommend you go out of your way to watch it when it is made available. During the match, “El Dueno del Mundo” Hiram Tua interfered and attacked both Carlitos and Mr. 450, but it had no effect on the outcome of the match. This appearance marks the return of Tua to the local wrestling scene after a few years of staying away from it. After the match was over, Carlitos offered his hand to Mr. 450 and they embraced in a hug in the middle of the ring, with the crowd just going crazy, only for 450 to turn back and attack Carlitos. During the attack, 450’s mentor and teacher, Invader #3, came into the ring to pull him away and question his actions. 450 then started to attack his mentor. When Carlitos saw what was happening, he launched himself on top of Invader #3 to take the hits and kicks from Mr. 450, this way protecting Invader #3 from further harm. The event concluded with this angle and left everyone wondering what will happen next in this rivalry.

As I have stated, this was just a really solid event that had good stories, good wrestling and a very hot crowd that complimented the product that was being presented in the ring. Without a doubt, WWL has brought two high caliber events, not only with the big time elements (lighting, stage, big screens, pyro…), but most importantly with the stories and wrestling inside the ring. The fanbase here in the island seems to have been re-energized and the passion has started to come back. You can see this in the reactions during the shows and how involved they have been during the matches throughout both events. The element of surprise has gotten the attention of those that were seeking that as a part of the show that has been missing in the wrestling scene in Puerto Rico for a while now. Now the company moves to a larger arena for their next event due the positive response from the fan base.

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