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Това е полезно/интересно и си струва да се пусне. Пост/статия относно седмични indy кеч tv шоута, които могат да се гледат безплатно в интернет. Кликнете името на федерацията за линк към шоутата (в скобите е щата/държавата откъдето е федерацията):


Like wrestling? Tired of WWE, TNA and ROH television? Or simply looking for something extra or something different to watch on a weekly basis? Don't feel like paying for DVDs and iPPVs in order to follow a promotion? Well, then today is your lucky day! I present to you a list of local wrestling promotions who put their weekly TV shows online FOR FREE.

Traditional Championship Wrestling (Arkansas) - Probably the best indy promotion around in terms of production value (yes, better than ROH). In recent months names such as DDP, Scott Steiner, Tommy Dreamer, Chris Masters, Carlito and others have been featured on their show in addition to their solid core roster.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (California) - Some of the best SoCal talent compete here - Adam Pearce, Willie Mack, Scorpio Sky, Shaun Ricker, Brian Cage, etc.

Ohio Valley Wrestling (Kentucky) - TNA's developmental territory. With over 700 episodes, this may be the longest running indy wrestling TV series around. The roster is a mix of OVW-trained talent and TNA developmental talent.

Portland Wrestling Uncut (Oregon) - And speaking of long running wrestling TV shows, this is a restart of the longest running wrestling TV show in US history (Portland Wrestling TV ran for 38 years before it got cancelled in 1991). Like with the original version, Roddy Piper is helping run the show. He's an on-air commissioner of sorts and does commentary too. Wrestling legend The Grappler is part of the show as well. Piper's son, Colt Toombs, is one of the featured wrestlers. The show has a real old school vibe to it as it's shot in a small TV studio like wrestling used to be shot back in the day.

Reality of Wrestling (Texas) - Booker T's promotion featuring a lot of the students from his wrestling school.

Resistance Pro Wrestling (Illinois) - Not a weekly show but they have a monthly one-hour TV show. Smashing Pumpkins' singer Billy Corgan is the creative director of R-Pro and Raven is the head agent. The promotion features a lot of good up-and-coming talent. Outside names like Jake Roberts, Vader, Kharma, Bobby Lashley, John Morrison, etc. have worked for R-Pro in recent times as well.

Insane Championship Wrestling (Scotland) - Often called "The Scottish ECW" and with good reason too. Rabid fans, intense action, unique characters.

NWA Southern All Star Wrestling (Tennessee) - This has been the top Tennessee wrestling promotion in recent years. The roster includes names like Wolfie D, Kahagas, Vordell Walker, King Shane Williams, Jocephus Brody and other good local talent.

Metro Pro Wrestling (Kansas) - One of the more solid indy promotions around.

PRIME Wrestling (Ohio) - Another very solid indy promotion. Matt Cross, Johnny Gargano, Facade, Gregory Iron and Krimson are some of the top names on the roster.

Future Stars of Wrestling (Nevada) - Yet another very solid promotion. Episodes are uploaded with a few weeks delay. Disco Inferno (as an announcer), Kenny King, Michael Modest, Al Katrazz, Reno Scum, etc. are all part of the roster.

Anarchy Wrestling (Georgia) - One of the longest running indy TV shows around. Previously known as NWA Anarchy and NWA Wildside, Anarchy Wrestling has been responsible for producing a lot of wrestlers that have went onto WWE and TNA fame. Old school style product. NWA Wildside episodes from the early 2000s are also being uploaded on a weekly basis.

Hoodslam (California) - A very unique promotion, which caters to an adult audience and features a lot of crazy characters.

World Xtreme Wrestling (Florida) - Afa the Wild Samoan's promotion. Has produced talent that have become stars in WWE and WCW.

NWA Smoky Mountain (Tennessee) - An up-and-coming Tennessee promotion that has been picking up steam lately.

Canadian Wrestling Elite (Manitoba, Canada) - One of the very few Canadian promotions with TV right now.

New England Championship Wrestling (Massachusetts) - One of the first, if not the first, promotions to start putting its shows online.

NWA Powerbomb Championship Wrestling (Ohio)

Midnight Mayhem / Wrestle Force (South Carolina)

Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Zero1 Scotland (Scotland)

Wrestling on Fire (Maine)

Impact Zone Wrestling (Oklahoma)

Ultra Championship Wrestling (Utah)

West Virginia Championship Wrestling (Virginia)

Vanguard Championship Wrestling (Virginia)

Victory Wrestling Showcase (Ontario, Canada)


Snakepit Pro Wrestling (Australia)

That's twenty seven promotions each with a different roster, а different presentation and a different style of booking than what you can see on TV elsewhere. So there you have it - 27 different wrestling alternatives for you to watch and enjoy. Check 'em out.

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Ха, интересно. Изгледах с малко скипване NWA, и останах бая впечатлен. Май трябва да почна да обръщам по-голямо внимание на индитата, и все по малко на wwe.



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