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Global Force Entertainment (компанията на Jeff Jarrett)


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Резултати от първите GFW Amped TV записи:

1. GFW NEX*GEN Title Tournament: PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) beat Seiya Sanada.
TNA's Bobby Roode came out for a heel promo. He was using his TNA entrance music. Roode vowed to take the Global Title to TNA because Jeff Jarrett took the King of the Mountain Title away from him and TNA. He said he is going to win the GFW Global Title so he can go back to Florida and TNA and put it on Dixie Carter's mantelpiece. Nick Aldis came out and ripped on Dixie Carter and Roode saying they have no respect for the fans, the boys in the back or the business. Aldis said he is going to lead GFW into the promise land by winning the title and called Roode's attitude a disgrace, Kongo Kongo came out and attacked Aldis from behind. Roode took advantage of this and stomped away on Aldis, then put a crossface on him and refused to let go until security came out.

2. Misterioso Jr., Zokre & Phoenix Star beat Blood Eagle, Steve Pain & Bestia 666.

Out came Henry Maxwell to chants of "Who are you?". He started to sing "America the Beautiful" to a chorus of boos when the Akbars came out and attacked Maxwell. The Akbars cut a promo in Arabic and said they want the GFW Tag Titles. Then out came the Bollywood Boys with a couple of Bollywood style female dancers. That led to the next match.

3. GFW Tag Team Title Tournament: The Bollywood Boys (Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra) beat The Akbars (Mohammad Akbar & Omar Akbar).

4. KUSHIDA beat Virgil Flynn by submission.

Karen Jarrett came out for a promo. Karen said that she is going to make sure the ladies are not overlooked in GFW. She said a ladies match will be the main event tonight. Then Lei'D Tapa came out with her husband and manager Big Red. Tapa's husband complained that Mickie James is old news. Karen said unlike Tapa, she doesn't need her husband to talk for her. She said all Tapa needs to do is win her match. This led to Karen booking the advertised three-way match next.
5. GFW Women's Title Tournament: Christina Von Eerie beat Mickie James and Lei'D Tapa (w/ Big Red).
6. GFW NEX*GEN Title Tournament: Jigsaw beat Sonjay Dutt.
Former UFC fighter and now GFW commentator Chael Sonnen came out next to cut a heel promo. Sonnen said he's the man and we all suck. Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni was in the crowd and Sonnen called him Phil the Jabroni. Sonnen said if they fought again, he would win. Sonnen then brought out Virgil Flynn. He said Flynn impressed Jeff Jarrett with his performance against KUSHIDA and is now in the NEX*GEN Title tournament. Flynn was about to speak but was interrupted by PJ Black, who told him, "Great showing tonight," then shook his hand and proceeded to superkick him. Black left.

7. GFW Global Title Tournament: Chris Mordetzky (Chris Masters) beat Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins).

8. Reno SCUM (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) beat Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star).
9. GFW Global Title Tournament: Bobby Roode beat Kevin Kross via submission.
Jeff Jarrett was out next to thank the Orleans Arena executives for making this the new home for GFW TV. He thanked the athletes in the back, the fans, and everyone for their support. He said that Shelton Benjamin, Killer Elite Squad and the Bullet Club are coming soon to GFW. Booby Roode interrupted Jarrett. He said he's the man and ripped on Jarrett and the GFW roster. Jarrett replied by booking Roode against Eric Young in the next match of the tournament. Jarrett left as Roode thought about this new development.
Henry Maxwell came out to introduce Kongo Kong.

10. GFW Global Title Tournament: Nick Aldis (Magnus) beat Kongo Kong (w/ Henry Maxwell).



https://twitter.com/GFWWrestling => тук има доста снимки и клипове от шоуто.


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Шокиран съм като за първо шоу колко хора са събрали. Дано скоро изкарат няква TV сделка, че както пишеше в другата тема - TNA, September is coming :D

☝️30.08.2020 - 07.04.2024☝️

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The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra) vs. The Akbars (Mohammad Akbar & Omar Akbar)      

Kултово име за отбор , станах им фен.Интересно ми е какъв ли им е образа :) ?


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Всъщност нещата поне за момента не са много цветущи за компанията. Излизат доста информации, че за първите им TV записи са се раздавали яко безплатни билети. Разбира се, все още са в твърде начален стадий на развитие, но определено се нуждаят от повече реклама.

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Card за вторите TV записи:


GFW Global Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
Chris Mordetzky (Chris Masters) vs. Nick Aldis (Magnus)
GFW Global Title Tournament Round 1 Match
Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young
GFW Global Title Tournament Round 1 Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. JR Kratos
GFW Tag Team Title Tournament Round 1 Match
Bullet Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) vs. Killer Elite Squad (Lance Hoyt & Davey Boy Smith Jr.)
GFW Tag Team Title Tournament Round 1 Match
Tease N Sleaze (Kenny King & Joey Ryan) vs. Cielo Misterioso (Misterioso Jr. & ?)
GFW NEX*GEN Title Tournament Round 1 Match
Andrew Everett vs. TJ Perkins (Manik)

NEX*GEN Title Tournament Round 1 Match
Trevor Lee vs. Virgil Flynn

GFW Women's Title Tournament Round 1 Match
Candice LeRae vs. Amber Gallows vs. Katarina Waters (Winter/Katie Lea Burchill)

PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) and The Akbars (Ali & Omar Akbar) vs. Sonjay Dutt and Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)

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 Следващите тв записи във Вегас (23-ти октомври):


GFW Global Championship Final
? vs. ?

GFW NEX*GEN Championship Final
PJ Black vs. Virgil Flynn vs. Jigsaw vs. TJP

GFW Tag Team Championship semifinal
Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) vs. Teaze N Sleaze (Joey Ryan & Jacob Austin Young)

GFW Tag Team Championship semifinal
The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra) vs. Whirlwind Gentlemen (Remy Marcel & Jack Manley)

GFW Women’s Championship Final
Christina Von Eerie vs. Amber Gallows

GFW Global Championship contenders match
Brian Myers vs. Kongo Kong (w/ Henry Maxwell) vs. Kevin Kross

GFW NEX*GEN Contenders match
Sonjay Dutt vs. Seiya Sanada

Bestia 666 vs. Cielo Escorpian

Also appearing:

Jeff Jarrett
Karen Jarrett
Nick Aldis
Bobby Roode
Chael Sonnen
Chris Mordetzky
The Masked Saint

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GFW + продуцентската компания зад шоута като American Ninja Warrior & Hell's Kitchen =


A. Smith & Co., Global Force to create wrestling format


American Ninja Warrior producer A. Smith & Co. Productions has partnered with Nashville-based Global Force Wrestling (GFW) to produce a revamped wrestling format.


Under the deal, the two companies will create a new wrestling format within the sport while providing viewers with dramatic storylines and exclusive access to their favorite athletes.


The as-yet-untitled series will unite international wrestlers from across GFW’s roster with the event production style of A. Smith & Co. programs, such as Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen and NBC’s forthcoming Spartan Race.


Founded in 2014 by former WWF and WCW wrestler Jeff Jarrett, the professional wrestling company is attempting to expand the wrestling industry by reinventing fan interactivity, storytelling and entertainment to engage audiences across multiple platforms.


Jarrett previously served as co-founder and president of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).


“Global Force Wrestling is a complete reinvention of the sport that will really resonate with viewers – we’re taking what fans are traditionally used to seeing and flipping it on its head,” said Arthur Smith, CEO of A. Smith & Co. Productions, in a statement.


“All sports go through transitions, and wrestling is primed for its next evolution. We’re going to be adding a number of new features and elements that are going to completely change the entertainment level of the sport,” he continued.


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И какво сега, върви ли тази промоция, има ли някакво раздвижване? Нали щеше да е 3-тата кеч сила :D

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Кой пък е твърдял, че ще е третата кеч сила? Това според мен и самите продуценти не са се надявали, като се има предвид, че още първите записи на шоуто, се чудеха как да запълват празните места сред публиката. Просто се опитват да са релевантни, да са конкурентни на по-големите инди федерации и евентуално някой ден да им се получи.

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Аз съм го твърдял и държа на думите си. В момента разполагат с най-добрия roster от всички indy-та, Jarrett дърпа конците, остава им само подписване на тв сделка и нещата ще потръгнат. Поне аз съм оптимист за подобен развой.

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Във вчерашния епизод на IMPACT Karen Jarrett заяви, че GFW се е сляла с IMPACT Wrestling, така че явно това е финала на федерацията?

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GFW не е TNA, като стар фен на TNA няма да припознавам, спирам да тегля шолотата!!!!!!!!!!!

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Очаквано беше, защото си е конфликт на интереси Jarrett да ръководи две компании, със сходни цели, а е нужен на Impact Wrestlin full-time. Да не говорим, че Impact Wrestling има сходна визия и цели с GFW, а и Jarrett доведе ключовите имена от предишния му проект. Дано си е взел нужните поуки, защото репутацията му пое стабилен удар с пирамидните схеми и "златото", което се опитваше да продаде, чрез GFW.

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Guess who's back? :) И новото име на компанията на Jeff Jarrett е Global Force Entertainment (GFE).



FITE and Global Force Entertainment announce partnership for content development


May 24th, 2018 – New York – Today FITE TV and Global Force Entertainment (GFE) announced their partnership for GFE to develop sports and entertainment programming for the FITE combat sports platform. FITE is the premium digital network for live streaming of combat sports on a global basis.


Global Force Entertainment, led by industry veteran Jeff Jarrett, a recent inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, has been an innovator in the development of professional wrestling content starting with the launch of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2002. Jarrett, a third generation wrestling promoter, was born into the business learning from his father and grandmother the ins and outs of bringing live wrestling events to market using the latest technology available.


FITE currently has over 750,000 registered users for its programming that features Pro Wrestling, Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing. Since its launch in February of 2016, FITE has presented over 1000 live events from around the globe. Additionally, FITE has over 7500 hours of Video on Demand content available to its dedicated viewers. FITE is available as mobile app on iOs and Android mobile devices, on the web at www.FITE.tv and on the Roku, Apple TV and Android boxes.


In the relationship, GFE will be developing and acquiring wrestling events and ancillary wrestling programming for the FITE digital television platform. Additionally, GFE is working with Flipps Media Inc, (FITE’s parent company) to develop non-combat sports programming for a to-be-determined digital platform using the “best in class” streaming technology developed by Flipps.


“FITE has a long standing relationship with Jeff Jarrett dating back to the first ever live PPV event on the digital platform, NJPW WrestleKingdom 9”, said Michael Weber, FITE COO. “Currently we are working with Jeff on some very exciting programming for FITE that we will be announcing over the summer that help us to continue to be the number one digital platform for combat sports”.


“Currently FITE airs programming originating from over 30 different countries in the world for over 300 different live event promotions,” said Global Force Entertainment CEO, Jeff Jarrett. “FITE TV is the future of how fans will be watching their favorite combat sports programing. This is the right place for GFE programing.”


About FITE:


FITE brings premium combat sports programming to MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Pro Wrestling fans to watch live on every device. FITE proprietary cast-to-TV technology enables users to livestream instantly to over 350M connected TVs around the world with just their phones. The free-to-download mobile app works with any Wi-Fi connected television as well as streaming devices such as Chromecast, Playstation, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. FITE programming is also available at www.FITE.tv and on the Apple TV, Roku and Android set top boxes. FITE is a product of Flipps Media Inc, the digital entertainment company with patented technology for instant tap-to-TV streaming.


About Global Force Entertainment


The Nashville based, Global Force Entertainment (GFE) was founded in 2014 by WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling veteran Jeff Jarrett. GFE specializes in developing and acquiring events that take place in non-traditional settings featuring the stars from the pro wrestling and music world. For more information go to GlobalForceEntertainment.com.


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