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All Japan Pro-Wrestling с нови собственици


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Speed Partners, a venture capital company specializing in corporate restructuring of brands, has acquired 100% of All Japan Pro-Wrestling’s shares. The sale happened last November but was officially announced today. Nobuo Shiraishi [40] will be owner and President of All Japan going forward. Akira Misaka [42] has been appointed as Vice-President under Shiraishi.

AJPW will declare bankruptcy [due to All Japan's poor financial shape - the company has huge debt which was accumulated mostly during first two years of Muto taking over back in 2002] and the wrestling promotion's name will be changed ALL JAPAN.

Speed Partners have set up two separate companies to handle both the wrestling (All-Japan Systems) and merchandising end (All-Japan Pro Wrestling).

All the existing AJPW contracts will be terminated and renegotiated in March.

Masayuki Uchida (the now former AJPW President) and Keiji Muto's roles are being negotiated but it looks like they will be in charge of the wrestling while the three new owners will handle the business.

ALL JAPAN will enter an isolated state as of April [i.e. they will use a lot less outside talent]. BURNING have expressed interest in staying past March and Go Shiozaki really wants to be in this year's Champion Carnival. Meanwhile, Koji Kanemoto did not sign a new contract with New Japan and is now freelance with All Japan being his primary home.

Both NTV and TBS have expressed interest in the new ALL JAPAN, with a possible airdate coming next April.

President Shiraishi stated that the goal is for ALL JAPAN to become the top wrestling promotion in Japan. He said that while Speed Partners have been sponsors for New Japan's Tokyo Dome events in the past he was more attracted to All Japan's intense wrestling style, which coincides with Suwama's recent derogatory remarks about the current New Japan product calling it a "ballet dance". President Shiraishi said the plan is for ALL JAPAN to reach and surpass New Japan in about a year. Shiraishi said he wishes to see ALL JAPAN be able to host their own show at the Tokyo Dome within 3 years. He also said he was interested in buying a MMA company, and possibly even New Japan too. And finally, he said that he's ordered Shuji Kondo to become a heavyweight and has threatened to fire KENSO if KENSO doesn't change his in-ring style.

Следващото голямо шоу на федерацията/последното голямо шоу преди промените => AJPW - 17 март 2013 - Other Promotions - BWC

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