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AJPW - 27 юли 2014


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July 27th, 2014

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1,378 Fans

1. SUSHI beat Menso~re Oyaji (4:46) via Pole Line Skipjack.

2. Dory Funk Jr., Osamu Nishimura & Yutaka Yoshie beat Takao Omori, Masanobu Fuchi & Ultimo Dragon (12:12) via Spinning Toe Hold by Funk on Fuchi.

3. Zeus & Hideki Suzuki beat KENSO & Kengo Mashimo (12:46) via Jackhammer by Zeus on KENSO.

4. #1-Contender All Asia Tag Team Titles: Kento Miyahara & Kotaro Suzuki beat Jun Akiyama & Yoshinobu Kanemaru - Referee Stop (9:07) via Snake Limit Miyahara on Akiyama.

5. All Asia Tag Team Titles: Shigehiro Irie & Keisuke Ishii © beat Mitsuya Nagai & Takeshi Minamino (16:35) via Heel Kick by Ishii on Minamino. (4th Defense)

6. AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Atsushi Aoki © beat Hikaru Sato (16:47) via Cross Armbreaker. (2nd Defense)

7. Triple Crown: Joe Doering beat Suwama © (21:11) via Revolution Bomb - Title change!

= Just like Omori before him, Suwama lost the Triple Crown in his first defense. Doering is now the 50th generation champion, winning the Title for the first time in his career. Mutual respect was shown by Suwama and Doering afterwards. The other two members of Evolution, Sato and Aoki, came out to congratulate the new champion.

= After his successful Jr. Heavyweight Title defense Aoki announced that he accepts Suwama's invitation to join Evolution.

= KENSO tried helping his Dark Kingdom stablemates win the All Asia Tag Team Title match but ultimately they failed to capture the Titles.

= Go Shiozaki came out after the third match dressed in Frankenstein type scar makeup for a PR spot for the movie "iFrankenstein". Shiozaki stated that he is completely recovered and ready for his return to competition on August 16th.

= Zeus announced that he wants to join All Japan full-time.

= "brother" YASSHI made a surprise appearance and announced that he will be competing on the August 16th show. No word on if anyone else from VOODOO MURDERS will be involved.

= After his loss in the opener Oyaji removed his mask revealing himself as Yohei Nakajima (formerly of Toryumon/Dragondoor/El Dorado). Yohei announced that going forward he will be competing as himself and stated that he wants to join All Japan full-time.

= At the star of the show Akebono announced that he'll make his in-ring return on August 16th at Korakuen Hall. He also said he wants to reclaim the Triple Crown, which he was lost due to health reasons and not by a loss.



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