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It looks like CM Punk may be returning to WWE with new theme music. FTWPodcast.com reports that Punk attended the Rancid show in Detroit, Michigan this week and appeared on stage with the group.

Lars Frederiksen, lead singer of the band, revealed that that they had written new music for CM Punk and that it would debut at Sunday’s Payback per-per-view.

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^ Какво и имаше на култа?


ЕДИТ: +, че от WWE са платили доста за COP и доста ме съмнява да я сменят с лека ръка.




 "Clarification: It appears C.M. Punk will not be debuting new theme music at Payback on Sunday. PWTorch has received new information that Rancid lead singer Lars Frederiksen's comment Tuesday in Detroit about recording a new theme for Punk was made in jest.

Punk will be returning to WWE in his hometown of Chicago and has not appeared on TV since the middle of April following WrestleMania.

According to a report by FTWPodcast.com, Punk attended Tuesday's concert and was brought on-stage by Lars."

Source: http://pwtorch.com/artman2/publish/W...l#.UbjSQOe1GVM




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There has been talk about finding a storyline for Christian to return with but word now is that coming up with one has been made somewhat of a priority. Christian is expected back on WWE TV soon.

Айде вече ...

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Backstage word is that top WWE creative team member David Kreizman has served notice to WWE that he will be leaving the company. This will mark the third lead writer to leave WWE within the last few months, however Kreizman is the only one to have left of his own accord. Kreizman has previously won numerous Daytime Emmy Awards and at one point was the co-head writer of All My Children.

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WWE posted the following update on their website Thursday evening: "WWE has chosen to not renew Matt Striker’s contract. As of today, June 20, 2013, Striker will no longer be working with WWE. WWE wishes him the best in all his future endeavors.

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Марк на годината (2017); (2018).

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An hour or so ago, Jack Swagger was found guilty of DUI and speeding. He has consequently been fined $500, ordered to pay for all court costs related to his case and sentenced to six months probation.

Initially, he was also sentenced to two days in jail, but his attorney was able to get that suspended.

The marijuana possession charge was dismissed by the judge.

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- According to reports, officials in WWE were reportedly upset with CM Punk for tweeting about how good the Chicago Blackhawks NHL game was during a live WWE RAW televised broadcast. Apparently some even went as far as to attempt to blame Punk for the 6/24 RAW rating dropping.

(Franco Bash shouting "OH MY GOOOOD!!!")

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- TNA has officially decided to drop the TNA Television Title for now. According to one source, the feeling within TNA is that they can always re-introduce the belt down the line if they need to.


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According to one source, the word going around in WWE on Tuesday was that the company would pull Kane from Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view, where he is currently scheduled to work the RAW ladder match.

WWE even went as far as to publish an article on WWE.com claiming Kane suffered traumatic injuries at the hands of The Wyatt Family on Monday’s RAW.

The reason WWE wants to pull Kane from the PPV on Sunday is to sell the attack by the Wyatt’s, and the injury WWE claims Kane suffered. If Kane is pulled from the match, current talk has Bray Wyatt replacing him. However, no announcement was made at the SmackDown television tapings on Tuesday night, which would be the last big television outlet to announce such a dramatic change this close to Sunday’s event.

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Колкото и велик да му е образа на Wyatt се надявам това да не се случи, не може човек да дебютира и директно в мача за куфара, в който участват само шампиони. Не мисля, че ще се случи и дано не се.

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#askdixie се превръща в #dixieнасалата

@TNADixie what kind of heartless monster fires someone who literally broke their neck for them? #AskDixie
@TNADixie Do you feel that Claire Lynch would be the perfect choice as host for the "Rise And Fall Of TNA" DVD? #AskDixie
@TNADixie You had Okada and did nothing with him. Does that make you feel silly #AskDixie
#AskDixie does it make you sad that WWE new performance center has a bigger audience than Impact ?
@TNADixie When TNA finally folds...would you ever consider going over to WWE and being a general manager of Raw? #AskDixie
#Askdixie How much longer are we going to wait to pre-order the Rise and fall of TNA DVD? Oh wait... There never was a rise!
@TNADixie Are you going to be covering Zema Ion's medical bills soon? #AskDixie
@TNADixie What were you on when you hired Brooke Hogan? My friends say coke but I believe it was weed. Please settle this bet #AskDixie
@TeamDDunn I wish there was a Dixie version of @CrankyVince that would answer the #askdixie questions.
@TNADixie Did you know that Rellik is Killer spelled backwards? #AskDixie


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Въпросите стават все по-брутални и по-брутални. :D

Did Hulk Hogan ever ask you to blow him?

What does it feel like to run the only "sports" company that makes Scottish Football look professional?

if Train A is going North at 60 mph and Train B is southbound going at 80 mph, will it be a bigger train wreck than TNA?

is this true there making another titanic movie called TNA

What's the difference between AIDS and TNA? One is a worldwide tragedy and the other is a sexually transmitted disease

Did you change Suicide's name because you didn't want to remind your talent that there are other options than working at TNA?

If Suicide and Homicide became a tag team, would their name be Chris Benoit?

On a scale of 1 to Jeff Hardy, how high were you when you thought bringing Hulk Hogan in was a good idea?

Is it true that the BFG series points are actually how many days late their paychecks will be

Is it true that Eugene was called the "intelligent one" in the Bischoff family?

When Chyna worked for TNA, did you accidentally see her clitoris? Is that why you always look horrified?

Was Hogan forced to do porn because he wasn't getting paid? If so could you make sure Velvet Sky misses a few paychecks

How does it feel knowing that Cody Rhodes's moustache is more over than every member of Aces & Eights combined?

Is it true a lot of mid-card wrestlers in TNA are considering living in North Korea, because they have better human rights?

is Brooke Hogan the locker room bicycle? My sources tell me all of Aces and Eights have had a ride.

Thank you for motivating WWE talents. Because they know if they're fired, then they have to go to your thing.

You need to cut the chicken fat.

Would you rather make out with Snitsky, yellow teeth and all for 30 minutes or spend a week in a bathroom in Nicaragua?

do you realize the Spirit Squad was more over than Assholes and 8s

Do you ever throw yourself on your bed and cry?

Is Brooke Hogan a dude?

Did Hogan ever have hair?

has Brooke ever caught you staring at her dick during talent meetings?

Your bound for a glory hole.

Can @TheRock just buy you guys out?

EDIT: Добавени са още култови въпроси. :D

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ГОЛЯМ Spoiler

свързан със Световната титла:


На записите на Smackdown снощи Christian е победил Randy Orton и Rob Van Dam, за да стане №1 претендент за World Heavyweight Championship. Christian ще се изправи срещу Alberto Del Rio на Summerslam. Мачът още не е обявен, но най-вероятно ще го обявят следващата седмица.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :beer:

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Марк на годината (2017); (2018).

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^ На това не съм сигурен доколко му е тука мястото. Да не кажа, че ако поразгледаш темата - хич не му е.

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Знам, че това мнение е по-скоро за TNA раздела, но не виждам подходяща тема там, така че в крайна сметка ще го напиша тук. Изцяло лично мое виждане е и предполагам малко хора ще се съгласят, но ми е все тая:


Цялата лудория с #AskDixie е може би единственото нещо, създадено изцяло от TNA, което да е насъбрало подобна инерция досега и да е "over" по свой собствен странен начин. Ясно е, че повечето хора, които задават какви ли не въпроси го правят само за кеф и надали въобще им пука за TNA, защото най-вероятно дори не следят особено компанията, но е факт, че това нещо създава някакъв шум в Интернет средите и добива някаква доза популярност. Проблемът естествено е, че всичко това е с негативен оттенък. Но ако имаше някой на по-висока позиция в тази компания с функциониращ мозък, той щеше да се възползва от това нещо, защото пак казвам, че е единственото "over" нещо, създадено от TNA през последните години, което дори не им коства никаква финансова инвестиция. Защо да не се възползват от този негатив и не го превърнат в нещо позитивно, полезно?


Целият hate от пишещите в Twitter най-вече идва от това, че те искат промяна, че искат Hogan, Bischoff и всички свързани с тях вън от компанията. Вече цялото това нещо добива мащаби, които го правят да изглежда очевидно за всички, но единствено не и за хората с власт в компанията. Като ще копират WWE, поне веднъж да има полза - да намерят подходящ човек от ростера им, който се нуждае от издигане и има потенциал, да го накарат да излезе на някое живо издание на iMPACT и да каже всичко това, което се пише на Dixie чрез #AskDixie. Естествено не говоря за култовите обиди и саркастични въпроси, но тези, които всъщност идват от хора, гледащи продукта.


Да, с други думи да направят нещо като случилото се през 2011 в WWE със CM Punk. Нека този човек оплюе Hulk Hogan, дъщеря му, Eric Bischoff, Dixie Carter, случващото се в TNA като цяло, нека дори използва и всичките писаници в Интернет за финансовите проблеми на компанията, късните плащания на заплати и т.н., които не се знае на 100% дали са така или не, но много хора вярват в истинността им, което е достатъчно. Нека преплетат реалност и фантазия, нека се заговори за тази пропадаща компания, нека наистина направят нещо контроверсиално. Този човек на секундата ще се превърне в звезда и ще получи вниманието на кеч феновете. Не е казано, че всичко трябва да е 1 към 1 с историята от лятото на 2011. Нека този човек предизвика някакъв бунт примерно, нека повечето хора от ростера го подкрепят и стане революция в компанията, много развития може да претърпи подобна история.


Всичко това в крайна сметка трябва да бъде подкрепено от реалните уволнения на Hogan & Bischoff обаче, защото иначе смисъл се губи, ако накрая наистина няма истински резултат от подобна история черно на бяло. Ето го шанса на Dixie да си върне феновете и да спре потъването на TNA, но се иска смелост и малко ум, каквито очевидно й липсват.

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"On Sunday, Oct. 6, WWE pay-per-view returns to Buffalo, N.Y., for the first time in two years with an all-new, landmark event: WWE Battleground!"

WWE will soon be selling the Wyatt Family sheep mask.


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Ring of Honor wrestler B.J. Whitmer was taken to the hospital on a stretcher, after receiving a piledriver on the ring apron from Michael Bennett. According to several live reports, ROH officials immediately cut the match short, cameras stopped rolling and he was stretchered from the building. 

This was most definitely not part of a storyline or an attempt to "work" the live crowd, as several ROH talents came down to the ring to help, and everyone looked genuinely concerned. Ring of Honor updated the situation moments ago, and it appears that initial reports are positive. 



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ROH wrestler BJ Whitmer was injured Saturday after taking a Piledriver from Mike Bennett. While the worst was feared when Whitmer’s neck was hurt, he did regain feeling in his arms and legs, and his CAT scan was fortunately negative for a broken vertebrae.

Whitmer seems to have dodged the worst of scenarios and he should be able to wrestle again at full capacity after he recovers.

Дейба тия Piledriver-и... Обожавам го този манювър, но явно трябва да го прилагат само хора с по-широкомащабни размери (а ла Kevin Steen). Или дребни атлети като Bennett да не се хвърлят да я тряскат Камбаната на по-големи (като размер) от тях кечисти.



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B.J. Whitmer talked with PWInsider this morning, updating them on the status and severity of his injures suffered at this weekend's Ring of Honor live event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

According to their most recent report, Whitmer immediately lost feeling in the right side of his body when his head came down on the ring apron, following a piledriver from Michael Bennett. Several trained EMTs, including Davey Richards, came down to check on him, and the match was then called off as a stretcher took him out of the arena. 

B.J. is up and moving out of bed, and has regained full use of the right side of his body, and has movement in his back. While he said he is still feeling the pain, movement is definitely a great sign. He will be undergoing a full range of tests today, but X-Rays have already shown that he does not have any fractures, but has most likely ruptured a disc in his back. 

Ето и клип на този злополучен  Piledriver :


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