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Keiji Muto отваря нова федерация - WRESTLE-1


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След като наскоро >Keiji "The Great Muta" Muto и още 11 кечисти напуснаха AJPW днес беше официално обявено, че Muto ще отвори нова федерация. Федерацията ще се казва WRESTLE-1 (W-1) и дебютното й шоу ще бъде на 8-ми септември в Tokyo Dome City Hall.


Keiji Muto addressed the public for the first time following his resigning from All Japan at of the end of May of this year. Muto stared off by apologizing for the trouble that was caused over the last several months. He noted that next year will mark his 30th anniversary as a professional wrestler and he hopes that next year will see the establishment of this new organization as force in wrestling. He declared that “Pro-Wrestling LOVE" will continue with this new venture.

Muto has studied many styles and ways of working with promotions from his many years in the business. He first learned fighting spirit in NJPW, then he went to the States and learned the American style and then he became the President of AJPW and managed that company for 10 years. He said he has made some mistakes in the past but he is confident in what is being planned. He then went on to state that he is calling the promotion "WRESTLE-1" as he wants to make an impact, and not just in Japan. He had that same feeling with the original W-1 but things fell apart due to bad teamwork between himself, K-1 and PRIDE. The W in W-1 stands for "wrestling, worldwide , win", and the number 1 is for what they aim to be. There was plenty of ambition with W-1 back in the day, and Muto wants to rekindle that feeling. He said W-1 would be doing "fighting entertainment".

He said he they're already looking to expand the promotion outside of Japan with there already being a lot of consideration of holding shows in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as working with other promotions.

Muto said he has not contacted Fuchi or Sanada about being part of the new promotion.

Regarding the big penalties that, reportedly, they all had to pay for leaving All Japan, Muto said that the issue has been taken care of as in has been determined that AJPW President Shiraishi has no legal grounds to force a fine on them.

It also seems that Muto will be working under GEN Sports Entertainment as the management company for the new promotion, while he will be the acting president/representing director or WRESTLE-1.


Следните кечисти ще са част от федерацията:

Keiji Muto

Masakatsu Funaki


Ryota Hama

Masayuki Kono

Yasufumi Nakanoue

Kaz Hayashi

Shuji Kondo

Minoru Tanaka

Hiroshi Yamato

Andy Wu

Daiki Inaba (trainee)

Brian Ishizaka (trainee)

Seiki Yoshioka (trainee)

В сферата на любопитното: W-1 беше нещо като "special event" федерация от 2002 до 2005, в който период имаха 4 шоута и то шоута с един куп звезди на тях (японски и чуждестранни). Muto я ръководеше, а K-1 и PRIDE бяха основните спонсори. Първите две W-1 шоута бяха направени със съдействието на AJPW, а следващите две бяха независими.

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Новини и медийни слухове:



Keiji Muto's new WRESTLE-1 promotion has announced three more shows - September 15 at Nagoya International Conference Hall, September 21st at Kyoto KBS Hall and September 22nd at Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall #3. As previously reported, the promotion's debut event will take place on September 8th at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

W-1 has signed a TV deal with GAORA TV, which also broadcasts AJPW. The debut W-1 show will air live on GAORA.

Muto is currently working on setting up working relationships with other companies as he wants to have outside talent on W-1's shows.

A big overseas promotion has reportedly contacted Muto about forming a working relationship and he'll be going to meet with them soon.

There's a rumor going around by the Tokyo Sports newspaper that W-1's parent company, GEN Sports Entertainment, has a lot of money behind it. At this point it's not known if that rumor is correct.

A new W-1 logo is currently being designed.

Muto is looking for a place to set up a W-1 training dojo. He wants it to have a capacity of 400-500 people so that they can also run shows there.

They're looking into running shows outside of Japan in other parts of Asia.

While W-1 will be "fighting entertainment" it will not be comedy wrestling like the F-1 shows that Muto has produced in the past.

Shuji Kondo has suggested that W-1 may not have weight classes or even championship belts.

Muto wants W-1 to eventually have a women's division and is looking into recruiting about ten women for it.

The legendary Masahiro Chono will not be joining W-1 as he has a contract with AJPW.

The former AJPW President Masayuki Uchida will not be joining W-1.

Since the recently retired Kenta Kobashi decided against becoming the PWF Commissioner in All Japan there's been talk that Muto may try to use Kobashi as an on-air personality in W-1.

Muto wants Masayuki Kono and KAI to be W-1's top young stars.

Yasufumi Nakanoue is going to be used to attract female fans since apparently he is popular among them.

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