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WWC Aniversario 41 - 25 октомври 2014


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WWC (World Wrestling Council)

"Aniversario 41" (iPPV)

October 25th, 2014

Caguas, Puerto Rico



El Invader #1 vs. El Bronco #1

Extreme Rules Match


Miguel Perez Jr. vs. Huracan Castillo Jr.

WWC Universal Title


Carlito vs. "The Power" The Mighty Ursus © (w/ "The Puerto Rican Tycoon" Juan Manuel Ortega)

Puerto Rico vs. Mexico


"Mr. Raytings" Ray Gonzalez vs. "The Mexican Superman" Hernandez

WWC World Tag Team Title Match


Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando, w/ El Torrito) vs. The Templars (Lord William de la Vega & "Superstar" Ash, w/ "The Puerto Rican Tycoon" Juan Manuel Ortega) ©

WWC Puerto Rico Title Match

Gilbert © vs. "The Illegal One" Chicano


Pelayito Vazquez vs. Angel "Fashion" Perez (w/ Vanilla Vargas)

Also in action:

Slash Venom

and more!

На предишния и на следващия ден има още две Aniversario шоута, но те са второстепенни.

И трите шоута са посветени на "The King of Wrestling" Chicky Starr:


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WWC (World Wrestling Council)

"Aniversario 41" (iPPV)

October 25th, 2014

Caguas, Puerto Rico

3,000 fans

1. Mike Mendoza beat Slash Venom.

2. AJ Castillo, Rikochet, Angel Cotto & Xix Xavant beat David Montes, Samuel Adams, Bouncer Bob & Bouncer Bruno.

Angel Perez attacked Tommy Diablo backstage.

3. Pelayito Vazquez beat Angel Perez. The referee got bumped so Vanilla tried to interfere but was her interference was not successful. Pelayito hit Angel with a frog splash and Tommy Diablo ran in to make the count.

4. WWC Puerto Rico Title Match: Chicano beat Gilbert © to become the new champion! David Montes interfered but hit Gilbert by accident. Chicano then hit Gilbert with a KO punch to secure his victory.

5. WWC Universal Title: The Mighty Ursus © beat Carlito to retain his Title. At one point Juan Manuel Ortega gave a fork to Ursus, who tried to use it on Carlito, but Carlito took it and used it on Ursus instead. In the end Carlito hit Ursus with a backstabber and was about to defeat him, but Ortega pulled the referee out of the ring. Carlito went outside and spit some apple in Ortega's face, but when he got back in the ring Ursus hit him with a front slam and covered him for the win.

6. Ray Gonzalez beat Hernandez. Hernandez came out with a mariachi band. Gonzalez won the Fenix Landing (TKO). Afterwards, however, Hernandez speared him through a table, which was set up in the corner, and covered his body with the Mexican flag.

Up next was a tribute to Chicky Starr. The commission presented Chicky with two plates and a gift. Chicky invited his children and other people in the ring. His daughter paid her respects to Victor the Bodyguard. She then presented her father with a crown and cape. Then a video of Jerry "The King" Lawler played where he said he's coming to WWC on January 3rd to face Chicky Starr to see who the real king of wrestling is. Chicky said he's up for the challenge.

7. El Invader #1 vs. El Bronco #1 ended in a double disqualification. Bronco bled a lot. The the original referee got taken out so Tommy Diablo ran in to referee the match. Both guys ended up hitting Diablo, when he tried to stop them from fighting, so he ended the match and declared it a double DQ. Invader and Bronco continued brawling and officials came out to separate them.

8. Extreme Rules Match: Miguel Perez Jr. beat Huracan Castillo Jr. via disqualification. The two brawled all over the place. Steel chairs and a ladder were used. The Templars (Ash & William de la Vega) ran in and attacked Perez, which lead to the DQ.

9. WWC World Tag Team Title Match: The Templars (William de la Vega & Ash) © beat Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) to retain their Titles. The Templars won with help from Huracan Castillo. Miguel Perez then ran in and... helped Huracan attack Los Matadores! They then challenged them to remove their masks and Los Matadores did, revealing themselves to be Primo and Epico. Primo and Epico closed off the show with a promo.

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