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Най-доброто от Мексико - 2013


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Top wrestlers of 2013:



1. "The White Bull" Rush - The tecnico (babyface) that people love to hate. One can only imagine how much better he would end up being once he turns full-on rudo (heel) as opposed to just showing signs of it like he has been doing for the past year. He became a one man show in 2013 and proved to be capable of going into the ring with almost anyone and making it interesting all by himself. His feud with Negro Casas was must-see TV and one of the most intense feuds in all of pro wrestling. The future of CMLL.


2. Negro "4:40" Casas - A 53-year-old vet that can still go with the best of them. A constant pro, who can work with anyone and make it good. Throughout the year he had great maestros matches reminding us of that 80s style, took on young high-flyers giving them some of their best matches and was willing to sacrifice his health to make Rush look like a killing machine.


3. "The Young Wonder" Máscara Dorada - After a very disappointing 2012 he came back with something to prove and had his best year to date. Some of his individual performances in 2013 were just amazing. Quite possibly the most complete high-flyer in the world.


4. Rey Escorpion - The only other man that can challenge Negro Casas for the title of best rudo in Mexico in 2013. Carried lazy opponents to their best matches possible, single-handedly made mediocre tecnicos look good in trios matches and had some great singles matches to boot.


5. "The Space Sentinel" La Sombra - In terms of accomplishments he had the biggest year out of anyone in Mexico - unmasked his long-time rival Volador Jr. in the main event of the biggest CMLL show of the year and ended the 10-month IWGP Intercontinental Title reign of Shinsuke Nakamura. A very consistent performer. His feud with Volador Jr. carried CMLL for much of the year. Sombra has now been clearly positioned as the future top tecnico of CMLL.

Top matches of 2013:

1. Volador Jr. vs. Rey Escorpion - CMLL, 29 January, CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title Match

2. Mascara Dorada vs. Negro Casas - CMLL, 2 June, NWA Historic Welterweight Title

3. La Sombra vs. Volador Jr. - CMLL 80th Anniversary Show, 13 September, Mask vs. Mask Match

4. Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr. vs. Okumura & Namajague - CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, 15 March, Hair/Mask vs. Hair/Mask Мatch

5. Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Virus - CMLL, 6 October, CMLL World Super Lightweight Title Match

Top shows of 2013:

1. CMLL 80th Anniversary show (13 September) - The best show of the year in Mexico. Nothing else came even close. Other than one very questionable match outcome from a booking perspective everything else on this show clicked.

2. CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas (15 March) - An excellent show all-around with every match on the card delivering, especially the main event.

3. CMLL (28 June) - A great Sombra/Volador Title match, a heated trios match with Rush & Negro Casas and the true start of the Averno/Panther rivalry.

4. AAA TV taping (3 November) - The best AAA show of the year. Styles/Mesias, the debut of two new trios in a couple of strong matches, Clowns vs. Secta and a fun and fresh main event.

5. CMLL Arena Mexico 57th Anniversary Show (26 April) - A show with 3 big matches that all delivered (Cometa/Namajague Hair vs. Hair, Mistico/Averno Title match and the Gran Alternativa 2013 tournament final).

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