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WWC Septiembre Negro - 6 септември 2014


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World Wrestling Council (WWC)

"Septiembre Negro: Night 1"

September 6th, 2014

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

WWC Universal Title Match


Mason Ryan vs. Mighty Ursus © (w/ "The Puerto Rican Tycoon" Juan Manuel Ortega)


"Mr. Raytings" Ray Gonzalez vs. "El Patron's Messenger" Ricardo Rodriguez


"The Illegal One" Chicano vs. "The Greatest Puerto Rican" Savio Vega

WWC World Tag Team Title Match


The Caribbean Express (Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguel Perez Jr.) vs. The Templars ("Lord" William de la Vega & "Superstar" Ash) ©

Battle Royal for the Carlos Colon Cup



Ray Gonzalez

Mighty Ursus

Savio Vega

Mason Ryan

Chicky Starr


Miguel Perez Jr.

Huracan Castillo Jr.

William de la Vega


Xix Xavant

Samson Walker

David Montes

and more

El Invader #1 Returns


"The Precious One" Gilbert hosts a live edition of "Gilbert's Opinion"


WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Loser Becomes a Referee


"Mr. San Juan" Tommy Diablo © vs. Angel "Fashion" Perez

"The Lost Soul" Xix Xavant & "The Juvenile" Mike Mendoza vs. The Bouncers (Bob & Bruno)

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World Wrestling Council (WWC)

"Septiembre Negro: Night 1"

September 6th, 2014

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

2,000 fans

The show began with Willie Urbina welcoming the fans and announcing that the 41st WWC anniversary show will be on October 25th at Coliseo Hector Sola Bezares in Caguas. Juan Manuel Ortega and Ricardo Rodriguez came out and chased Urbina away. They then then proceeded to insult Puerto Rico and the fans and sang the Mexican national anthem.

1. Mike Mendoza & Angel Cotto beat Los Bouncers (Bob & Bruno).

Backstage interviews with Chicano and Savio Vega.

2. Chicano beat Savio Vega. Afterwards Savio attacked Chicano with his trademark baseball bat. Referees and the commission ran in to prevent Savio from doing further damage.

Willie Urbina interviewed Carlos Colon backstage.

3. WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Angel Perez beat Tommy Diablo © to become the new champion! As per the stipulation of the match Diablo must now become a referee. Diablo was dominating the match but then Perez faked an ankle injury. At one point a mystery woman showed up and started interfering in the match, just as Diablo was starting to make a comeback, and finally her interference ended up costing Diablo the match. Perez and the woman celebrated afterwards.

El Invader #1 came out to address the fans and thank them for their support during this difficult time for him and his family [his house burned down a while back). El Bronco made a surprise return to WWC to confront Invader. Bronco said that he’s known Invader for 20 years and Invader never respected the fans. He said he knows on the Internet everyone trash talks Invader, and Invader is filled with revenge and hates the fans. Invader said that after all he’s been through he can’t put up with any crap right now and told Bronco to shut up. Invader walked off but Bronco attacked him with Brass Knux and left him covered in blood.

4. Battle Royal for the Carlos Colon Cup: Mighty Ursus won the Cup. The other participants in the match were: Ray Gonzalez, Mason Ryan, Savio Vega, Miguel Perez Jr., Huracan Castillo Jr., Ash, William de la Vega, Xix Xavant, Chicano, Rikochet, Samuel Adams, Angel Cotto, Mike Mendoza, Los Bouncers, Chicky Starr, David Montes, Samson Walker and Angel Perez. Tommy Diablo was one of the referees. Carlos Colon came out to award Ursus with the Cup. Juan Manuel Ortega, Ursus's manager, took the microphone and said that this is now the Ursus Cup, not the Carlos Colon Cup. Colon did not approve, so Ursus smashed the Cup and destroyed it. Colon attacked Ortega, but Ursus attacked him from behind. Colon managed to turn the tide and lock the figure four on Ursus, but Ursus reversed it and then hit his finisher on Colon 3 times. Several referees came out to help Carlos.


Live edition of "Gilbert's Opinion" with El Bronco as the guest was up next. Gilbert said that he considered Bronco his friend but after seeing what he did to Invader earlier tonight he now considers Bronco to be his brother. The two hugged. Bronco then talked smack about Invader.

5. Ray Gonzalez beat Ricardo Rodriguez. Gonzalez submitted him with the figure four leglock. Afterwards Gonzalez took the mic and told Ricardo to tell Alberto el Patron (Alberto Del Rio) to do his work himself instead of sending others to do it for him. He then addressed Alberto and said that when they fight the result will be the same - he will make him submit, just like he did Ricardo.

6. WWC Universal Title Match: Mighty Ursus © (w/ Juan Manuel Ortega) beat Mason Ryan to retain his Title.

7. WWC World Tag Team Title Match: The Templars (William de la Vega & Ash) © beat The Caribbean Express (Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguel Perez Jr.) to retain their Titles. The champions retained due to miscommunication between Perez and Castillo. Perez and Castillo argued afterwards and Castillo attacked Perez. Referees came out to aid Perez, but Castillo laid them out too.



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