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WWL Insurrection - 18 октомври 2014


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WWL (World Wrestling League)


October 18th, 2014

Bayamon, Puerto Rico


WWL World Heavyweight Title Match


"Glamour Boy" Shane vs. Monster Pain © (w/ Mistress Glenda Lee)

WWL World Tag Team Title Match

The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) vs. Mr. E & Chris Angel

Puerto Rico vs. Mexico vs. Dominican Republic Triple Threat Match to crown the first ever WWL America’s champion


"The Phenomenon" BJ vs. Laredo Kid vs. "The Golden Latino" Joe Bravo

Extreme Rules Match to crown the first ever WWL Extreme champion


Sabu vs. Balls Mahoney


The Gods of Olympus ("The Lion" Apolo & Atlas, w/ “The Goddess” Habanna) vs. "The Gold Mine" D-Nniss Rivera & Mr. Big


"The Sensational" Carlitos vs. "Mr. 450" Hammett



Ivelisse Velez vs. Black Rose


Battle Royal


Aquiles, Erik Scorpion, Prince Xander, Joseph RPM, Los Arabes, Dimmes, Barbie Boy and more


Also on the show:



"The Greatest Boricua" Savio Vega (WWL Director of Operations)

El Profe

Jose Chaparro


and more!

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WWL (World Wrestling League)


October 18th, 2014

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

3,000-5,000 fans

Axel Cruz opened the show. There were fireworks from the ring posts.

1. Stefano beat El Paparrazi. Joe Doe Smith was the special guest referee. He helped Stefano get the win.

WWL Director of Operation Savio Vega and WWL President Richard Negrin came out next for a promo. Savio promised to take WWL to great heights, while the crowd chanted "Yes". D-Nniss Rivera (Savio's younger brother) came out and appeared to be on board with his brother's direction, but then revealed that he will not get in line and do as he's told. Savio had his mic cut off, but D-Nniss pulled out a megaphone (the crowd popped big for that). Mr. 450, Joe Bravo and the Rodriguez Brothers ran in, all dressed in suits, and attacked D-Nniss. Savio joined them as well and was revealed to be their leader.

2. Ivelisse Velez beat Black Rose.

3. Prince Xander eliminated Erik Scorpion to win the battle royal. All of the participants in the match were indy wrestlers.

4. Extreme Rules Match for the WWL Extreme Title: Sabu beat Balls Mahoney to become the first WWL Extreme champion! Sabu had a manager with him.

5. Triple Threat Match for the WWL America’s Title: Laredo Kid beat Joe Bravo and BJ to become the first WWL America's champion! Laredo won with help from Jose Chaparro (who had a big bodyguard with him).

6. The Gods of Olympus (Apolo & Atlas) beat Mr. Big & Noel Rodriguez. Due to the beatdown earlier in the show D-Nniss Rivera couldn't be in the match so he was replaced by his old tag team partner Noel Rodriguez. Apolo & Atlas won when Mr. Big turned on Noel. Out came Savio Vega and the rest of his heel group and they destroyed Noel. D-Nniss Rivera tried to make the save, but Mr. Big stopped him. Meanwhile, Apolo was standing outside of the ring contemplating whether or not he should get involved. He finally decided to help Noel & D-Nniss, but the numbers got the best of him. Then BJ, Niche and Stefano ran in through the crowd and cleared the ring. Apolo left the ring. D-Nniss, Noel, BJ, Niche & Stefano all put bandanas on and D-nniss announced that this was the new La Rabia.

7. Mr. 450 beat Carlitos.

8. WWL World Tag Team Title Match: The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) beat Mr. E & Abbad to become the new WWL World Tag Team champions! Towards the end of the match El Profe came out with a briefcase, the lights went out and when they came back on Thunder & Lightning had their old masks back on and won the match.

9. WWL World Heavyweight Title Match: Shane beat Monster Pain © to become the new WWL World Heavyweight champion! Out came several babyfaces to celebrate Shane's win and close the show off.



WWL Insurrection music video:




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