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W-1 IMPACT - 6 юли 2014


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July 6th, 2014

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

1. Andy Wu & Daiki Inaba vs. Tokyo Gurentai (NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA)

2. W-1 vs. DESPERADO: Shuji Kondo, Yasufumi Nakanoue & Hiroki Murase vs. DESPERADO (Ryouji Sai, René Duprée & KAZMA SAKAMOTO)

3. ASW British Light Heavyweight Title: Dean Allmark © vs. Seiki Yoshioka

4. EWP Intercontinental Title: Leon van Gasteren © vs. Hiroshi Yamato

5. Manabu Soya & Ryota Hama vs. Yoshihiro Takayama & Taiyo Kea

6. W-1 vs. TNA: TAJIRI & Yusuke Kodama vs. Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud

7. TNA World Tag Team Title: The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) © vs. Junior Stars (Minoru Tanaka & Koji Kanemoto)

8. ZERO1 World Heavyweight Title: Kohei Sato © vs. Masakatsu Funaki

9. Hair vs. Unit Dissolution Special Singles Match: KAI vs. Masayuki Kono

10. Special Singles Match: Seiya Sanada vs. Great Muta

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Репортаж от днешната пресконференция. Вторият параграф съдържа TNA спойлери.


WRESTLE-1 held a press conference before their big show at the Ryogoku Kokugikan tomorrow. Here are the highlights:

Muto kicked things off by stating that he is pleased that he can offer wrestling from all over the world at this weekend's show and that he hopes the fans will be pleased by what is offered. WRESTLE-1 will be coming up to their first full year as a promotion in just 2 months and he wants to make sure that statements can be made and set by that time. He wished everyone the best of luck tomorrow and that they do their best in the ring as well.

The biggest announcement of the press event was that the TNA X Division title will no longer be contended in the main event as Seiya Sanada lost the belt before this event. Sanada stated that even though this match will not see the belt in defense that it will still very much a meaningful match. He said he was champion for almost 4 months and he has certainly grown tremendously in that time. He also acknowledged his attack on Great Muta in the USA back on 6/25 by stating that he was jealous for all the publicity that Muta was given while he himself has been working in TNA for months on in. He knew that attacking Muta would make a statement. Keiji Muto stated that he is not aware of what Great Muta will do at Ryogoku but he stated that Sanada does indeed have a bright future ahead of him. He stated he knows that Great Muta does have at least one good match left in him and he wished Sanada the best of luck in the match.

KAI then got his chance to talk and he quickly acknowledged that DESPERADO has clearly overstayed their welcome in WRESTLE-1 and they are no longer needed. He is completely confident that he will win tomorrow and rid WRESTLE-1 of the nuisance. Kono then spoke up and said that what the “self-proclaimed ace” is saying is just funny. DESPERADO is only in its beginning and tomorrow will see a whole new chapter in their legacy. Kono then asked KAI what he would prefer tomorrow clippers or scissors. If KAI is so full of wisdom of what is going to happen that he will make him a Buddhist priest with his bald head.

Masakatsu Funaki stated that it is his purpose to protect the “sign of WRESTLE-1” and that he is more than prepared to face Kohei Sato tomorrow. Though that is not to say he is not aware of what Kohei is capable of doing in the ring and that he is champion for that very reason. Funaki has already tasted defeat by Kohei’s hands, but part of his skills is being able to learn and adapt to any match.

The TNA World Tag champions where then up to say a few words about their match against Junior Stars. Davey stated that their opponents are great and he is glad to get the chance to work with Kanemoto once more. That he has also studied Minoru throughout the years as well. Eddie acknowledged that the last time they were in Japan that they lost the belts, but this time around is a different story as there is no third team involved to get in the way. He is also ready to face to legends from Japan and hopes for a great match. Junior Stars were then up as Minoru stated that he wants to compete in America once more, let alone to have the chance to become an American champion. He noted that he is a bit jealous of Sanada’s success so far, but that it has also opened the door more as well. Kanemoto as well acknowledge the chance of competing in America and that he is also ready to face Richards once more in the ring. He knows the talent that Richards has, but he has only see Eddie’s from the sideline’s. He is hoping that everyone shows their best tomorrow.

TAJIRI and Yusuke Kodama will be making their debuts as WRESTLE-1 affiliated wrestlers tomorrow at Ryogoku and he said that this is a big step for his protege Yusuke Kodama to compete on such a big stage. TAJIRI also mentioned that it is time for him to re-awaken himself as he starts on a new path. Kodama stated that this indeed his first ever match at the legendary Ryogoku and that does indeed bring a bit of nervousness a long with it. But he is ready to take a much needed step up in his career as he takes on two American class wrestlers. TAJIRI & Kodama also had some words about the TNA wrestlers' choice of attires saying they looked more like a comedy act than wrestlers. Ethan Carter III stated that he knows who TAJIRI is by watching him over the years in ECW & WWE/F. He is grateful for the chance to face against someone he grew up watching. Rockstar Spud asked the TAJIRI & Kodama what is so funny, how can the Japanese be so disrespectful. Spud then challenged TAJIRI and stated that there will be no green mist and that the green mist is obsolete.

Leon Van Gasteren stated that he is glad to be back in Japan and to return as champion. He stated that Yamato did ask for one more match after their first encounter at the last Ryogoku show on March 2nd, but it doesn’t matter as the outcome will be the same. That he will go back home to Germany with the belt once more. Yamato stated that he is prepared this time for the rematch and that the completely understands how the rules will work as well now. He stated that this could very well be his last chance to win the belt and he asks the fans to miss this match as he will give his all to be champion.

Then lastly, Dean Allmark will be defending his Bristish Light-Heavyweight belt against Seiki Yoshioka. Dean stated that it is his dream to compete in Japan and he is more than excited to finally be able to make it a reality. He stated that he is ready to prove himself as a champion and is ready for a great match against his Japanese opponent. Seiki stated that this is his second title opportunity since being in WRESTLE-1 and that he is not willing to just let this opportunity to just slip through his fingers once more. He says he is completely focused on the match ans that he is ready to win.

Освен това, преди няколко дена W-1 обявиха, че телевизията, която излъчва TNA в Япония (G+) ще излъчи шоуто на живо. Легендарният Kenta Kobashi и контузеният Kaz Hayashi ще бъдат двама от коментаторите

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July 6th, 2014

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

4,800 Fans

1. Andy Wu & Daiki Inaba beat NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA (8:23) with a Diving Headbutt by Inaba on MAZADA.

2. WRESTLE-1 vs. DESPERADO: Ryouji Sai, René Duprée & KAZMA SAKAMOTO beat Shuji Kondo, Yasufumi Nakanoue & Hiroki Murase (7:34) with a Nachi Waterfall by Sai on Murase.

3. British Light Heavyweight Title: Seiki Yoshioka beat Dean Allmark © (10:07) with a Swanton Bomb - Title change!

4. EWP Intercontinental Title: Hiroshi Yamato beat Leon van Gasteren © (R4 1:40) with a Northern Light Bomb - Title change!

5. Yoshihiro Takayama & Taiyo Kea beat Manabu Soya & Ryota Hama (8:54) with a Surfing Drop by Kea on Hama.

6. WRESTLE-1 vs. TNA: TAJIRI & Yusuke Kodama beat Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud (10:50) with a Buzzsaw Kick by TAJIRI on Spud.

7. TNA World Tag Team Title: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards © beat Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka (15:45) with a Force of Nature by Richards on Tanaka.

8. ZERO1 World Heavyweight Title: Masakatsu Funaki beat Kohei Sato © (12:11) via Referee Stop (Sleeper Hold) - Title change!

9. Hair vs. Unit Dissolution Special Singles Match: Masayuki Kono beat KAI (15:01) with a Giant Kneedrop.

10. Special Singles Match: Great Muta beat Seiya Sanada (9:53) with a Moonsault Press.

= Following his loss, Sanada stated that he might leave WRESTLE-1 for good.

= After his win Kono stated that now there is no denying that DESPERADO is the top team in WRESTLE-1. Kono ignored KAI and him having to shave his head, and out of frustration KAI began shaving his own head, while his second Manabu Soya was there for support. KAI then admitted that he is not the ace of WRESTLE-1 like he had claimed all this time and left the ring in shame.

= Sato fell in his 2nd title defense. Funaki is now the 17th generation champion. Funaki stated that he protected the WRESTLE-1 banner, and that he will carry the banner wherever he goes as champion.

= The Wolves and Junior Stars shook hands after their TNA tag team title match. After they exited the ring The Wolves got into an argument with Hayashi & Kondo who were sitting at the broadcast table.

= Kodama spoke on the mic for the first time in W-1 and stated that he is not here to make friends. He is here to make his name known.

= W-1 announced that their next Ryogoku show will be on November 1st and it will be in honor of Keiji Mutoh’s 30th anniversary as a professional wrestler. The show's name will be "HOLD OUT".

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