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A fan on Twitter wrote Jake Roberts, saying:

“Each time I hear cerebral assassin I don’t think HHH I think of the legend @JakeSnakeDDT.”

Roberts responded:

“You should. My gimmick.”


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Several readers sent word that WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee collapsed during a match at tonight's WWE live event in London, England.

The incident took place during a tag team match pitting AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka against the Bella Twins. They took a crowd vote beforehand to determine if the bout should be a singles or a tag match, and the tag match won. 

During the match, AJ tagged out and went on the ring apron. While Tamina was in the ring, AJ started to hold her head and then slowly went to the outside before fainting a few seconds later. Tamina was looking around and noticed that AJ was missing, and she carried on with the match with kicks to Brie. The Bellas signaled to the referee that there was a problem. A doctor came out and gave the "X" signal, and then Brie quickly pinned Tamina with a school boy to end the match. More officials came out, and AJ was attended to for 5-10 minutes. A referee and Tamina then helped a wobbly AJ to the back.

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^ :(


Очакваме Mickie James сторилайна по случая... (макар и все още да я намирам силно изпецквуема, Kaitlyn-то, все още не и се е съвсем смарангясало положението).

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Davey Richards с изявление/обяснение относно защо няма да направи прощален мач за Ring Of Honor и с какви чувства си тръгва от компанията:

I guess I could be pretty upset about ROH pulling my farewell match.

A company I’ve given literally everything in my body for time and time again, driven crazy amounts of hours to save the company money on flights, worked for reduced payoffs when the houses were down, etc.

It’s wild man, it’s such a different place now than when I started- not saying better of worse- just different.

So here we are- at the end of the road. I gotta be honest- though it’s pretty crappy to me and the fans to not get a farewell match I really can’t be anything but thankful for my time spent in that ring.

Truth is, ROH fans have been the only family I’ve had for the past 6 years.

What you saw is what you got with me. For better or for worse I bore my soul to you all. You All were there during the worst days when my grandparents died unexpectantly, my divorce, my home being taken. You didn’t even know it but you all saved me. That ring was my therapy.

Sometimes people have good days, sometimes very bad ones, sometimes they do things they’re very proud of, sometime they make mistakes and do things they’re regretful of. No one’s perfect and I’ve been though all of those moments right in front of the ROH fanbase.

I recovered, grew, learned, matured in that ring. I want so bad to kiss it goodbye bc it was the only familiar thing I knew for so long.

But I can walk away. I’m ok. If for no other reason that I know is from day one to my last match I gave you all 100% of everything I had in my body and heart. You always hear people say, ” leave it all in the ring”. Well I can honestly say I did that. So in that I have closure.

Whether you like me or hate me I’ve always been honest ( often times perhaps too honest). But that’s me. I don’t believe in lying to people I consider family- and like it or not I considered y’all family.

ROH wanted to tell you all I was injured for Final Battle. Yes my neck is banged up, but I could have been there and wrestled by then. I didn’t want y’all being fed lies so I took the Initiative to tell you the truth.

I don’t wanna slander anyone or speak badly of anyone.

Instead of thinking about this situation I’d rather think that I got to see one of my best friends go from an illegal immigrant barely getting on a preshow to a main eventer, I got to see a guy everyone wondered why I chose to tag with become far better than ill ever be, I got to share the ring with the guys I looked up to starting out, I got to see the new crop of amazing athletes come into they’re own.

I got to find a reason to live when I had none.

You all gave me so many good time and great memories ( hello Colt:) ) that I can only hope I gave you all some.

There was an aura, a surreal felling that company once had that I hope they find again.

ROH is about heart. I hope they find theirs again.

Please continue to watch them, support them, go to the shows bc the guys in that locker room and in that ring have more desire, heart, and dedication than can be measured.

Thank you all for everything, hope to see you all somewhere else down the road. But if not, you all meant the world me and I am forever in debt.

Wesley Richards
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Доста са преувеличени някои неща според мен, но има и доста истини - това с вчерашните смъртни врагове и днешни най-добри приятели за отборен мач е запазена марка на WWE и не е от сега, но е един от най-малоумните и дразнещи аспекти на book-инга им. За Big Show и Daniel Bryan съм съгласен до една степен, макар че най-нагледно ще се види кои са по-прави в тази ситуация - WWE или феновете - когато видим покупките на Survivor Series и ги сравним с тези на SummerSlam. Останалите споменати неща за мен не са толкова фатални, но със сигурност не би било зле да ги нямаше все пак...

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- Apparently WWE Superstar CM Punk pooped himself during his match at the WWE SmackDown television taping. Punk wrote about the incident on his official Twitter account on Tuesday evening. He tweeted the following:


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The 12/2 edition of WWE Raw had the lowest viewership of any Raw this year. Monday's show drew 3,541,000 (2.65) viewers overall, which is the lowest dating back to the 2012 Christmas Eve episode.
It's the lowest number since October 1st of last year if you take out holiday shows. 
In comparison, the New Orleans Sants vs Seattle Seahawks dominated ratings on Monday with 15.5 million viewers. 
To make matters worse, Raw gradually lost viewers as the night went on, starting out with 3,616,000 before dropping to 3,447,000 for the final hour.


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☝️30.08.2020 - 07.04.2024☝️

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WWE may have parted ways with Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the real Sin Cara, on Monday by informing him just a few hours before RAW. We’re still waiting on confirmation of his departure.

Hunico will be working as Sin Cara going forward but may not be behind the mask permanently as there’s already talk of bringing someone up from NXT to play the character.

WWE chose not to kill off the Sin Cara character completely because his merchandise has done well and there’s a feeling that they have built up a character that pays into the colorful personality of WWE. The feeling is that the character didn’t fail but the performer who played the character failed.

Source: PWInsider

Сто пъти по-добре ще е Хунико да е Син Кара, от колкото този фейлиър до сега.

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А стига бе, това е невъзможно, аз мислех, че Брайън им съсипва рейтингите, и сега с този "11 years in the making" мач интересът ще се увеличи стократно. :ohmy:


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WWE will be announcing WrestleMania 2015 this coming Tuesday from the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. The San Francisco 49ers NFL team were the key to getting the bid. WrestleMania 31 will be held at Levi's Stadium while the Hall of Fame and RAW will take place at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

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Emirates 24/7 has published an article with Saudi newspaper columnist Khaled Al Suleiman blasting John Cena and WWE ahead of their first live tour in the country in February 2014. Suleiman wrote:

“John Cena… you are not welcome here… a few years ago I could have said you are welcome but my bitter experience with my children and their obsession with John Cena have made me loathsome to the idea of his coming… to stop him from coming, I am even ready to face him in the ring although such an idea is suicidal.”

“Over the past years, my home has been turned into a wrestling ring where human bodies fly around and pillows are thrown all over as screams do not stop as if my home became Madison Square in New York… during those years, the shelves, walls and drawers in my home have been filled with pictures of wrestlers and their frightening bodies… now they are coming to control our minds at our home… you are not welcome… what we, adults and children, need is not a wrestling ring to engage in savage and horrifying fights, but a stage where all the talented compete to demonstrate their human skills and nature not savagery.”

Брутално добро, брутално. :2funny:

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The following is a blog from Jim Cornette from F4WOnline.com explaining the context of the recent Samoa Joe remarks:

I haven’t been on the internet much the past few days because, well, it’s Christmastime, but I just found out that Samoa Joe is of the belief I may have made disparaging comments about him in a recent interview, and I want to clarify those statements. Whether someone has misrepresented my meaning to Joe, whether he read a transcript of the audio podcast and did not know the context, or whether this is simply internet rumor from people challenged in the comprehension of the use of irony or sarcasm, I’m not sure. But my comments in effect were praising Joe, not disparaging him.

In response to a question about the TNA-AJ Styles situation, I expressed the opinion that AJ was right in standing up for himself and the money he wanted, but that it was a sad fact that at TNA’s level of business and the way they’ve booked their talent, he’s probably not worth to them what he wants, and should be making in wrestling.

I recalled that in a conversation with Delirious in 2012, when we were trying to come up with available names to book in ROH that would truly sell tickets, and where the ROH alumni were then and how they were faring, I bemoaned the fact that AJ, Jeff Hardy, Joe and a few other ROH alumni were bigger draws BEFORE they got on national TV than after, because of the way they’d been booked. I have always been a fan of Samoa Joe–I’ve seen him booked perfectly as a dominant badass with a literate promo style–Gabe Sapolsky did it and it really shouldn’t be that hard. Joe and Kurt Angle had TNA’s most successful PPV main event ever the one time they were allowed to be themselves. He should be in a franchise position there today.

But it’s also true that you can only take a top talent and put fake tattoos on their faces, take them from face to heel, suit to firedancers, have them lose the big one, have them lose a lot of small ones, kidnap them and throw them in trunks or whatever else has been perpetrated on that talent in the name of “entertainment” for so long and not devalue said talent. Nature Boy Buddy Rogers couldn’t have taken that treatment on national TV for 5 years and still sold tickets. And it’s not just Samoa Joe, TNA has managed to get a lot of guys “under” instead of “over.”

So, the illustratation was not intended to be critical of Samoa Joe. It was intended to disparage the knuckleheads that had a potential money ballplayer and blew it, the guy who couldn’t book Lassie in a pet shop, and the company that devalues their talent and then offers them less money, but not Joe. I apologize to him, wish him Merry Christmas, and offer him the chance to come on my podcast–The Jim Cornette Experience, every week on MLW.com–and let me apologize to him publicly. As Bill O’Reilly would say, “We here at the Experience regret the error.”

Машина е Джим! Може да е тотален хейтър понякога, но в случая е заковал брутално. Чекаме подкаста с Джо!

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This is a mix of rumors floating and stuff I've heard from solid MMA/WWE sources that I can call my very own.

Brock wants to come back 1-2x a yr for big $$ fights. Zuffa wants him back badly with PPV sales dipping since his departure. WWE has given him the go ahead to fight between WrestleMania and SummerSlam and SummerSlam and Survivor Series. This would allow Brock to fight on the big fourth of July cards in Vegas every summer before going back to wrestling.

WWE arranged so their deals with USA, SyFy, Ion, etc all expire at the same time and they are in serious negotiations with Fox Sports to have all programming on FS networks. Part of the reasoning behind giving Brock the OK to fight is extending an olive branch to Fox who has obviously made a gigantic time, money and resource investment into the UFC. WWEs new leadership believes their fans are smart enough to know the difference between them and MMA which opens up some cooperative feelings there.

Май не е от доказано сигурен източник, но звучи legit.

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It’s said that The Undertaker asked to work with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX. No word yet if it was discussed internally or anything.
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Много ясно защо го иска Гробаря, защото Брайън ще му направи мача хем да изглежда достатъчно достоверен, хем без да потроши за цяла година Мъртвеца.


Брайън шампион срещу Гробаря - викове, писъци и оргазми 'пак прецакаха Брайън' във форума. 

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F4Wonline.com reports that WWE has sent out a memo stating that Chris Benoit footage will be allowed on its new Network broadcasts. There will be an advisory played before every show he appears on.
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Нещо забавно от Twitter:

You just caused the internet to explode @CMPunk Holy crap! See you at the rumble, dude! @The305MVP

Cool Tommy! See you at the rumble!!! @THETOMMYDREAMER

You guys are hilarious!! See you at the Rumble! @THETOMMYDREAMER @CMPunk @The305MVP


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