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NJPW Invasion Attack - 6 април 2014


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April 6th, 2014

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

1. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title: The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) © vs. Kota Ibushi & El Desperado

2. Special 6-Man Tag Team Match: Kazushi Sakuraba, Yuji Nagata & Togi Makabe vs. Minoru Suzuki, TAKA Michinoku & Taichi

3. NWA World Tag Team Title: Rob Conway & Jax Dane © vs. TenKoji (Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan)

4. Wrestling vs. Jiu-jitsu MMA Fight: Takashi Iizuka & Toru Yano vs. Rolles Gracie Jr. & Daniel Gracie

5. Special Singles Match: Prince Devitt vs. Ryusuke Taguchi

6. Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI vs. Bad Luck Fale & Tama Tonga

7. NEVER Openweight Title: Tomohiro Ishii © vs. Tetsuya Naito

8. IWGP Tag Team Title: Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson © vs. Katsuyori Shibata & Hirooki Goto

9. IWGP Intercontinental Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

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April 6th, 2014

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

8,500 Fans – No Vacancy

1. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson © beat Kota Ibushi & El Desperado (11:47) when Matt pinned Desperado after the More Bang For Your Buck (3rd defense).

2. Special 6 Man Tag Match: Togi Makabe, Yuji Nagata & Kazushi Sakuraba beat Minoru Suzuki, TAKA Michinoku & Taichi (9:39) when Sakuraba used the Sakuraba Lock on Taichi.

3. NWA World Tag Team Title: Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima beat Rob Conway & Jax Dane © (10:36) when Tenzan used a moonsault press on Dane to become the 75th champions.

4. Wrestling vs. Jiu-jitsu MMA Fight: Daniel Gracie & Rolles Gracie beat Toru Yano & Takashi Iizuka (6:56) when Daniel used a cross kneelock on Iizuka.

5. Special Singles Match: Ryusuke Taguchi beat Prince Devitt (12:03) with the Dodon “the end”.

6. Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI beat Bad Luck Fale & Tama Tonga (8:43) when Okada used the Rainmaker on Tonga.

7. NEVER Openweight Title: Tomohiro Ishii © beat Tetsuya Naito (17:45) with a brainbuster (1st defense).

8. IWGP Tag Team Title: Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows © beat Hirooki Goto & Katsuyori Shibata (18:31) when Gallows pinned Goto after the Magic Killer (2nd defense).

9. IWGP Intercontinental Title: Shinsuke Nakamura beat Hiroshi Tanahashi © (26:49) with the Boma Ye to become the 8th champion.

It was his last chance after successive defeats to eternal rival Hiroshi Tanahashi this year, but Shinsuke Nakamura reclaimed “his” IWGP Intercontinental Title in the main event at Sumo Hall today, defeating Tanahashi. This was another great match between two of the world’s most talented pro wrestlers, with Tanahashi quite dominant. But after blocking one Boma Ye, Tanahashi found himself on the end of another and Shinsuke covered for the three count. Out came the Gracies, who earlier had continued their rampage by beating Yano & Iizuka. Daniel Gracie, whose handed Nakamura his only MMA loss back in 2002, challenged the 3-time champion to a match. Then out came Sakuraba and suggested a tag union with Nakamura to face the Gracies! So most likely it will be a tag match leading to a singles match between Nakamura and Daniel Gracie.

The newly formed team of Goto & Shibata failed to capture the IWGP Tag Team Title on first attempt, losing to Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows in the Americans’ V2 defense of the belts. Goto & Shibata had won a non-title match at Korakuen on March 6th, but couldn’t get the job done in the big title bout, Goto falling to the Magic Killer.

In another show-stealer, Tomohiro Ishii held on to the NEVER Openweight Title by defeating the same man he took the belt from, Tetsuya Naito, in hot match. This was action packed and could have gone either way, but Ishii, who has moved from lifelong undercarder to a prominent figure in recent months, spiked Naito with a brainbuster to keep the title. KUSHIDA challenged Ishii to a title shot backstage, so that is likely to be Ishii’s V2 defense.

It has been rumoured for a while and came to be. Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, invaded New Japan after Okada had pinned Tonga in the sixth match, laying the IWGP Heavyweight Champion out with the Styles Clash! Styles insulted Okada, told him he had been nothing during his excursion to TNA, said that he wanted the IWGP Heavyweight Title and revealed a Bullet Club t-shirt! Styles has signed a contract with New Japan and is there to stay!

AJ Styles’ Bullet Club membership came as Prince Devitt’s future was up in the air. Months of rumours of him joining WWE were followed by an unofficial “Loser Leaves Town” stipulation being added to his match against former tag partner Taguchi today. And Taguchi finally defeated the Bullet Club leader with a new variation of the Dodon. With the “Loser Leaves Town” stipulation never made official, Devitt’s future remains a mystery. He tried to shake hands with Taguchi after the match, suggesting he has seen the error of his dastardly ways. Many signs point to Styles replacing Devitt as leader of the Bullet Club, though. It should also be noted that the Young Bucks came out with Devitt for his match but eventually turned their backs on him.

One of Japan’s all-time greatest tag teams added yet another title to their collection as Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima defeated Rob Conway & Jax Dane to win the historic NWA World Tag Team Title after Tenzan pinned Dane. This makes Kojima a double champion as he also holds the NWA World Tag Team Title, showing that even the older stars of New Japan (Nagata is also the GHC Heavyweight Champion) are still relevant in the Japanese wrestling scene.

The Young Bucks opened the show with a successful V3 defense of the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Title over Ibushi & El Desperado. Just days ago, Nick Jackson failed in an attempt to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title from Ibushi, but saw some revenge today as he and Matt picked up the win, Matt pinning the masked man Desperado.


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