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WWC Aniversario 40 - 21 септември 2013


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World Wrestling Council (WWC)

"Aniversario 40" (iPPV)

September 21st, 2013

Bayamon, Puerto Rico


Icon vs. Icon - Sting in Puerto Rico for the first time ever!


"The Self-Proclaimed Puertorican Icon" Carlito vs. "The Icon" Sting

Mask vs. Mask Match (special guest referee - Orlando "Pretty Boy" Toledo)


Rey Fenix vs. Super Fenix

Mixed Tag Team Match


"The Eternal Acrobat of Puerto Rico" Carlos Colon & Stacy Colon vs. "The Puertorican Dream" Invader #1 & La Tigresa

WWC Universal Title Match


"The Lion" Apolo vs. "The Academy" Chris Angel © (w/ Jose Chaparro)

WWC Puerto Rico Title Match


"The Greatest Boricua" Savio Vega vs. El Bronco ©

WWC World Tag Team Title Match

Sons of Samoa (Afa Jr. & Alofa) © vs. The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) vs. Zona 101 (Abbad & "The Illegal One" Chicano)

WWC Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Rikochet © vs. "Mr. San Juan" Tommy Diablo

Grudge Match

"The Tough Man" Andy Leavine vs. "The Black Nightmare" Samson Walker

8 Man Tag Team Match

"The Lost Soul" Xix Xavant, "The Promise" Jay Velez, Zion RT1 & Sr. C vs. "The Prince of Darkness" Diabolico, AJ Castillo, "Trouble Maker" Steve Joel & Syler Andrew

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Sting промо:

Sting vs. Carlito ще бъде само за хората в залата/няма да бъде излъчен в iPPV-то.

Постерът за шоуто:


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World Wrestling Council (WWC)

"Aniversario 40" (iPPV)

September 21st, 2013

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

4,500 fans

The show began with the US and Puerto Rico national anthems being performed.

Willie Urbina and The Wizard did the official intro and welcomed everyone to WWC's 40th anniversary show.

1. Xavant, Jay Velez, Zion RT1 & Sr. C beat Diabolico, AJ Castillo, Steve Joel & Syler Andrew. Very slow paced match. The end came when Xavant pinned AJ.

2. Andy Leavine beat Samson Walker. It lasted about 6 minutes and finished with Levine applying a sidewalk slam to get the pin.

3. WWC Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Rikochet © beat Tommy Diablo to retain his Title. The best wrestling match of the night. A very well executed match that had the fans into it from bell to bell. Really good back and forth throughout the match, with both, Rikochet and Tommy having opportunities to showcase their talents. There were some really good high-spots and very close false finishes.

4. WWC World Tag Team Title Match: Zona 101 (Abbad & Chicano) beat Sons of Samoa (Afa Jr. & Alofa) © and The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) to become the new champions! The finish came about when one of the SOS went to apply the “samoan drop” on Lightning and at the same time took out the referee, who in turn knocked Afa Jr. down from the top rope as he was getting ready for the splash. The other SOS started to argue with the ref and at this point Abbad grabbed him for a roll-up and got the 3 count.

5. WWC Universal Title Match: Chris Angel © beat Apolo to retain his Title and keep his winning streak alive. From the beginning, Apolo was immensely over with the crowd. He also had his working boots on tonight and showed that he can still entertain and have a good match with anyone whenever he wants. He had the fans eating and reacting to every move he made. Good back and forth match that saw Apolo having the upper hand the first couple of minutes and then Chris Angel took over the offense and dominated for a while. Apolo mounted a comeback and was able to hit his “filomena kick” (super sidekick) and then his finisher “fondo del abismo” (rock bottom). When he went for the count, Chaparro got on the apron and started arguing with the ref. Apolo went over to get the referee back in the match but he received a slap from Chaparro, who followed up by spitting on him too. Apolo grabbed Chaparro and brought him in the ring and put him in the “fondo del abismo”. After the move, Apolo turned only to be recipient of a spear at the hands of Chris Angel, who then pins him for the win.

6. Carlos Colon & Stacy Colon beat Invader #1 & La Tigresa. In terms of a wrestling match, not much to write home about. But with regards to bringing the crowd to their feet and creating the “special moment”, this four individuals did what they had to do. At one point in the match, Carlos gave the “hot tag” to Stacy, who went after Tigresa like a firefighter putting out a fire. The crowd reacted and got louder as the Colon’s got the better of the heels. There was a spot where Invader and Tigresa were down on the mat, Carlos and Stacy looked at each other and at the same time went for the trademarked Colon cartwheel and the crowd went nuts. Carlos then stood in the middle of the ring and took of the sweat-shirt he was wearing, revealing that he was wearing a singlet, for which he was notorious for using throughout his career. And let me tell you, the crown went into frenzy. It is amazing what small little details like that can create such a reaction from a crowd. The end came when Stacy and Carlos applied the figure 4 on Invader and Tigresa. They both reach the ropes, causing the break. When they came back up Stacy gave Tigresa a “backstabber” and went for the pin. Invader went to break the count with an elbow but Stacy moved and he hit Tigresa. Stacy hit a low-blow on Invader and went for the pin for the win.

After intermission, a tribute video was presented to the crowd, displaying the greatest moments in Pedro Morales career in WWWF, WWF and WWC. They then announced that unfortunately Morales could not be present due to the advanced state of his Parkinson's Disease.

7. WWC Puerto Rico Title Match: Savio Vega beat Bronco © by disqualification. This match lasted all but 5 minutes. Very disappointing that this happened. These two veterans could have given us the best match of the night and instead it didn’t mean anything.

8. Mask vs. Mask Match: Rey Fenix beat Super Fenix. This was another good match that saw both men work hard to maintain the crowd into it throughout the bout. The end came when Super Fenix brought a table into the ring, but could not put Rey Fenix through it. The brawled and both ended lying on the canvas in opposite corners. While recuperating, Rey Fénix started to take out a small bad with powder from his pocket, but Toledo noticed and grabbed it from him. He then proceeded to give it Super Fenix. Toledo then went back to argue with Rey while Super Fenix was opening the bag. As they were arguing, Rey started to move Toledo closer to Super Fenix. When he got close enough, he kicked the hand of Super Fenix, thus getting a face full of powder. Rey pushed Toledo against Super Fenix, who proceeds to grab him and put him through the table. When he stands up he walks into a “fenix landing”. Rey covers him and another ref comes in for the count. After the match, Super Fenix left the ring as he did not want to take his mask off. He was met by Andy Levine in the middle of the aisle and had to turn his back to the ring. Rey Fenix took advantage of this opportunity and reach out, grabbed the mask and pulled it off revealing that it was none other than “The Precious One” Gilbert who had been under the mask all this time.

This was the last match on the iPPV. Right after it we went on to the main event.

9. Sting beat Carlito. This was a very good back and forth match. The end came when Sting was getting ready to hit the “Stinger Splash” in the corner and Carlito pulled the referee in to take the bump. Carlito then took the upper hand and was setting Sting up to finish him, when out of nowhere comes Rey Fenix and hits a “backstabber” on Carlito. He leaves and Sting then hits a “Stinger Splash”, followed by the “Scorpion Death Drop” and covers him for the count.


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