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AJPW - 14 юли 2013


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Първото шоу след >големия отлив на кечисти:



July 14th, 2013

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

959 Fans

1. Yoshinobu Kanemaru beat SUSHI (14:17) with a Touch-Out.

2. Kotaro Suzuki & Atsushi Aoki beat Hikaru Sato & MAZADA (17:31) with a Cross Armbreaker by Aoki on MAZADA.

3. Jun Akiyama beat KENSO (14:56) with an Exploder Suplex.

4. Taiyo Kea & Joe Doering beat Takao Omori & Masao Inoue (22:17) with a Revolution Bomb by Doering on Inoue.

5. 2-out-of-3-falls Match: Go Shiozaki beat Suwama (35:23).

- Suwama won the first fall with a Backdrop Hold (15:18).

- Shiozaki won the second falls with a Gowan Lariat (9:30).

- Shiozaki won the third fall with a Limit Break (10:35).

= The entire All Japan roster (Suwama, Akiyama, Shiozaki, Omori, Kea, Soya, KENSO, Doering, SUSHI, Kanemaru, Aoki, Suzuki) came out before the first match to kick off the new chapter in All Japan's history. AJPW veteran Masanabu Fuchi came out separately and announced that he'll be staying with the company. The Triple Crown champion Suwama proclaimed himself to be the leader of the new All Japan Pro-Wrestling.

= SUSHI has a new mask.

= Masahiro Chono was at the show so it appears he may still be an AJPW adviser.

= Legendary AJPW referee Kyohei Wada was back refereeing matches for the promotion.

= After he won the main event Shiozaki declared that not Suwama but he will lead the new All Japan Pro-Wrestling.



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