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Двете румънски кеч федерации


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В сферата на любопитното. Да видим какви ги вършат нашите съседи ръмънците. Обща тема за двете румънски инди кеч федерации.


Това е дебютното шоу на първата румънска инди федерация. Шефът/основателят на федерацията е шотландския кечист Tom Fulton, който е и треньора на кеч школата им в Букурещ. В шоуто ще има кечисти от Англия, Ирландия, Шотландия, Северна Ирландия, Холандия, Италия, Унгария, двама от "Parts Unknown" и първите двама ученици на румънската кеч школа.




RWA (Romanian Wrestling Alliance)
May 24th, 2014
Bucharest, Romania
Sala Antilopa



"The Monster from the Midlands" Thunder

"The Lord of the Manor" Paul Tracey

Nikki Storm

"Future Shock" Tom Fulton

"The Lowland Superstar" Glen Dunbar

"Local Hero" Joe Hendry

"The Beast of Belfast" Damian O'Connor

"The Modern Messiah" Gabriel Angelfyre



Audrey Bride

The White Machine

The Black Machine

The first two Source Wrestling School Romania graduates (Kid Romania & Badea Gheorghe)

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Изглежда интересно! 

[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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Paul Tracey го помня от AWR как подгони parcaleste.  Язък че не го хвана да му смени насилствено сексуалната ориентация  :D .


Браво на комшиите ,изпревариха ни ,тяхната мама влашка , но пък си нямат сънародник в WWE thefinger.gif .


P.S Фил ,остава да намериш инфо че някой от звездите на Винс всъщност е румънец и ще те зАстрелям . violent5.gif


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Paul Tracey го помня от AWR как подгони parcaleste.  Язък че не го хвана да му смени насилствено сексуалната ориентация...

Долна лъжа! Спре на два метра от мене и от тая дистанция само се заканваше и лакардисваше, the woose!

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RWA management are delighted to announce that the main event of our first show will be a massive battle between the biggest stars from all over the continent to win the newest prize in European Wrestling – RWA European Trophy. The new championship will be decided in an “over the top rope 'rumble' style match”. For those unsure, before the match begins, all competitors will draw a number at random. Those drawing numbers 1 and 2 will begin the match in the ring and a new wrestler will enter the match at 1 minute intervals. The aim of the match is to eliminate all other opponents by throwing them over the top rope and BOTH of their feet touching the floor. The last wrestler remaining in the ring will win the match and become the inaugural RWA European Trophy winner. With the top stars from all over Europe (representing 10 different nationalities) taking part, it's almost impossible to chose a favourite for this massive match! Due to the sheer mass of the Super Heavyweight stars Thunder and Damian O'Connor (who weigh a combined weight of over 280 KG), it's difficult to imagine anyone being capable of throwing either of them over the top rope, so both these stars must be considered favourites for the trophy. Italy's Kobra is well known for hiding and waiting for the most opportune moment to strike – this could give him the advantage and provide a path to glory. The ever unpredictable high flying missionary, Gabriel Angelfyre, has held championship gold all over Europe – perhaps this makes him a top pick to take home the trophy. Perhaps beginners luck could prevail and this massive international contest could be won by the debuting first ever Romanian professional wrestler! Due to the unpredictable nature of the randomly chosen numbers – anything could happen in this match! Who do you think will triumph in the first ever Revolution Rumble?


Without doubt this is the biggest grudge match of the night at “The Revolution”, a match 3 years in the making! Frustrated at never managing to gain a victory over the “Future Shock”, Glen Dunbar viciously attacked Fulton with a cane 3 years ago. While Doctors in Scotland told Fulton he'd never wrestle again, Scottish wrestling veteran Glen Dunbar continued his winning ways continuing to capture championship gold around the UK. Fulton travelled far and wide until he could find doctors willing to help him wrestle again. Luckily for wrestling fans in Romania – he found this in Bucharest, Romania. Over the last 3 years, Fulton has been receiving surgery and physiotherapy to finally allow him to return to his full time wrestling schedule. During this time Fulton has returned home to Scotland to challenge Dunbar several times, but every time circumstances prevented a singles match from taking place... While they have met briefly in tag team matches and battle royals over the last 3 years, the two have yet to meet in singles competition since the Future Shock's return. When helping to create the Romanian wrestling revolution that gave birth to RWA – Fulton had his sights set firmly on the villainous veteran Dunbar! Fulton has issued the challenge to Dunbar and has vowed to return the favour by ending both Dunbar's career and his one year + reign as “Pride Wrestling Heavyweight Champion”. Can the Future Shock keep his emotions under control in order to gain revenge and championship gold, or will Dunbar continue to dominate like he has against all challengers for his Heavyweight title?


Growing up on the war torn streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, the giant Damian O'Connor has had to fight everyday to get where he is now, one of the most decorated wrestlers in the Uk – having held over 15 championships in Scotland alone! However O'Connor has been on the rampage as of late! Since losing his Scottish Heavyweight Championship in January, The Beast of Belfast has been on the warpath all over the UK, wiping out everyone in his path until he regains championship gold. Once the most feared competitor in Europe, “The Monster from the Midlands” of England - Thunder - is making his much anticipated comeback from early retirement! Having previously defeated the biggest names in pro wrestling and becoming multi time World Heavyweight champion, Thunder is keen to show that he hasn't lost a step in his 3 years out of the ring. Romanian wrestling fans will be treated to this epic battle of “Super Heavyweights” as the Beast tackles Monster in a hard hitting brawl to decide who the best big man in Europe really is!


Joe Hendry is undoubtedly the fastest rising star in Scottish wrestling! Having impressed everyone everywhere he goes, we here at at RWA firmly believe, he will be making an impact all over the wrestling world in the near future! Despite being a relative newcomer to pro wrestling, Hendry is an accomplished grappler and holds a black belt in judo and regularly shows his judo background in the ring. Republic of Ireland's “Lord of the Manor” Paul Tracey is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished wrestlers in Europe today! Don't let his pompous, arrogant, upper class appearance fool you! Tracey is a wily veteran who uses deviously vicious tactics to win at all costs! Having wrestled all over the world (including Romania on an international tour run by American Wrestling Rampage) winning championships and taking on world famous stars wherever he goes, Tracey loves nothing more than humiliating peasants and celebrating with his 'Paul Tracey guys'. Will “The Lord of the Manor's” experience advantage be too much for the “Local Hero” or can Hendry live up to his promise.


This match will see all three international stars take on each other in an elimination 3 way dance. Wrestlers can only be eliminated by pinfall or submission and the winner can chose any number they'd like in the Revolution Rumble! It can be assumed the winner of this match will chose to be the last entrant in the rumble to give them the best opportunity to win the European trophy! This match is guaranteed to have all of the RWA fans on their feet! Taking into account Angelfyre's high flying attacks and submission techniques, Dover's wild brawling and the unpredictable nature of Kobra – all hell is set to break lose! With the winner of this match having the best advantage in the Revolution Rumble – all three participants will be putting their body on the line to ensure victory!


Nikki Storm claims to be the best wrestler in the Galaxy and it's hard to argue! She is the champion of the biggest all female wrestling promotion in Europe (Pro Wrestling:Eve) and has travelled all over 3 continents (Europe, North America and Japan) taking on the biggest and best names in women's wrestling. Romanian wrestling fans are very lucky to see Storm in action as she will soon be touring the USA and Canada yet again, luckily returning to Europe just days before the big show in Bucharest! Audrey Bride has been a revelation in her home country of Hungary, scoring big wins against all who have challenged her. She will no doubt be desperate to make a name for herself against the biggest name in European women's wrestling. Who will leave Bucharest with the most prestigious prize in women's wrestling... You'll need to come along on 24th May to find out!


Very little is known about this mysterious masked team. From the messages we've received it seems that the White Machine is a former wrestler who was left seriously injured in the ring, to the point that his necessary surgery has left him to believe he is part man/part machine. Angered at the wrestling world which left him for dead, he built the Black Machine in the image of himself in order to destroy the wrestling world which took away his human form. The White Machine has challenged the first ever Romanian Pro wrestlers (the first 2 graduates of the Source Wrestling School : Romania) to a tag team match and has vowed to kill wrestling in Romania before it has even begun! At this point in time we do not know who this Romanian team will be. The first group of Romanian Professional Wrestling Students are being taken through their paces as we speak at SWS : Romania. We are awaiting information on who these first two warriors will be!

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White Machine is a former wrestler who was left seriously injured in the ring, to the point that his necessary surgery has left him to believe he is part man/part machine. Angered at the wrestling world which left him for dead, he built the Black Machine in the image of himself in order to destroy the wrestling world which took away his human form. The White Machine has challenged the first ever Romanian Pro wrestlers (the first 2 graduates of the Source Wrestling School : Romania) to a tag team match and has vowed to kill wrestling in Romania before it has even begun!


:lol: Cartoon era?

Дай лопата на гробаря
работата той си знае.

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1. Joe Hendry beat Paul Tracey

2. Triple Threat Match: Kobra beat Dover and Gabriel Angelfyre

3. The Machines (Black Machine & White Machine) beat Kid Romania & Badea Gheorghe

4. Damian O'Connor beat Tom Fulton

5. Pro Wrestling EVE Title Match: Nikki Storm © beat Audrey Bride to retain her title

6. Revolution Rumble for the RWA European Trophy: Kid Romania won

= Thunder couldn't make it to the show due to transportation issues.


Nikki Storm vs. Audrey Bride


Joe Hendry vs. Paul Tracey


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По-рано тази година се появи и втора румънска кеч федерация. Първото им шоу беше на 19-ти март и сега предстои второто. В първото шоу участваха само 6 кечисти (Bernard Vandamme, Jimmy Gavroche, Icarus, Dover, Audrey Bride и Sara Elektra) и то привлече около 200 фена. Второто шоу:


Romanian Pro Wrestling (RPW)

"WrestleFest 1"
October 15th, 2016

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Horia Demian Sports Hall (зала за 2500+ човека)



RPW Heavyweight champion Bernard Vandamme (Belgium)

Emil Sitoci (The Netherlands)

Kenzo Richards (The Netherlands)

Chris Brookes (England)

Ron Corvus (Hungary)

Icarus (Hungary)

Senza Volto (France)

The Italian Dream (Italy)
Juvenile X (Germany)

Nixon Newell (Wales)

Audrey Bride (Hungary)


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Не е истина как ни дръпнаха румънците. За сега тия федерации може да изглеждат смешни, обаче факт е, че се прави нещо лека по лека. Първо ще пристигат кечисти от Европа, но с времето ще се засилва интереса и ще си стане нормална инди фед-ка, каквито има навсякъде по света.


По същото време в България ... дори спортните ни журналисти не знаят за съществуването на Русев, а тези, които са научили, ги виждаме с какво отношение са. Ще си останеме вечната провинцийка на Европа, заеби.


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Уоу, колко много са ни дръпнали румънците, защото хвърлят пари на вятъра в тази толкова "популярна" и "доходоносна" сфера на Балканите като кеча. #freegboy 







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Мда, освен това хвърлят пари и усилия в други непопулярни неща на Балканите като борба с корупцията, правене на филми, инвестиране в спорта, създаване на музика, издаване на книги и прочее ... абе, балъци са си отвсякъде.


Освен простотия като кеча, което го гледат само тъпите американци, имат и тъпотията Комик Кон, на което ходят само пъпчивите пубери американци и още  дебилната МТВ, която пък гледат само идиотите американци...


Сигурно е доста ветровито там, защото за толкова много пари си трябва силен доста силен вятър, на който да ги хвърлиш.




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Финален roster за шоуто/официален постер:



Обявени мачове:

RPW Heavyweight Title: Bernard Vandamme (c) vs. Emil Sitoci

Icarus vs. Senza Volto

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1. Italian Dream def. Chris Brookes
2. Dover def. Ron Corvus
3. Leo Cristiani def. Deimos
4. PWA Queen of Diamonds Title Match: Eva Summers (c) def. Audrey Bride & Nixon Newell to retain her title
5. N1 Contenders Match for the RPW Heavyweight Title: Icarus def. Senza Volto
6. RPW Heavyweight Title Match: Bernard Vandamme (c) def. Juvenile X to retain his title
7. RPW Heavyweight Title Match: Icarus def. Bernard Vandamme (c) to become the new RPW Heavyweight champion - Icarus cashed in the title shot that he won earlier in the show.


От федерацията твърдят, че посещаемостта е била малко над 500 човека, но не знам доколко е вярно това твърдение.


Nixon Newell vs. Eva Summers vs. Audrey Bride


Icarus vs. Senza Volto


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Днес. Ново шоу на съседите. :) С участието на кечисти от Унгария, Англия, Белгия, Италия, Франция и Испания.





Romanian Pro Wrestling (RPW)

"Spring Slam (1 Year Anniversary Show)"

March 18th, 2017

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Armonia Edelweiss Hall


RPW Heavyweight Title Match
Icarus (c) vs. Senza Volto vs. Blake Steamer

DFpXjKv.jpgBernard Vandamme vs. Zafar Ameen
ndE6uB7.jpgEl Ligero vs. The Italian Dream
0d4Z8wG.jpgSaime Sahin vs. Dover
Leo Cristiani vs. Deimos


Icarus vs. Bernard Vandamme vs. Senza Volto vs. Blake Steamer:


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Изглежда зарибително, въпреки че разпознавам само Ligero. Лошото е, че е в Клуж, което е у на маке си по моите стандарти. Ако беше в Букурещ, щях да се пусна, под 2 часа каране ми е. ;(



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^ А, да. Romanian Wrestling Alliance (реално, първата румънска инди федерация). Бях забравил за тях. Card-ът за тяхното шоу:




^ Общо взето, шотландеца Tom Fulton и румънските му ученици от кеч школата му.

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Четвъртото шоу на съседите от RPW. Завръщат се след година и половина пауза. :) С участието на кечисти от Белгия, Унгария, Италия, Германия и Франция.



Romanian Pro Wrestling (RPW)

"WrestleFest II"

September 29th, 2018

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Armonia Edelweiss Hall


Transylvania Deathmatch for the RPW Heavyweight Title
Special guest referee: ?
Dover vs. Bernard Vandamme (c)

RPW Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match
Joe E. Legend vs. Deimos

Aguila Blanc vs. The Italian Dream

The Rotation vs. Julian Pace vs. Jimmy Gavroche


Отделно, една седмица след това в Букурещ другата румънска федерация, Romanian Wrestling Alliance, ще правят 12-тото си шоу.


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